Monday, July 6, 2009

fourth of july weekend

the 4th of july was both fun and lame.

brandon's, our neighbor from taylor county, dad got into an accident the day before. he broke his leg and was currently spending the 4th of july in the hospital. my dad and one of my uncles were goin to macon to visit him and some of his family that were already there visiting him, and asked shelle and i if we wanted to come to go to the mall or somethin.

shelle wanted to get out of the house (she always does -__-") so she agreed even tho i thought that it was kinda dumb since we were planning on going to the columbus mall the next day with our friends. why would i want to spend all of my money that day?

so yeah, i kinda was dragged along. when we got to the hospital, we got confused and didnt know where to find brandon's dad's room. a lady at the counter gave us the directions to the right building, but the police man standing outside also helped us.

when we were finally in the right building and floor (daddy knew which floor, at least), we got mixed up on the room number that the lady on the floor told us he was in. we walked right past it and even further down the hall into some other part of the patient's rooms for different problems.

but, we did finally got the right room. inside, brandon's dad was laying down on the bed with his wife and other family sitting all around the room. brandon and the rest of the kids were outside somewhere exploring.

the conversation was kinda awkward and boring, mainly first asking about how bad it was and other concerns, so i was just lookin around the room. the doors are huge; they have to be so they can roll patients in on the gurneys (is that what it's called?) and stuff. the bed and equipment looked old-ish and definately used. the room was quite awkward.

because of that, shelle and i left and walked all the way down the hall until we came upon an empty meeting place with a big table and chairs. shelle had to use the potty. after that, we just sat there through a couple of songs on her ipod (i left mine at home) until daddy called to say that we were leaving.

so we eventually left after lookin at the fish tank. we saw some nemos and dorys :D

it was the first time i ever went into a hospital room, i think. because, i remember going to emery with my aunt and her kids with shelle a few years back when mommy went to do surgery or something there, but i dont ever remember goin inside her room. all i do remember is waiting and standing and looking outside through the windows at the cars passing by below. and i dont count goin in mommy's hospital room the day before she had brian to count cuz... i dont wanna :P

anyways, after that, we left and daddy forgot to turn at an exist so we were already halfway on the way home before he asked us if we wanted to still go to the mall. we were both tired and didnt care so we told him no.

when we got home, we ate lunch and then went to books a million. we made plans earlier today to go watch x-men origins at the dollar theater, and teyana said that she wanted to go, too, and was on her way. she was gonna stay the night anyways and go to the mall with us the next day.

instead of immediately goin to BAM, we went to ross first cuz i needed to get kelly and lindsey a present; their birfdays was this sunday, but they were having a party on the day before. i also still needed to get krista and haley a birfday present, too. and shelle, but i wasnt gonna buy her anything with her there with me. i have too many birfdays to deal with in july, i usually go broke around this time -__-"

in the end, i got lindsey this purple hello kitty shirt and haley a short pink and black checkered skirt. i had found the perfect black and red checkered skirt with a chain belt on it, for her a month ago, but i had no money at the time, so i couldnt get it.

then we went to payless cuz shelle wanted to get some sneakers. they were all pretty expensive, so we didnt get anything. then, we finally went to BAM and waited for teyana there. i started to read a manga but lost interest 2 chapters into it. by that time, teyana came just as i gave up on it.

we went to the movie theater after that cuz it was 15 minutes until it started playing. teyana drove in her car and we in shelle's. shelle and i made it to the theaters first so we got the tickets while teyana told asked us if we wanted any taco bell cuz she was hungry and it was right next to the theaters, so we said yeah, cuz crunching in the middle of a movie theater was really funny.

we were still outside waiting for her when the movie started. we got in there in just before it actually started showing. it was pretty good. no where as amazing as transformers (daddy helped me put up my poster on my wall last night! it's one of the first things you see when you walk into my room), but it was still good.

after that, we went to taco bell again cuz we hadnt eaten dinner yet. no one had that much money on them, so we all got stuff on the dollar menu (we're so cheap XD) and when we were outside in the parking lot, some place had already started some fireworks. we kept on hearing explosions and seeing some fireworks when we left taco bell.

we went to wal-mart for a while after that, getting distracted every time we saw a firework exploding. we were all pretty ADD about it :P inside, we could hear the explosions taking place right above the building, and when we left wal-mart, it was all dark and we could smell the sulfer or whatever they're made of, while walkin back to our car.

then we went home and headed over to our cousins house to play with the cheap $1 sparklers and snapping thingers that pop when you throw them on the ground. it turned out that my dad had already bought a big box full of fireworks and they already lit them all. so we had some fun with our boot-legged sparklers and threw the poppers.

after everything was done, teyana and i were burning everything we could find: plastic, sticks, trash, even teyana's movie ticket. then we went home.

the next day, we woke up early only to find out that the mall opened at 12 noon. so i called haley and rescheduled the meeting time cuz we'd have an hour or 2 just waiting for the mall to open. in the end, we had to reschedule twice cuz by the time we were supposed to meet up the first time, we still hadnt even left the house yet -__-"

we were going to the columbus mall that day. it was 2 hours away from warner robins and 1 hour away from taylor. i was pretty excited about goin cuz the columbus mall's bigger than the macon mall and i only went there once with haley, krista, shelle, my mom and an uncle the year before. and after the awesome sales and stuff in macon, i thought that columbus would be better.

it was kind of a let down. there were hardly anything good in any of the stores. we went to 2 or 3 stores before anyone actually bought anything, and that was in pacsun. but that pacsun was so lame compared to the one in macon we went to a few weeks ago. i was hoping on buying a jacket for kelly, but they didnt have any good ones there that would either fit her or be her type unlike the ones in macon.

in the end, i ended up only buying a dark gray quarter-sleeved jacket, a black cardigan, a gray shirt with an awesome dinosaur on it, and a pair of light-ish skinny jeans for me and a green t-shirt from spencers with crowns on it and small red stars scattered all over the front for kelly. it reminded me of we the kings, so i thought it was appropriate :P

all of that costed around $30. i think that that one trip to macon really highered everyone's standard at buying clothes for cheap. so it was not that great. and i really wanted to get some more wife beaters but there was no papaya or forever 21 which really sucked.

haley's mom expected her to come home with a pair of pants. she also thought that haley only had $20 on her, but her grandparents gave her $40 when they dropped her off at the high school (our meeting place) and she got $10 from lots of change.

with experience cheap shoppers: shelle, teyana (she's the best out of us all XP), and me, she was able to get a pair of pants, some tank tops, 2 jackets, and a shirt. all in all, good for her cuz she's never bought that much clothes at once before.

we tried finding a good shirt that would match the skirt i gave her (i gave it to her early cuz we didnt know if we were gonna be able to see each other for her birfday), but we couldnt find anything good enough. altho, one of her jackets looks fine with it, all she needs to do is wear her black tank top.

her mom would kill her if she found out that her grandparents gave haley money (even tho she has to work it off, still), so she's gonna lie and say that we all took pity on her and gave her some money :P

after 3-4 hours, we finally left. early on the way back to taylor, we got lost and had to turn back around. but we found where we were supposed to turn and got right back on track.

after we got dropped haley back at the school with her grandparents, mommy called and told us to call her when we reached a pizza hut. she called an hour later to ask if we were there yet (when our parents learned that we were plannin on goin to the columbus mall, they told us that we couldnt go cuz it was too far away, so we went with them thinkin that we were goin to macon) and just told us to order 2 pizzas for dinner for us, brian, danny, and mommy.

eventually, we got home, ate the pizzas, and that was that.

finally, onto some kpop. unfortunately, there's not that much, tho.

shiwon and donghae were featured in areiel lin's music video which was recently released. i thought the song was very good and donghae was so cute in it! he's so oblivious and sweet and adorable as a boyfriend.

and on this tv show that featured some of girl's generation and super junior members, SUJU sang a cover version of SNSD's song, "gee" and i thought that it was really awesome!

and donghae, kyuhyun, taeyeon, and jessica sang this english song that was also really good. altho, donghae sang really low compared to everyone else and had the least lines...

anyways, that's gonna be all for now. i'm really tired; i slept at 1 and woke up at 5:30 in the morning. not to mention, the other day, i only had around 6 or 7 hours of sleep the day before.

oh yeah, mommy, daddy, and our 2 uncles have gone all the way to arizona to las vegas today since the chickens are out, and i guess they want to have a break/vacation. they left early this morning, around 6:30 or 7, i think. they'll be gone for 4 days, coming back some time on shelle's birfday this thursday.

ciao for now.

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