Thursday, July 30, 2009


i'll get to why i titled this post after socks in a minute.

got back from florida on tuesday. it was pretty fun but also at the same time, tiring since i still had to deal with little kids for most of the time.

we got there on saturday night and stayed a while at leann and quin's house for dinner and stuff. then shelle and i went and slept over at vi and emi's house since we hadnt been over there in forever, that and cuz we didnt want to go over to hong lein's place any time soon with her younger sisters.

the next day, we went to an outlet mall with hong lein's mom and i think her sister. shelle and i didnt really want to go that outlet mall, we prefer destine commons, but whatever.

shelle and i both got this necklace at this really cool store we never went into before. then we went to gap and i got a tank top while shelle got some sleeping pants. we passed alot of stores and ended up in aeropostle. she got a belt and i got a black shirt (that turns out to be too tight for my liking; i really should try clothes on before buying them -__-")cuz she didnt want to just go up there and buy a belt. we walked some more, found our parents, and eventually found pac sun. we both got a pair of shorts there, and shelle got a shirt.

we went to get some gelato at this gelato store that we always go to whenever we go to the outlet mall and finally met up with hong lein's mom and aunt.

really, it wasnt that great at that mall. there were hardly any stores that i liked, and this mall really was for adults since it mainly consisted of adult shops or preppy stores like the polo store.

after we left, hong lein's mom told us that we should go to this bealls outlet a little past destine commons, that it had some really good cheap clothes, so we went there.

she was right. alot of the clothes were cheap as it is but there were even more 30-80% off on half of the clothes. the clothes were kinda like ross, mainly adult clothes or old people's clothes, hardly any teen clothes.

but i did find 3 pairs of shorts i could wear at home and stuff. and shelle found this fancy-ish jacket for me since i was most likely gonna need one eventually, and fancy-ish purple button up, too.

then we went to the beach/pier to pick up hong lein, hong loan, brian, and pumba (they're dad) to go home.

the next day, later in the day, we --meaning all of the kids-- went to the beach while pumba went fishing again. the rest of the 'rents were gonna come later after work and stuff.

there was alot of seaweed in the water the day before and hong lein had gotten alot of it stuck in her hair, so we were warned that if the water was still dirty that day, we couldnt get in it, at least not get our hair wet. that was pretty impossible with those 3 sisters, but we didnt get water in our hair that much.

after much cleaning and running around, we went back home. we left around 11-12 the next day to go home, stopping by vi and leann's mom's nail shop to get my ipod and our toothbrushes we left at vi's house on the first day here; we werent really thinking about packing when we left ^^"

so yeah, that was the florida trip. in the end, i still had to babysit kids half of the time :/

school starts in 5 days and i just started reading one of my AP books. it's called a short history of the world and it's a little over 500 pages long with tiny text and i only got to read around 55 pages today even tho i'm pretty sure i read it for around 3-4 hours at the most. half the time i'm reading it, i tend to daydream and before i know it, i've stared at the sentence 3 times and i still have to reread it. that, or i get really, really sleepy and it's really, really hard to concentrate.

i read some comments on it at amazon, most people finish it within 2 weeks at least or read it within a few months cuz it's got so much to take in. i'm freakin doomed.

now switching the subject to something i particularly like, fandom! :D

the other day, i read this story about super junior called sock wars on lj and i just had to look at some socks with my favorite bands on it.

dbsk socks:

2pm socks:

super junior socks:

shinee socks (i really couldnt recognize them tho ^^"):

and then i found this site that sells kpop merch and found alot of other stuff that i wanted :P

like some dbsk shoes even tho i didnt really recognize them either XP

and i really want some shirts!

well, i dont really have any other news, so i guess i'll go for now.

oh yeah, before i forget, i want to give a late shout out to all of the july birfdays that i kept on forgetting to do in all of my other posts ^^"


i should go call her, i totally forgot until now ^^"

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