Friday, August 7, 2009


sungmin sees you! :3

just a quick post to show off some new pics i found and to tell you that i'll be busy the next few days, so i dont know when i'll be able to post about how the new school year's been so far yet.

this is like, epic heechul XD

donghae! *__*

he's sho CUTE!!

i've had these pics on my desktop wanting to be posted for a while -__-"

hanchul is just love :P

KIBUMMIE!! why arent you participating in any suju activities?!

i LOVED donghae's look in their movie. he's so cute in it! X3

i dont have many pictures of leader-shii leetuek, but i really like this one of him

now i need to go, tho (that rhymes! :D)


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