Sunday, August 30, 2009

i should know better by now

bet you werent expecting that! XP
jae MUST know the effect he's having on all of the fangirls when he wore those bunny ears. especially shirtless too!

anyways, that wasnt what i meant in my title. you know how i babysit every saturday, right? well yeah, last night i planned out what i was gonna do today cuz i didnt want to spend my whole time over there on my laptop; my eyes arent used to staring at the screen for long periods of time anymore since i hardly get on during school days except to turn on music, or i have no idea what's happened so that i cant stand staring at screen for long periods of time.

so yeah, i planned on reading one of the many books i bought over the summer and still havent read yet, watching one of the many movies on my laptop (blood the last vampire live action that came out a bit ago), maybe cook some macaroni as a snack for the kids, and watch the MBC stars dance battle, and sleep since i slept at 1 in the morning and woke up at 6:30.

but every time i plan to do something, it never goes according to plan, and i should have known that by now and not be surprised by it.

my mom called my uncle around 11 and i found out that he was at home (upstairs, sleeping most-likely) so she told me that i didnt have to babysit since he was already there. so i finished reading my chapter in my book and left.

there went my plans for the day. cuz i never even got to do what i planned when i got back home.

i caught up on the whole DBSK vs SM issue on some other sites and just some old DBSK news, too. and then everyone except my dad cuz he was still at work, went out to eat at ryan's and then went to wally world afterwards. we hadnt eaten at ryan's for a long time, and sadly, the food didnt taste as good as i used to remember it.

maybe because i'm used to eating at the new china buffet now? cuz i really love sushi :3

one thing that really ticks me off about today, is that i havent even gotten paid by one of my aunts yet. my other aunt pays me every other week (i think, she only paid me once; she's supposed to pay me today, but since i didnt work...), but the other one still hasnt paid me at all yet. i dont even know if i'm ever gonna get paid, and i really need the money.

i hafta pay for half of megan's birthday present shelle and i are giving her. nicole's birthday was a few weeks ago and we shipped her a little box with a manga, a little piggy bank (cuz she likes to save money), a card, a little driver's license with her name on it, and stuffed bills that added up to $65 in everything.

for megan, we're gonna ship her a manga, a ittle driver's license with her name on it, a card, a flash drive with lots of music on it, and stuff $85 in her stuff.

and i also want to buy a yearbook since some of my senior friends are gonna be graduating, and that's $60, and since i have a job (altho a VERY low-paying one at that, which i still havent gotten fully paid yet), my parent's are gonna make me pay for it myself.

and then i found out today that Dong Bang Shin Ki - All About Dong Bang Shin Ki Season 3 is English-subtitled that comes in a boxset with a 60-page photobook, poster, and 6 DVDs full of awesomeness.

and the version i cant choose between is the one that's got everything but is a folded poster so it costs only around $60 instead of the one that has a rolled poster in a tube so it costs around $70. but now that i think about it, i'm not gonna spend $10 extra dollars just for a poster; i can live with a folded one, they're still awesome.

but yeah, i need money fast since megan's birthday is in 3 weeks, i hafta order my yearbook by september 22nd, and i really really really want the DBSK boxset as soon as possible!

i mean, look at it!

and people have been uploading clips of the dvd and i'm soo tempted to watch them all. but the thought of being able to see DBSK on my tv with subs is so much better even tho i heard that some times the subs go too quick.

this is mostly gonna be a DBSK spam post and since it's almost 4 in the morning, i'm prolly not even gonna post everything that i discovered today --er, yesterday ^^"

if i could touch jae, i'd die from happiness :3

but yeah, this is from his film he acted in earlier this year, "Heaven's Postman". it's supposed to show this october, i think.

some pics of the boys from a magazine. i thought they looked really good.

a pic of kibummie. he's so cute! i dunno if this is recent or not, tho...

*sighs* i really didnt want to post about the whole DBSK vs SM case since it's late and my brain doesnt want to think about it and paraphrasing the contents that i found, but it seems like i have to since i have so many windows opened up that i wanted to tell you about.

DBSK forced to a corner; freedom comes at a price of 10.6 billion TWD

Unsatisfied with their treatment under their managing company, members of Korean superstar boyband Dong Bang Shin Ki, namely Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun have brought their case to court.

However, once the hearing is held and if the members lose their case, a compensation sum of approximately 10.6 billion TWD will have to be paid, tantamount to forcing them into a tight corner.

At the beginning of this month, news of the three members being dissatisfied with SM Entertainment and wanting to leave had begun to surface. In return, SM declared publicly that there was no such thing, and even professed that if they wanted to leave, then they would have to pay to do so.

Once the news of this got out, the 800 thousand strong fan base of Dong Bang Shin Ki almost immediately took action, firstly by using the cancellation of the SM Town Concert to start a boycott of SM products as a form of support for their idols.

SM Entertainment has also seemingly not cared much about all of these measures fans have been taking. Instead, SM has been registering the names of their popular groups such as Super Junior and So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls’ Generation) as well as Dong Bang Shin Ki, in order to prevent Dong Bang Shin Ki from starting over elsewhere.

According to news reports, a seminar where media experts and scholars came together to discuss this problem all stood on DBSK’s side, saying that SM has used DBSK merely for profit, and the amount that they are paid every year, five miliion TWD, is ridiculous.

Now that DBSK wants their freedom back, the price that they have to pay is far too much, and purely a device to back them into a corner that they cannot retreat out of.

The “Dong Bang Shin Ki Seminar”, co-held by fans, scholars and media experts, was held in order to examine what would happen in the case if the three members lost the case: the end result would be to pay the 10.6 billion TWD compensation sum.

Thus, fans have denounced SM as a bloodsucking company, and they wish to voice out for their idols via the SM boycott

# 10 600 000 000 Taiwan dollars = 401.778473 billion South Korean won
# 10 600 000 000 Taiwan dollars = 321.02100 million U.S. dollars

Source: Yahoo! News
Translated by: hazel @
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this is jaejoong's letter to the other members during their mirotic period, it might explain why they're doing this lawsuit.
Jaejoong say:

To: Yoochun
Yoochun, you don't say much usually but writing this down using these kind of words make me a little embarrassed. I know you have been very tired recently, worried and forcing a smile out - I feel sorry. We are always together and the other members are unable to see your sadness but the hard words have to be said out. If you're tired, tell me, I will help you. I will also listen to all your troubles because I am always by your side. You can tell me anything and everything - the soul of my life. Yoochun, I love you.

To: Junsu
My cute Junsu. Because of you, we are DBSK; Junsu, the sound of DBSK. Kim Junsu, hyung really thinks you're important, do you know? I have never forced you to do anything and you have always treatedd me seriously. Sorry, but I love you, my cute little brother, Junsu. Thank you, and sorry, as comapred to many others, hyung really understand your past, and wants to help you and that is why please continue working hard! I love you, Junsu!

To: Changmin
Our small and cute cat, we haven't been making you do the cooking recently, sorry. Because of you, we have almost become closer, frustrating. However, we totally understand it is due to your fatigue and your lost energy when you occasionally tease us and command us to do stuff. We are all almost crazy.. haha.. always with a good heart and full of innocence, Changmin. You must continue working hard next time. We are always protecting you, if you're tired, you must say it and we will help you. Forever the youngest, I love you.

To: Yunho
Jung yunho, Yunho, Yunho, our leader, Yunho. Are you tired recently? My, Yun, Ho, the reason he became the leader is because he has to tolerate all the hardships. Whenever I see your fatigue body, I think that way. I want to help shoulder some burden but am always unable to.. I know when we received the award, the other members were crying but you were holding it in and only hid in the toilet and cry when we reached home. Therefore, thank you for your letter but what was the content in the letter? "Sleep earlier, if you don't sleep I will kill you.." Yunho, there would not be me if not for you. My other half, Yunho, I love you.

Source: [heyjj]
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click here to read a translation of joongang sunday magazine talking about DBSK. i really liked it cuz it basically explained why fans love DBSK, the fan's way of expressing their love, what makes DBSK so special, and "why they are worthy of being called 'The Gods of the East' by their fans all over the world."

this is the beginning of it:
TVXQ, this generation's legend created by funds and nurtured by fans.

An example of a successful Idol Group

TVXQ was the third male idol dance group that SM debuted after H.O.T. and Shinhwa. SM, who is the forerunner when it comes to the K-pop Idol culture, used any and every one of it's producing methods when it came to created TVXQ. Different from their seniors who could not shake off the image of 'A dance group that emphasizes looks,' TVXQ was an idol group that emphasized the members' vocal abilities from the start. They came with an a capella song with excellent vocalist Xiah Junsu as the main vocal. Dance skills and good looks were standard. Their debut song "HUG"(2004), that had some embarrassing lyrics such as "I want to be your bed for one day," gave teenage girls the image of a sweet and charming boyfriend. (The members who would whisper 'girl' after their debut successfully evolved into a mature group who gave off their sexy masculinity in 'Spell(MIROTIC)')...

they even drew a cartoon sketch of what's goin on with the whole case which i really liked. and i'm really wishing can be true.

Cassiopeia's answer:

Credits: DNBN + ces@soompi

to help support DBSK, DBSKnights has made alot of wallpapers for fans to ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH. i thought that they were really beautiful so i decided to post them up here, too. i'll prolly change my desktop to one of them, but i'm pretty fond of the one i have now ^^"

and this is their most recent header at their site, but i think it's pretty supportive about what's goin on anyways :P

and they have phone wallies too. here are some, you can get the rest here and here.

Dong Bang Shin Ki fans submit petition with 120K signatures against SM’s ‘Unjust contract terms’

fans of group Dong Bang Shin Ki are fuming with anger. The first hearing for the 3 Dong Bang Shin Ki members Xiah JunSu, Micky YooChun and Hero JaeJoong on their lawsuit against SM Entertainment to retract the exclusive belonging contract effects will be held on 21st August.

And a fan who operates Dong Bang Shin Ki fan community site DSite submitted a petition signed by 120K people opposing SM’s ‘Unjust contract’ on 20th August at the Seoul Central Court.

The petition, consisting of 12 books, contains the signature of 121,073 fans from offline and online, and it also includes the activity schedule of Dong Bang Shin Ki from when they debuted in 2003 all the way to 2009.

Meanwhile, the group’s fans also posted up advertisements on newspaper about the case:
1. Signs from public

2. from Online

3. for binding & organizing

4. A4 papers in 12 Books

4. & 5. Inspection in the court

Credits: DNBN 사쿠헤라 (for petition photos)
Shared by: DBSKnights

check out what Cassiopeias made to make us laugh. The people in DNBN thought everyone could use a good laugh during these hard times we face right now. So they made this cute NR for all Cassiopeians.

and check this out to see what big celebrities have to say about DBSK.

and jae does resemble some anime characters! look at these!
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and some people said that they should of put a pic of cloud from final fantasy in there too. i kinda agree :P

but really, sesshomarou and zero? i couldnt help but laugh when i saw those comparisons.

i dont even know if i should just pull an all-nighter since it's 5:30 now, or sleep for a few hours. would that be considered a nap?

all i know is that i'll finish posting everything else i havent already posted later. hopefully by tomorrow.


my current wallpaper XD

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