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i finally have some time to do a post! but unfortunately, it's gonna be a post full of fangirlism and a bajillion pictures.

well, the next few posts will prolly be just delayed fangirlism-ness since i havent been able to catch up with the entertainment world for the past month until just a few days ago, which left me with alot of news, videos, and pictures to share, of course.

but, since i really do owe you an explanation, i'll tell you the brief reasons why i've been so busy ever since school started and hopefully be able to go into full details later on.

i have AP world history which is taking up alot of my time, i have honors chem which is alot of math that i do NOT seem to comprehend (i'm pretty sure that i just failed my test last friday and tests count as 70% of our grade! ;-;), math isnt as hard (YET!) as last year, thank god, but i'm still not doing good with math in chem, and my brain is still not used to thinking this much because of summer!

funny, i thought that i had more reasons, but i guess i dont after all. but still, i have no time to read or watch anything anymore! or check my mail either.

oh yeah, i forgot to mention that i'm still babysitting the cousins every saturday, so that means that i only get one day to myself, and even then, shelle usually wants me to go out with her or something else happens. but, she's starting her first day of college tomorrow, so i dont know if she'll have as much free time anymore since she's going out and lookin for jobs, too.

now to the fangirlism! XD

i think all of the members of 2pm has created a twitter account a while ago, but the only one who actually posted more than one message was junho a while ago. he even posted up a picture that i thought was totally hilarious. that black duck really caught my attention XP

jae in his car (audi r8) lookin super sexy. i love his car, too. it's flippin amazing!

jae at an airport. i love the way he dresses. he looks good no matter what he wears, tho XD

thought i'd post a pic of shiwon with his new haircut since, you know, i dont think i've really posted a pic of him anyways... XP

donghae and kyuhyun from their filming of happy bath, a commercial their doin with some girl who i totally forgot about ^^"

here's the mv version of the commercial

all i could say when i first saw it was, "Oh, Eunhyuk, you're such a dork :D"

and i totally forgot to mention this in the beginning! yuhno and changmin are going to be acting in their own dramas! not together, but in different ones and they'll both be the main star in them! i cant wait to see it!

sm entertainment released some info stating that during the latter half of 2009, DBSK would be doing their own solo activities. yuhno, changmin, and jaejoong with their dramas (altho jae's been done with his filming for months; it's supposed to be out in october), junsu with i think his own type of solo album or song (it hadnt been specified for him at the time when i read the article), and micky and jaejoong were going to be promoting their single. i think it's called colors~ ...something, something ^^" but yeah, the song was chosen to be hello kitty's advertising store song or something for it's, i think, 50th anniversary.

i think this is the cover for their single:

and if you havent heard about the whole DBSK vs SM thing yet, it's too much info that depends on who's side you trust, to listen to, and it's confusing, and there's so many rumors that could end up being true, and there's other celebrities saying expressing their views on it and saying that they dont want DBSK to break up (that is NOT what the issue is about), and and... like hangeng's said somewhere on tv before, "it hurts my hearts."

i was nearly in tears when i finally found all of the available info concerning the case with all of it's predictions and rumors and official statements, and then i watched this fanvid that a Cassiopeia fan made. it was so... touching and sad and true and heartfelt that i felt my eyes glaze over again.

here's the vid with eng subs

i'm not sure if this phrase originated from the video, but i've been noticing that alot of DBSK fans have been using this phrase. after watching that video, i think i finally understand why fans have been saying it. ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH.

you can find most of the latest developments about the case at allkpop. it might take some digging to find some of the other posts concerning it, but it's worth it.

onto some (super!) less serious and exciting news! 2pm is gonna release another album some time in october! i cant wait! :D

while i'm waiting for that to be released, i'm also waiting for their tv show, wild bunnies, to be subbed. it's the most hilarious show EVER. i thought that SUJU's full house was hilarious, but wild bunnies takes the cake. they're all insanely funny and adorkable; i laughed my head off watching the show.

you need proof? in one episode, they got to design what they wore according to a certain theme and get actual feedback from fashion ppl. because the members left before choosing which pics they wanted to submit to show on the show, the staff chose the most hilarious ones.

i think they released some of the better pictures later on XD

anyways, you can watch wild bunnies and other shows with 2pm in it like idol army (the episode with SHINee is hilarious and squeal-worthy) and hotblood at time2sub or Madam2Pmsubs.

ALSO, they had an interview for a chinese magazine where they had to fill in the blanks to some sentences. as usual, some answers had me snorting at their usual selves and some answers had me awing at their adorkability.

here are some of their answers:
1. I think I look the coolest when I'm dancing.
2. Although others don't believe me, I still believe in the existence of aliens.
5. Among the members of 2AM and 2PM, I find Jinwoon to be the cutest, because he is the maknae; I think Jo Kwon is my nemesis, because he looks like me

8. I imagine that my future lover will have natural hair, her style will contain her own personality. It would be even better if she could understand my job.
9. I want to expose a secret of myself: I love how we don't hide secrets among our members.

1. I think I look the coolest when I'm playing the piano.
10. To the fans in China, I want to say 'I want to study harder for Mandarin so I can communicate with you all when we go to China next time', you all must help us and love us. When you think of me look at my pictures, when I think of you all I will also study hard for Mandarin.

2. Although others don't believe me, I still believe in myself.
9. I want to expose a secret of Chansung: he can seriously fart.

1. I think I look the coolest when I don't talk.
8. I imagine that my future lover will have any kind of hair; her style will be good as long as it's better than mine. It would be even better if she could speak English .

4. If I wake up and find myself stranded on an island, it's ok as long as I have a boat, house and food.
7. Even if it were only for one day, I would like to be a bird, because it can soar in the sky.

4. If I wake up and find myself stranded on an island, it's ok as long as I have my iPod, handphone and game console.
5. Among the members of 2AM and 2PM, I find Kwonnie to be the cutest, because he always dances to sexy moves for me; I think Khun is my nemesis, because he's too good-looking, keke.
9. I want to expose a secret of _x_, that is I want to keep everyone's secret.

you can read the rest of the interview at allkpop.

also some late-ish news. SHINee is going to take over japan next! i'm not sure if they're still on their little break now, since they already had a fan meeting in japan, but yeah, it looks like they're following in their sunbae's footsteps (DBSK went over to japan a year after their debut in korea, too).

AND... SM Entertainment has just released a teaser video of their new upcoming 5-member girl group f(x)!

the trailer

is it the female version of SHINee that was supposidly gonna be called crystal?

for some more info on the members and stuff, check it out at allkpop. i know, that's where i get most of my info at :P

and heechul's gonna be in another drama! not as the main character, tho. here's the basic summery from popseoul:
Unfortunatel,y Kim Hee-chul wasn’t cast as one of the main characters in the drama, but you probably don’t care much for the main characters Lee Soo-kyung, Ryu Jin or Jung Gyeo-woon anyways, right? ”Loving You A Thousand Times” will be the follow up drama to the currently broadcasting, “Can Anyone Love?”. The story line of the upcoming drama is about an infertile married couple who attempt to create a child by finding an egg donor but end up cheating on each other. The story of an infertile couple finding an egg donor seems like an untouched topic, but of course the cheating and finding new love story is pretty much the same.

anyways, that's gonna be all for now. hopefully, i'll be able to finish this long fangirl update in another post before the end of the month :)



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