Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"This is a conspiracy!"

words said from the leadja himself, park jaebeom, altho he said them in idol army.

this makes me so sad. it's depressing and it makes me so mad at all of the anti's who blew this out of proportion and into a big deal when it really wasnt.


why? because anti's found some comments that he wrote on myspace YEARS AGO saying that he hated korea and that it was gay when he was a TRAINEE WHO JUST CAME TO THE STATES AND WAS PROBABLY FEELING ALIENATED SINCE HE DIDNT KNOW THE CULTURE NOR THE LANGUAGE. he's gone back to his hometown in seattle and is prolly not going back to korea for a while.

i was preparing myself on writing the whole details, but i just found out that CheonSa (a fanfic writer who's blog i stalk because of her awesome stories) has already posted a basic summery of what happened on her blog.

which i'm thankful for since it saves me time and i can just add some other stuff that i wanted to put in.

these are the comments from the celebrities she mentioned in her post. it just made things sadder and seem more final to me.

"My heart is hurting very much
My heart feels like it’s being torn apart because he is a dongseng that I love
Because I believe and love my dongseng I believe that he will return with a better appearance
Today my heart is hurting very much
Jaebeom, hyung will work harder so that when you return I can protect and hug you with a warmer embrace
Please return healthy………
I love you……………..

jo kwon:
The first song we practiced together..
We felt nervous and excited..

I always pray.
That it won't be such a hard journey..

I believe you will get stronger
because you're my brother.

Through the wind, fall came.
Out of nowhere, the fall scent has arrived....
The bright blue sky
It keeps making me cry.
Even the sky is making me cry
in the fall of 2009.

and here is an account posted on the internet says:
“JaeBum had an audition in a wine house called ‘ChinGuYa’ in north Seattle, and had gone to Korea when he was in high school. It was a difficult decision for him to go back to Korea. He was like a ‘banana’ (Asian on the outside, Americanised on the inside) who cannot speak much Korean.”

“Seattle is a city that is different from the other big cities. The community is very small there. Everyone knows everyone else there. And JaeBum’s friends there are like family to him. It must be a difficult time for him to left his family behind and to go to a place which he doesn’t even know anything about, and train as a trainee not knowing when is the end to this path.”

“So he would have the desire to go back to America badly. And for the Americans and locals there they do not use the word GAY by meaning. It is like a code word, but definitely harmless. It is a joke used by young people there.”

“In 2002 during the World Cup, JaeBum has come together with his friends and family at the church in Korea to support for Korea. He was like a real Korean who loves Korea. There is also Koreans in Korea who will say they hate Korea when times are hard for them, isn’t it. And are those people traitors? It is really sad that people label him that. Not talking about this from a point of a fan, but from a mother of a Korean child. I’m writing this for people who are supporting him in Seattle. This friend is just a ‘banana’ who can’t speak Korean well.”
credit: k bites

i think that really explained why he said those things.

and see this to see another celebrity take jay's side on this matter. and this is coming from a celebrity who had just had attacks by anti's 2 months ago and can sympathize with jay.

and a netizen who started the whole conspiracy apologized. but dont you think it's a little too late?

there's this petition going around to help support 2PM, their goal was 10,000 signatures, but they've surpassed it already which is really good. but i'm not really sure if it'll make that big of a difference.

some pics of jay and all of the fans who were at the airport to see him off earlier today.

his final bow goodbye

and this is a vid that's been goin around to support jay and remind you of how much you love him

it totally made me laugh but at the same time, reminded me of what just happened :/

and it has finally been confirmed that both micky and jaejoong have gotten a tattoo that says the fan's new catchphrase of what's been goin on: always keep the faith

some other lighthearted news that i wanted to share was about what DBSK said on their japanese radio, bigeaststation, in answer to a question one of their fans asked. the question was: "Does Korea have gigolo clubs? If there are, who will be the famous one amongst TVXQ members?"

and the response was hilarious.

micky was the first to answer and he said: "For me, I think there will be two of them, yes, it has to be these two. We can call these two as 'S-Line' who are none other than JunSu and JaeJoong. JunSu is full of charisma and is very attractive, though his character is just so so... This is what I think. JaeJoong looks like a doll, is pretty, and is stylish."

you can read the rest about it here.

anyways, i need to go. it's almost time for me to go to bed and i havent done anything other than stalk the web after doing my homework -__-"


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