Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i wander...

i wander what jay's feeling. i mean, with everything that he's going through. there are fans who saw him at the airport who commented that he cried when he saw his parents and kept on saying sorry.

you know, this is like one of those situations that fanfic writers create about how something bad happens to the band so they split up, but only way worse. this is real life and only one person is leaving and who knows when (or if) he'll ever come back.

how is he going to live? there are gonna still be fans who might (prolly) follow him around. and then there's the fact that most of the US doesnt even know that he's famous so how's the transition going to be like for him.

anyways, i was just thinking about that earlier.

but onto some brighter news, suju-m is making a comeback this month!

they're releasing a teaser on friday and releasing the mv, which has snsd's jessica starring in it, on the 14th.

and check this out, it seems that japanese netizens are afraid of korean netizens.

and f(x), the new girl band under SM finally debuted a week or two ago. here's their mv, i thought it was pretty good. amber really has gotten alot of fans for her androgynous looks.

and suju's gonna have their own new variety show! it's called 'Human Network Super Junior's Miracle' but it's only gonna have suju-t (minus heechul) members in it, so no donghae or kyuhyun. but that kinda makes sense since their comeback is so soon.

anyways, the 1st episode already aired, i hope that some group starts subbing it soon!

gotta go~

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