Sunday, June 28, 2009


it was an AWESOME MOVIE! an AMAZING SEQUEL to a FANTASTIC first movie (i cant believe i used so many positive adjectives in those 2 sentences :P). and i cant wait for the 3rd one to come out! :D

shelle, brian, danny, henry, and i went to go watch it the night that it came out. we were hoping on watching the 9:45 or 10:00 one, but ALL of the tickets were already sold out. luckily, there was a 10:15 showing, which was the last showing for the day, that hadnt sold out yet.

there was already a long line of people just waiting, and in the end, we got some seats in the half that was closer to the screen cuz the other half that was further away was already full. we were prolly 8 or 9 rows away from the screen so it was that bad.

transformers was amazing. there was lots of comedy and humor (which is a big plus for me), the graphics or the robots where amazing like always, the fight scenes were intense and captivating, shia labeouf was really good, and megan fox was very pretty. or should i say sexy? :P i really love her eyes :D

the movie was 2 and a half hours long, so we got out around 1. but of course, we couldnt just go home after watching such an awesome movie in the middle of the night with shelle as the driver. so, we stopped by a gas station to get ice cream, and the boys also needed to go to the potty =__=

all in all, a very good night :D

and today, at wally world, i wanted to buy a poster. since i obviously didnt want a poster of disney people (what am i, 11?) or twilight (so no where near as awesome as the books), i was happy to see that there were some transformer posters. i couldnt decide on if i wanted one of the autobots (no way were i gonna get the decepticons) or bumblebee. so in the end, i settled for the thicker rolled poster that just said transformers 2 (they only showed the poster of bumblebee, so i really couldnt know what any of the other ones looked like) cuz i thought that it'd have 2 posters inside.

i was very wrong :D it was one SUPA long poster of all of the major transformers in the movie, good guys and bad. it's around the length of 2 posters in landscaped formation. very long, and i cant decide on which wall am i gonna put it on.

it's the very first poster that i bought for myself (bought my 1st poster for krista some ages back :P). now, i really want that super junior one i saw in texas and a DBSK poster, too.

oh, you know what i found pretty funny/ironic, the poster costed about the same cost for the movie ticket, around $8 :)

anyways, that's all for now, folks!
i'm gonna go eat some ice cream! :D

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