Sunday, June 21, 2009

i never have time!

when i have school, i'm busy with homework or projects, when it's summer, i've got a babysitting job with only one day off. i never have enough time to do what i want! =3=

that's mainly the reason why i havent been updating lately this month. cuz i'm helpin shelle babysit/teach our cuzins (and brian has to come to, since our parents are usually at work and hardly ever home) english. we have to go to their house around 9-9:30 and can finally leave usually around 7:50-8:50 when some of their parents finally come home.

when we finally go home, i'm too busy watching something or doin other things (shelle and i tend to go out alot to get food or other random things) to remember about my blog. also, our cuzins dont have interweb, altho our wireless interweb goes a long distance, so shelle uses our interweb over there, but it's really faint and slow. and i'm too lazy to bring my laptop over there to do anything; i usually just read a book and/or sleep since i stay up til 2 or 3 in the morning.

and another thing, MY LAPTOP'S FALLING APART! ;-;

way in the begining, i guess a month after i got my laptop, it fell off of my bed and landed on the side with the recharger. ever since then, my laptop hasnt been able to charge; it always says: plugged in, not charging. i think that, when it fell, it landed on the charger thinger really hard, which pushed it even further into my laptop, which is why it cant reach whatever's inside to charge it. at first, shelle's charger worked on my laptop, so i'd use hers to charge it up, but now, even hers dont work anymore.

and, a while ago, during the last time we were at my grandma's house, one of the screws on my laptop screen fell out and i couldnt find it. it was the screw on the bottom right. a couple months ago, my laptop started wobbling and stuffid. it'd go too far back or fall back in front cuz the missing screw wasnt holding the screen in place or something. then, one day, i was closing my laptop when all of a sudden, i couldnt close it all of the way. when i opened it up, i found out that i this part of my laptop that i guess was connected to the missing screw part, was out of it's place and i bent it. it eventually fell off. the other day, i dont know what i did, but all of a sudden, some metal stuff that's supposed to hold the screen up and bend, popped out, and now i cant close my laptop properly without the bottom part popping up and out!

it's hard to describe everything since i have no clue if my guesses are actually right, and since i have no idea what parts of a laptop are called. but here's some pictures of what i was trying to explain:

i cant believe all of that happened cuz of ONE screw!

i dont think my laptop will last for much longer; a few months tops. hopefully, i'll be wrong. but either way, i'm gonna ask my parents for a new one for my birthday even if it survives that long because i dont think i can deal with freakin out every time my screen suddenly falls back too much, it suddenly turning off cuz as soon as the charger is unplugged or pulled out from the laptop, and everything else wrong with it. it's acting so gay and it's not even a year old yet. shelle's laptop is and older version of mine and it's doin way better than this.

onto other news, a finally got a library card. they let you check out up to 50 books or movies per card, which is pretty cool. as i've already mentioned, i've been reading alot since i started working (tomorrow is the beginning of my 3rd week) since i dont go on the interweb over there and dont watch tv that much (but! i've watched more tv over there in a week than i did in prolly 2 or 3 months). i usually finish the book i start by the end of the day.

i've read some really good books from the library. the 1st book i read was called graceling by kristin cashore and it was AMAZING. it was really hard to put down for me. i really love katsa, the heroine, and po; all of the characters are wonderful. the plot was original, the fighting scenes were exciting, there was humor (always a plus for me :P), the romance was very good and not overly dramatic, all in all, it was a very good debut novel. i cant wait for fire, the next book to the series, even tho it will only have one person from graceling in it.

the other day, i read wintergirls by laurie halse anderson, and it was also really great. it's about a girl who deals with her anorexia and the death of her use-to-be best friend. it's the newest book out by the author of speak which is really well known book and also really good.

i read some other good books, too, but i forgot about them -__-"

anyways, today, i finally bought me another flash drive since i'm prolly gonna need it for school anyways. it's another 4gb but costs way more than the one i got when i bought it with my laptop. let's hope that i dont lose this one -__-"

shojobeat's over! ;-; the july 2009 issue is the last one. i'm really sad, cuz now that i had a job, i was thinking of subscribing to it again only to find out that it was officially over. now, i'm contemplating on whether i should subscribe to yen plus or not; i'd save alot of money, but that's my whole week's paycheck. not to mention, whenever shelle and i go out, we ALWAYS spend money, so i usually spend all of my week's paycheck by the end of the weekend.

but anyways, back to shojobeat, the last issue made me really sad to know that it's over, but also really happy (and surprised) cuz a couple months back, i sent a message to shojobeat about DBSK because i was so happy to see that tohoshinki was mentioned in that month's issue. i was suggesting that the next year's music issue could maybe have a foreign artist's section or something. of course, they didnt agree; there was no next time. but it was really cool to see my message published. even tho i dont remember it to be so... perky sounding -__-"

last week, shelle, christina, teyana, and i went to old navy and kohls in warner robins and then macon mall. we went to around 9 or 10 stores in all and we all bought clothes on sale; i never spent more than $15 at a store. it was really funny, we realized that we were mostly buying winter clothes :D didnt buy any pants cuz they're really expensive and mommy is most likely gonna buy it for us for school. but, either way, i spent all of my paycheck and more ^^"

oh, old navy was having this father's day sale where all of the guy's clothing were half off, so we went over to the guy section when we were done lookin at the girl's side on the day we went. teyana and i got this dark blue and light blue striped sweater that's pretty big for us tho (cuz guys always have way bigger sizes than girls). it reminded me of the sweaters that DBSK wore for a magazine shoot where they were all adorkable, so i had to get one. plus, it was only around $7; a very good price :D i still dunno if i'll wear it to school or just around the house cuz it's so big on me...

but here's the pic i was refering to:

oh yeah! on friday night, after work, shelle and i went to the dollar theater (well, you gotta pay $2 for a ticket now...) and watched fast and furious 4! it was AMAZING! shelle had never watched any of the fast and furious movies before, so i filled her in on some of the common knowledge and characters in the movie for her. by the end of the movie, she was thinking bout watching the rest of the movies too, since they were so cool :D

and, the main reason we went to watch it, WE HEARD RISING SUN IN IT!! got to hear micky's english rap but i didnt expect to hear yuhno's part right after it since it was in korean and all. either way, i was very pleased :3

cant wait for the next movie! i mean, there has to be another one.

anyways, i think it's time for me to start the fangirling :P i'm warning you now, it's gonna be VERY long; i have a bazillion pics and videos i want to share. i havent had updated for more than 2 weeks and so much has happened :D

this is from a while back that i kept on forgetting to post about. THERE IS A CAFE IN VIETNAM NAMED AFTER YOOSU. since we werent able to go to vietnam this summer like my dad hoped, he said that we might go next year. shelle and i are so goin to find this cafe XD just click on the link to see all of the photos and stuffid, i'm too lazy to upload them all :P

[INFO] Korean Songs that US people listen most to (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

This is the top chart of Korean songs in USA. It is ranked by number of times people listen.

1. Super Junior – Sorry , Sorry [109,387 times]
2. TVXQ! -Wrong number [100,258 times]
3. Rain – Rainism [85,458 times]
4. Wonder Girls – Nobody [67,419 times]
5. Girl’s Generation – Gee [53,748 times]
6. TVXQ! – Mirotic [51,914 times]
7. BoA – Eat You Up [28,715 times]
8. Bigbang – Number 1 [16,499 times]
9. 2NE1 – FIRE [9,834 times]
10.Bigbang – Haru Haru [8,552 times]
11.Super Junior – Why i like you [5,304 times]
12.SHInee – Noona is so pretty [ 4,078 times]

Source: USA Vote Asia Song
Credits : sapphirepeals + sweetfig.blogspot +

DBSK was mentioned in a german magazine! made me really happy to hear about it. the article talked about their successes and how they were in the guinness book of world records twice, and some other achievements.

and click here to see some photos of cassies all around the world. i really liked lookin at them cuz i got to see lots of different countries and fanboys in some of them, too :P

this is just love. eunhaemin in here are adorkable XP

all of these pics took place at the end of music bank i guess right before and after they announced the winner. this was SHINee's comeback performance. they were supposed to have already done it earlier, but it was postponed because leader-shi onew tripped and fell, i think, down some stairs and knocked out some of his teeth. ouch.

but on the bright side! they won! and jonghyun was crying his eyes out cuz he couldnt believe it, and, he wrote the lyrics to juliette.

i'm gonna upload the videos on blogger when i can since youchoob keeps on deleting everything. anyways, this is their mv for juliette and after that is jonghyun's reaction when he found out that they won.

minhae is so cute :3 some times, i dont even know who's suppose to be the hyung when i look at them. minho's so tall! o:

look at heechul being all sunbae-nim with all of his hoobaes lookin at him. well, except for taeminnie who's oblivious like usual :P

some more minhae love :D and SHINee gettin emotional after hearing that they won

maknae love XP

i know this is old, but i had to post this up cuz they are just adorable in here ^^

2pm recently did a photoshoot for a magazine and dang, they were hot

nickhun looked super fine and so did taekyeon

okay! so, the majority of my picspam is over, i think there were some more, but i'll add it in here as soon as i remember :P

there's a video that showed minho telling donghae that he loved him which i thought was so sweet. it doesnt have any subs that i know of, but someone on livejournal was kind enough to translate.

Minho: First off, PD, please give me some background music.
Shindong: Okay, okay. This kind of background music?
Minho: No, not this kind.
Shindong: Not this kind, a more romantic-sounding BGM.
Shinyoung: Don't we have "Kiss the Rain"? Our Minho-goon has a lot to say.
Jonghyun (?): Our Minho is so wild-hearted, he even wants BGM!
Minho: Though I am really close with the other hyungs, I'm sorry, but I need to say this. In Super Junior, the one I like most is Fishie--Donghae-hyung. We would always talk about things heart to heart. I also have something that I want to say to Donghae-hyung....can I say it?
Shinyoung/Shindong: Of course.
Minho: Donghae-hyung, I love you.
Jonghyun: Suddenly asking for BGM, it was really surprising! It's like a drama scene with everyone watching.
Shindong: From what I observe, I can really feel that Donghae and Minho more than just hyung and dongseng. They are more like friends. (Shinyoung: Oh, really?) The two of them are really close. That's why Minho is not as [respectful? it's more like...he's not as polite and more casual around them].
Jonghyun: Sigh, why request for BGM?!

also on livejournal, there was a post showing the differences in the rooms that 2pm lived in and the rooms SHINee lived in. SHINee's place looked so clean, i didnt expect that at all, while 2pm's actually looked like a guy's place would look like. near the bottom, there was this compare and contrast thing between the 2 bands that were kinda mean and biased, but it was also kinda funny :/

DBSK has released the drama version of their newest japanese single, stand by u. the single is gonna be on sale on july 1st, so i guess that's when the mv that's gonna have them in it, is gonna be premiered.

the drama version for now

and all about DBSK season 3 is gonna be released on july 31! cant wait for some people to translate it when it comes out! i have heard of some yunjae stuff in there and werent they filming in some foreign place, too?

super junior has officially stopped promoting their 3rd album because they are getting ready for their 2nd tour, called super show 2. i cant wait to see what they're gonna do this time! their 1st tour was so random with the costumes!

gah, i wish that i could go to one of DBSK's or SUJU's concerts. that'd be a dream come true. the only big concert i'm close enough to go to that is korean related is the jonas brothers one that's gonna have the wonder girls as their opening act.

oh! but there's gonna be a korean rock band in the vans warped tour! i dont know who they are, but hopefully, they'll be in one of the concerts in my state!

the girl band 2NE1 is also releasing their (i think) first single or mini album on july 1st. they're the girl version of big bang and i really like them. they're not all girly-cutesy like all of the other girl bands out there, and they're fierce.

on june 15th, it was DBSK and cassiopeia's 2000th day anniversary. can you believe how long that is? more than 5 years. that's how long DBSK and it's ever-growing fanbase has been around. i cant believe. when you look at their debut pictures to pics of them, now, it's like, wow, they've grown up so much. they went from adorable to mature.
this is a message that they wrote:
2000 days ago, when you first sang with your clear vocals, we made a promise to walk towards the future together.

After 2000 days, our sincerity, our thoughts, our promises:

After 2000 days,
stronger than Jaejoong's strength,
warmer than Yunho's warmth,
more tears than those Yoochun have shed,
more moved than Junsu's been moved,
more growth than Changmin has grown.

After 2000 days, the stormy path that TVXQ and Cassiopeia had weathered together,
will become flowers that blossom along the road we take, after 2000 days.

Thank you to Cassiopeia, who has always been beside TVXQ.
Let us forever be happy.

Credits: besidemicky + +

and tvxqfever had a post of some pics of DBSK when they 1st debuted to how they are now that i had to post about :P

someone made this really cute comic about changmin's reaction to this jaesu pic and i thought that it was adorable :3

jaesu really are cute

and one last thing for now, a week or so ago, allkpop had a poll for the hottest stars under 25 for both males and females. the winning male was, of course, jaejoongie XD 2nd place was hyun joong from SS501 and 3rd place was jaebeom from 2pm. i was pleased with those results :P

the female winner was yoobin from wonder girls (glad about that, she's my fav from the band), 2nd place was jessica from SNSD (dont really care since i dont know much bout her either), and 3rd place was eunhye, the main girl from the hot drama, the first shop of coffee prince. i was really surprised about her placing. prolly cuz i'm still used to seeing her as her character in the drama with short hair and boyish clothes ^^"

well, it's late, i'm tired. i'm pretty sure i spent over 2 hours on typing this post alone (i left for a bit to make cookies with shelle and watched a movie). later.

oh yeah! happy father's day! and happy birfday ryeowook! you're finally 22 (in the US, that is :P)

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