Friday, March 12, 2010

unstressed week, temper tantrums, kpop

this week has been pretty chill. i didnt have to stress out for any major tests or projects like usual. i only had to worry about the chem test i had on monday, and even tho i'm pretty sure i failed it, i'm not too worried [even tho i should be. it might be because i've already failed the other tests in there already :/].

but yeah, i should be stressing out by sunday tho, since on monday, i have an AP test and a math quiz which i accidentally left my notes at school, so i cant study them anyways which is basically gonna screw me over no matter how much i cram on monday before the test TT-TT

and i have to write a research paper in lit which is due before spring break starts in 2 weeks. we're getting time to work during school, but knowing me, i'll wait til the last few days like usual to write the paper. and it's got to be SIX pages long! D:

anyway, i'm gonna be even more stressed out about the test and quiz on monday by the fact that the whole family is going to ATL either tomorrow night (if it isnt raining too hard) or sunday morning. so yeah, it'll be hard to focus and study while on the road or wherever we'll be staying at.

we're going to the dentist cuz shelle needs to get her wisdom teeth out (they started growing and are making the rest of her teeth crooked again) and apparently, i'm getting my teeth cleaned.

oh yeah, this week, when i went to visit my little sis, cheyenne, she was acting up again (the first time was 3 weeks ago). she had her head down and had that type of stubborn face that said that she didnt want to do her work.

when i got to her part of the table after talking to her teacher, she had crawled under the table and didnt want to come out, saying that she didnt want to work which was gluing some words in her journal. after her teacher finally got her to come out [since she wouldnt listen to me], she kept on saying that she wanted to do her work alone.

earlier, when i was trying to convince her to get out from under the table, one of her friends was told me that i could help her with her work. so after cheyenne kept on repeating that she wanted to "work alone!", i was like fine then i give up trying to please you, "i'll just work with your friend."

and then she got even madder and said that she hated me. her teacher was nearby so she heard her shout that. she tried to get cheyenne to apologize but she was still in her fit. she started crying when her teacher told her that she was gonna have to write a bad note to her mom.

i've only known her for a few months, and we've only met once a week, but that still hurt a little, her saying that she hated me. but at the same time, i guess that i shouldnt have just abandoned her even if she was in a mood. i mean, i'm her "big sister", i should have known better than to just suddenly leave her; that's like betraying her trust. she might have been acting that way because of something else. now, things might not be as simple as they were.

i think that, if i had just waited a little more like last time, then she would of eventually gotten over it. but i had a long day in school and had to walk all the way there in the mud and puddles (it was raining all day, finally stopped in the middle of 7th period) and i was tired. i didnt want to deal with a stubborn and upset kid.

but even while i was helping her friend do her work, i kept on looking at cheyenne sulking on the carpeted floor, using a pillow to cover her face half the time. she kept saying, "leave me alone!" and crying when her teacher told her that she'd have to write a bad note for her mom if she didnt start behaving.

eventually, by the time the class was getting ready to go home, her teacher got her to apologize for saying that she hated me and promised to give her a treat if she did some of her work. we hugged and i told her that we'd play after she finished her work which i helped her with.

but then the announcements came getting everyone ready for the bus and stuff, so we couldnt play. i stayed behind with cheyenne helping her put her stuff up in her bookbag and while her teacher wrote a note for her mom in her agenda. then we held hands to the place where she had to go to wait for her bus.

after that, i rushed to the office place to meet up with rachel who's in the program, too (and i walked with her there), and was gonna give me a ride home since i couldnt get in contact with shelle to pick me up and mommy was at work with daddy so she couldnt have come.

but while we were crossing the road to get back to the high school, shelle saw me and yeah, i had a ride home :P

but yeah, when we go to visit our siblings, we have to sign in and stuff. when we go out to leave, there's papers in the back part of the folder that ask about what you did with your Little and if there were any problems and stuff. i wrote in there that she had a little tantrum.

mommy told me that i had a message on our answering machine today. it was from the big brother, big sister program wanting to talk to me concerning cheyenne. i was gonna call them back, but it was kinda late. so i figured i'd do it tomorrow if i had the time (gotta go babysit the cousins for a while tomorrow).

i wonder if i'm going to get a new sibling or something? i hope not. i like cheyenne. i dont want a new sibling. i think that they'll just ask me about what's going on, and if these tantrums keep on happening, then i'm pretty sure that i'm at fault and i'll accept not being eligible for being a Big Sis. 

i finished reading Stargazer, the sequel to Evernight, by Claudia Gray on wednesday or thursday. it was good. the plot's really orignal and unique. i put the next book in the series on hold in the library. it just came out last year, so it's the latest. i dont know if i'm glad that i've finally caught up in the series, or disappointed because of the fact that i'd have to wait even longer [and possibly lose interest] for the next book to come out.

and i finished reading Cast in Shadows by Michelle Sagara today. i really liked the book. i was held in suspense the entire way, trying to figure out what happened in Kaylin's past that made her hate Severn so much and all of these other mysteries. there was action, adventure, and the good ol' good vs evil thing going on that i liked. :P

i put the second book, Cast in Courtlife, on hold in the library, too. i dont know if i should start reading it right away when i get it until spring break or something since it's almost 500 pages long and i'm pretty sure i'll be pulling all-nighters. 

so yeah, i think that's mainly all important that's happened this week. now to the kpop entertainment! :D

there's this new boy group called DNA that debuted last month. they're so cute! they remind me of a young version of DBSK. even one of their dance moves reminds me of a move DBSK did in their Hug mv. plus, their lead dancer said that he was inspired by Yuhno and they all said that DBSK is their idol XD

yeah, just wanted to say that... even their music video kind of reminds me of Hug since they're all mainly wearing white. and the music is very Hug-ish XP

DNA - Admiring Boy mv

DBSK - Hug mv

similar-ish, right?

BEAST had a comeback last week! i'm definitely digging their new looks!
and their new mini-album, Shock of the New Era, is really good! there's one song in there that i especially love. it's called Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No). i love the beat and the lyrics, everything really [i might be partially biased since yoseob mainly sings in it XD].

listen to it!

i found this site called fyzzed. it has all of these cool shirts of kpop bands that i like! cant show any examples, so you'll just hafta go on there yourself to see them. :P

and Royal Pirates, this band in the states that's famous online for doing kpop (and some american) covers, released their first independent music video. i really like it. it's called Disappear.

actually, there's not much news to share since i havent caught up with everything online yet. -__-"

so yeah... some pictures i found online then! :D

i'm tired now. gonna go.


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