Friday, March 26, 2010

the last day before breaks are always fun

you're more likely to have a party in at least one class, and you get to goof off in at least another class.

today was pretty good. i only had to do work in first period and third period. i only had to do a worksheet in first period cuz we had a sub, but it was really quick and easy.

and in third period, i spent the whole period doing the work he assigned us and was given a bunch of homework to do over the break. i hate AP, he always gives us a chapter test to do over our breaks.

i didnt have to do work in 2nd period cuz she wasnt here and just left our class to finish up yesterday's assignment which i was nearly done with anyways.

in 4th period, mr. givens had to leave halfway through the class so he just let us hang out. he even let people in our class go to different classes for the rest of the period. like, he let ashliegh go to theater.

and our sub dood let us chill and even told us jokes. it was funny cuz the entire middle of our class had left and monica noticed that our class was segregated. all of the white people in the class were on the other side of the classroom while all of the minorities were on our side, and the middle of the room was empty to make it stand out even more. :P

and while we were talking and the sub was telling us jokes, the white ppl on the other side of the room were all doing each others' hair. they were in a line with one person playing with another person's hair sitting in front of them. it was funny cuz they kind of resembled monkeys in a line picking bugs out of each others' hair. i took a picture of them for them.

and then at lunch, i found out that aliesha skipped today cuz today was senior skip day. i didnt know what happened to sydney tho, she wasnt there yesterday either. but shanice brought one of her friends over, so it wasnt lonely. :P his name's chris and he's portuguese.

then, in latin after lunch, we had a mini party cuz some people brought food to share. it was really fun. we were supposed to watch an educated video, but magistra let us choose to watch it at another time and just let us chill if we wanted which is what everyone chose. of course.

and i finally got to try the copic markers rachel got for her birthday. they are AMAZING!! they color so good! i can see why they're so freaking expensive and why everyone raves about them. :P

i want some now. but it's like, $4-5 for ONE marker. so expensive!

in math, since i made a 98 on my test on wednesday, i chose not to retake it (no one made a 100 in my class, i got the highest score! XD) and i was the only one to do that. since i had finished reading my book in 2nd period, i had nothing to do, so i drew for the rest of the period.

oh yeah! i was SO close to getting a 100 on that test! i got 2 points off cuz i forgot to put the +- sign before the 3i on the last problem! i was so mad at myself cuz i realized that i forgot to do that 2 minutes after i turned my test in on wednesday.

and i spent 2 hours the night before studying for it. i did most of the practice problems from the worksheets he gave us to study for it. i covered a whole page front and back and a third of a 2nd page doing them all. it looked cool.

evidence of my studying XD sucks that it's all blurry tho

public bathrooms look icky. i had to go to the potty right before 7th period started, and because we were in the library for that class, the nearest bathroom was right across from the entrence to the library. the library is right in the area leading to the lunchroom, so the bathroom there is the most used. and yeah... you can definitely tell.

but a funny thing that i read while getting up from using the toilet in there, was this message that someone wrote on the stall door. it said, "i think i lost my faith" and someone replied saying, "check the lost and found." that made me smile :D

and then in 7th period, i had finished all of my work yesterday, so i had the period to kill. i ended up doing some of my AP homework and going on the computer for a bit, and just goofing off.

and so the school day has ended and my spring break has finally started XD

i just finished reading Rebel Angels by Libba Bray. it's the sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty and like, 200 pages longer (it was so thick!) and it was just as great as the first one.
but man, sometimes, i just want to smack some of the girls. they're just so stupid for even doing that even though they know that some things are inevitable. but then again, i can sympathize with them, because when you're alone in that one thing, you cant but help to want that something no matter how impossible it is.

i cant wait to read the last book of the trilogy, The Sweet Far Thing. definitely want to see how it ends.

and i finished reading The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong this morning. it's the sequel to The Summoning and is the 2nd book in the Darkest Powers series.
in my opinion, The Awakening is wayy better than The Summoning. there was so much more action and plot twists and suspense in the sequel than the first book. The Awakening sucked me into it much quicker and longer than The Summoning did. now i cant wait to read the third book, The Reckoning. it's coming out in a few weeks.

and i finished reading Blue is for Nightmares Laurie Faria Stolarz on monday. man, this book was very hard to put down. it was a suspenseful thriller that made me quickly read each page trying to figure out who the stalker was.
i finished reading the last few pages of it in 3rd period, but i had read the whole 2nd half of the book in 2nd period when we had a code yellow which was a drug search i found out an hour later on the announcements. we had to wait in our classrooms for an hour and our teacher blocked almost everything fun, so i decided to read during the whole time.

i dont remember having a drug search last year. but then again, i forgot alot of stuff from last year. but it's like every month, we have some drill whether it be a fire drill or tornado drill.

the subs for the last episodes of god of study are finally out!! it's been out since earlier this week but both shelle and i were too busy to watch them. i so cant wait to watch it now that i've finally got free time! we havent watched the last 4 episodes and i'm dying to see what happens!

i cant believe that it's only 16 episodes. it seems like it could go on much longer. but maybe not since it'll prolly end at the part where they see if they get into the university they're aiming for or not.

and now for some 2PM pics cuz they're all i have for now and they are adorable. it's from a fanmeeting or something.

PS: i love how i actually have someone at school who i can talk about kpop with :D

that's it for today. i'm going to get some dinner now :P

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