Monday, April 5, 2010

break's over :'(

while i didnt like having to babysit during the break, i still prefer doing that instead of going to school and all of it's stresses. plus, i at least get PAID while babysitting [i've finally got cash to burn XD].

on thursday, alot of shelle's friends and krista came over to hang out and spend the night. she had 7 or 8 people over and only 2 left since they lived in town, while everyone else stayed the night.

we ate this type of korean style thing where we had a little grill where we just put food [like meat, shrimp, tofu, fish, and squid] on it to cook and ate it with noodles and lettuce and stuff.

after krista and i finished eating [well, mainly me since krista had just finished eating before she came], we went out for a walk. we walked to the back of the neighborhood where they havent started building any houses yet.

we talked about the randomest things. like, how screwed we'd be if zombies attacked us while we were out back there since there wasnt much to help us. and we talked about how we'd rather have slow, stupid, relentless zombies after us than the smart, fast zombies [obviously].

actually, we talked about escape plans with any type of supernatural we could think of. like we'd be screwed if vampires attacked us and we'd rather be lycans than werewolves and witches and wizards are prolly too busy secretly fighting their wars to think about us mere humans, and demons are really dangerous. 

it was really weird when we were walking, tho. every time we got near one of the tall lights outside, it would turn off. our explanations were that it was because our demonic auras were so powerful that the lights turn off by themselves XP

when we got back home, it was already dark and around 9. mommy was freaking out a little because of that. she dragged us inside and told us that everyone else was watching ninja assassin [krista brought it over since none of shelle's friends has watched it yet].

so we watched it for a while until krista got bored since she's already seen it 3 times and we went upstairs to do stuff on the interweb.

after they had finished watching the movie downstairs, they started playing DDR [one of shelle's friend brought a mat over since we only have one] with the music playing really loud; it sounded like a club down there. :P shelle came in for a minute to ask us if we wanted to join but we said no.

she came back an hour or 2 later and we decided why not even tho we both suck =__=" after a while, everyone wanted to do karaoke, so we turned on the karaoke machine that our parents got a while back but havent really used.

tawanda was really funny when singing songs cuz she'd act it out and it was hilarious, especially with the love songs. shelle wanted krista and i to do "just lose it" by eminem which is basically a rap song.

we agreed but wanted to dress up to look the part, so we raced upstairs to find some gangsta clothes to wear. krista wore her beanie, put on some long pants with money on it that i gave her, my black with neon blue striped jacket, and some shades on. she really did look gangster.

me, i wore my sleeping pants over my shorts to make it look like i was sagging and my boxers were showing, i pulled one of my pants leg up to my knees, i wore the black and white checkered jacket that shelle and i own, and a black hat that i got from hot topic a while ago. i didnt look anywhere as gangster as krista did :P

and when we went downstairs to do our rap, we didnt even know half of the lyrics or how it was supposed to go, so even the lyrics on the screen didnt really help us. the rap was so fast. hell, amanda and chris knew how to sing it better than we did. it was so hilarious tho. and hot, geez, i was burning up in all the clothes i was wearing.

but yeah, we stayed up until 4 singing songs. we sang alot of old songs [not like there were that many recent songs] from back in the day like backstreet boys and nsync. there were some linkin park songs, too, which we also sang. and we sang alot of songs that used to be on the radios that were past hits.

one song that everyone knew was "bye bye bye" by nsync XD

but yeah, around 3-4, krista and i took showers and decided to quit since it was late and we had to get up around 9 to go babysit. yeah, i had to bring krista with me to do my job, she normally never wakes up anytime before noon, but because it's me, she's willing to wake up early :3

so yeah, after a few hours of sleep, it could of been called a long nap really, we had to get up and went over to my cousins house. apparently, all of the adults had left already so only the kids were there.

krista and i were tired, but we were already awake, so we couldnt exactly go back to sleep any time soon, so we decided to watch the first few episodes of family outing since krista's been wanting to watch the whole variety show in order after she found out that daesung's in it [at least in the first season].

we watched that for a while until i had to get food for the kids and then brian came over and said that we had to come back to our house after i finished feeding the kids for lunch there.

it turned out that it was the leftovers from last night's dinner, but it was still tastey. krista really liked it since she didnt eat much last night [i had to force her to eat] since she was already full from dinner at her house.

then we went back to the cousin's house and i let them go to their friends house while krista and i chilled in the backyard on their trampoline for a while until it got really hot.

then we watched some more stuff until one of the uncles came home and we could go home. shelle's friends had already left by the time we got back and she wanted to go to the bookstore.

krista's dad wasnt going to pick her up until 8 so we had a few hours to kill, so we went. there's so much manga i need to buy! i'm behind in all of my series! it's insane. i can read the majority of them online, but i dont want to, you know? and there's also a bunch of regular books that i want to buy, too!

gosh, why am i such a bookworm? :P

and then we had to go home quickly cuz it was almost 8 [we loiter wayyy too much at stores :P]. i didnt get anything, but shelle bought vol. 9 of We Were There and krista bought a novel of Trinity Blood.

when we got back home, krista got her stuff and then her dad was there and she was gone.

the next day, saturday, i needed to go to the library so we decided to go to kohls since there was a sale and then went to ross.

i got a pair of jeans and a nice enough shirt that i could wear to competitions next year, and shelle got a skirt and some gladiator sandals at kohls. at ross, i got a skirt cuz i only have 2 and their both long and old.

by that time, we were both tired and decided to go home since there was nothing else we wanted to do. and then i found out that one of the books that i wanted to renew online since it was due that day couldnt be renewed and shelle found something sticky on her new sandals so we decided to go back to return both of them and shelle got a different pair [the library was closed by the time we got there so i couldnt ask them why i couldnt renew it]. by that time, we were really tired.

so yeah, that's what happened during the end of my break. 

and i read a few books over the break, too. i talked about some of them in my last post, but i read a few others.

i read Cast in Courtlight by Michelle Sagara, the sequel to Cast in Shadow. it had less fighting since this had more to do with politics and stuff, but it was still good altho i'm kinda annoyed about how the main character doesnt know all of this stuff since she never payed attention in class and stuff since it'd make things so much easier. anyway, i'm waiting for the next book to come in from the library.

i finished reading Wonderland by Tommy Kovac and Sonny Liew. it's a comic book based on Alice in Wonderland from Mary Ann's point of view, the White Rabbit's maid. i mainly picked it because the art was different and interesting. the story was good, too.

and i cant wait for The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong to come out tomorrow. i let emily read the first book of the trilogy [just found out today that it's a trilogy :P] over the break and she loved it, so she rushed out to read the 2nd book and has been waiting like crazy for the 3rd book to come out tomorrow so she can buy it and devour it. XD and i get dibs to read it after her which wont take too long :D

oh yeah, and shelle and i finally finished watching God of Study. oh my god, i love that drama so much. it's prolly my favorite drama right now. it's funny, heartwarming, sad at times [jeez, i must have cried at least 3 times], the characters are so cute and lovable, and it's inspiring. i wish it was more than 16 episodes long, i want to know what happens in their future~

but it's a good thing that we watched the last 4 episodes in one sitting since the cliffhangers were agonizing! like, i'd be on the edge of my seat checking the subber's website every hour just to see if they've updated or not to finally find out what happens next XD

there's pollen EVERWHERE! it's so gross. i mean, when we were driving to the store and stuff, we'd pass by cars covered in yellow dust and it'd look so nasty; you know which cars have been outside or not.

and at school today, at the area outside on the sidewalk where we wait for the bus, the ground was covered in yellow. it's so eww... and the umbrellas at the top of the tables were covered in it too. one guy who rides my bus made the umbrella close and there was this yellow dust cloud that puffed out when it closed.

and now it's 10 and i'm tired. i havent been getting much sleep lately and i really do need it, so i'm gonna go...


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