Saturday, April 24, 2010

an overdue update

i've been so busy these past few weeks, that i've been neglecting to keep you updated :( unfortunately, i'm still gonna be busy for a few more weeks because i have EOCTs next week and then AP exams 2 weeks after that.

the only upside i can think of is that school's almost over. only a few more weeks and then we're done! altho it's already been decided that i'm going to babysit my cousins again during the summer, i'd much rather do that and EARN MONEY than spend any more time in school.

jeez, this month feels like it went past so freakin slow, but at the same time, i still don't know where the time went. alot has happened and i guess they'd need explanations, but i just don't feel like making them at the moment.

i'll just give the shortened, blunt versions instead of what's been happening lately.

the concert on saturday was AMAZING. i cant even explain the awesomeness of it because it's undescribable :P

all i can say is that Cartel was very good, when The Maine came on afterwords, they literally pumped up the party [they knew how to get a crowd moving, we were constantly jumping or dancing or waving our arms in the air singing along], were crowd pleasers [almost after every song, the lead singer would drink from a water bottle and then throw it into the crowd], were funny, and they all look REALLY GOOD up on stage, and We The Kings were EPIC.

they sung songs from both their old and new album and Travis even talked about poop on stage! shelle and teyana even got to meet and take a picture with Travis earlier in the day.

there was this one part that happened near the end of the concert when they were singing one song [i think it was All Again for You] where the band just stopped playing/singing at the ending chorus and left the stage while the whole crowd was singing it, watching them leave. it was shocking to see them just stop playing and leave the stage and kinda sad, too, cuz here we were singing the chorus about how we'd do it all again for you.

and after we had finished singing the end of the song, the stage lights went out and it was dark and quiet. there was NO WAY that that was the end of the concert, but it really was a good ending if it was.

after a minute or two, they came back on stage and the lights went back on and they told us that they had two more songs to go which was so sad cuz i didnt want it to end no matter how achy my legs felt [stood up for at least 5 hours straight the whole night].

before they performed their the last song, Travis gave the crowd a warning that their next and last song could cause people to go crazy [or something like that :P] and then they started playing the opening cords to Check Yes Juliet and the crowd started screaming and going crazy.

it was AMAZING! and after they finished playing, all of the members threw their guitar picks and drumsticks into the crowd! teyana found two and gave one to shelle! god they're so lucky! they got to meet and TOUCH Travis AND they got some picks from them too!

[my laptop just decided to shut off. i'm so glad that blogger's always saving my drafts :D]

after that, i went to get a Bearstock t-shirt cuz it was cheaper than the band t-shirts so that i could have a reminder of this awesome day. they ran out of smalls so i just got one in medium.

and while we were walking around [i went to the concert with shelle's friends at college and teyana and her friend from UGA] afterwords, we were near the table selling We The Kings and The Maine merch and i saw the drummer from The Maine there!!

so i rushed over there and saw that he was signing this girl's paper so i asked him to sign my bearstock shirt that i just bought and he, the cute bassist, and the other guitarist that was on the opposite side of the stage from where we were at all signed my shirt! and i asked if i could get a picture of them and then shelle interrupted and asked if i could take a pic WITH THEM! and they agreed.

i already showed the pic on the last post, but i want to show it again XD
and yeah, after that, we all took pictures with the 3 members and then went back to amanda and thiet's dorm room and talked about everything that happened during the concert, especially the funny ones.

and here's my signed shirt and a We The Kings shirt i bought with shelle's money so we both share it [would of happened even if i payed with my own money :P]. the "w" sign made with hands is the band's gang sign that they made up XD
i was so nervous and scared when my bearstock shirt was being washed cuz  i didnt know if the autographs would come out or not. i'm IMMENSELY relieved that they only faded a little bit :D

oh, and i forgot to say this earlier, WE WERE RIGHT AT THE FRONT OF THE CROWD BY THE TIME WE THE KINGS CAME ON!!!

shelle, teyana, and her friend went in the crowd when Jeremiah came on and stayed there, slowly moving their way up front. everyone else in our group went into the crowd right before Cartel started playing, so we ended up somewhere in the middle of the left side.

since Cartel was after Jeremiah, most of the black people left so there were more gaps to go into and get closer. by the time The Maine were on, we could kinda see bits and pieces of shelle and teyana up ahead, but we still couldnt reach them. but! by the end of The Maine, we got right up behind shelle.

i think, by that time, The Maine had finished and the set people were getting stuff ready for We The Kings, but when we finally reached shelle and teyana, we all screamed cuz we were right at the front with one of the best views :D

...yeah, so much for being short and sweet and to the point about this -__-"

anyways, during the concert, i realized YET AGAIN, that we really need a new camera. it's really old and bulky and you can hardly ever get a good picture. i made up my mind that i'm going to get a new one during the summer after i save up enough to get one with my paychecks.

most of the concert pics are blurry. these are the small bands that played earlier in the day. too lazy to go find their names.

this group wasn't that good. their songs all sounded the same.

these guys sounded better. i liked them way better than the previous band because their music was faster paced and livelier :P

this group started playing as we left to go eat dinner. they sounded pretty good.

i couldnt really get a good pic of Jeremiah...

and then Cartel came on after Jeremiah! main vocalist was pretty cute XP

and then The Maine! it was pitch black by now, so i hardly got any good pics if the lights were too low or off.
you can tell that i was kinda biased when taking the pictures :P but what can i say, lead singer has some serious stage presence and charisma. but all of the guys looked really good. i wish that i could take more picks of the drummer, but the lead singer kept on getting in the way! XP

and then We The Kings were next! it totally sucked that the lights were really low or just off half of the time they were performing, tho.
i love how the lights kept on changing colors in these last few pics :D

we got to choose our classes for next year last week even tho we still hadnt gotten our acceptance letter for the AP classes we signed up for, so it made things even weirder since we just had to say that we had to assume that we got in them and choose whatever classes and electives we wanted to take next year.

i choose AP lang and bio, latin 2, accelerated math 3, regular U.S. history, computing in the modern world and intro to graphics. for my alternative elective choices, i chose computer applications 2, intro photo, anatomy and physiology A, and intro engineering draw design.

since the last time that my computer got infected with a virus, i had thought for sure that i'd want to major in computers to prevent stuff like that to happen to me again, but after talking with daddy for a bit, i'm not too sure anymore.

but that talk had happened after i already chose my classes, so it's too late now.

i wanted to take intro to graphics last year, but i didnt get the class, so i really hope that i get to take it next year. and computing in the modern world is the class that you have to take before you can do web design, so i signed up for that, too. i guess it's good that i chose two easy electives since i also have two AP classes next year [hopefully].

i found out that Kimi ni Todoke is being made into a live action movie! i can't wait for it to come out because the producers have already said that it's going to have a different ending since the manga series isnt finished yet.

Miura Haruma is going to play Kazehaya Shota, the main male character

and Mikako Tabe is going to play Kuronoma "Sadako" Sawako the main female character

i just realized that it's going to be jay's birthday tomorrow! i hope he celebrates it happily. i'm so glad to find out that he's been doing fine now after he left 2PM. he's even going to play the male lead in an upcoming AMERICAN dance movie! he's going to go back to korea to start filming in june! can't wait!

and he also just released a song yesterday with Dumbfounded and Clara which sound really good. it's called Clouds. the lyrics really go with everything that jay went through and just about life in general, about how there's always going to be tough times.

there's this part in jay's verse that i especially like:
Everybody's wanting to see me struggling
Running away from pain
But I know the wondrous things are coming to visit again someday
So no worries I just stand here with a smirk on my face
Although I know some people out there throwin dirt on my name
But it's all good
Still show em some love
Cause unlike that girl from the movie
I ain't holdin no grudge

there's also this person named Sam Tsui on youchoob that i've been following recently because he's a really good singer. his remixes are amazing. i ran across him when i found his Owl City's Fireflies remix video. it was AMAZING.

apparently, Glee [this awesomely hilarious tv show series that is about and has plenty of singing in it] is casting for 3 new members for their next season, and after all of the suggestions he got from youchoob, he decided to tryout for it! it'd be so cool if he got a part!

check out his audition and vote for him here!

and i found some pics of jae at an airport. i love his style XD

and i finished reading The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and Night's Rose by Annaliese Evans. i'm still in the middle of The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray for the past 2 weeks because it's so big and daunting; plus, i don't really want to finish it because that would mean that the trilogy is finally over, but at the same time, i want to finish it to see how everything ends :P

The Prince of Mist is actually translated, from spanish i'm assuming :P, and coming out next month. shelle got an ARC of it to review and i read it for her since she's too busy with college to do it anymore. it's very good, a little slow in the beginning, but the mystery keeps you going, wanting to find out what everyone and everything's alluding to, and then the action at the climax sucks you in, too.

when i first read the summary of Night's Rose, i thought that it was my type of book: an action-packed retelling of Sleeping Beauty with a twist. but what i found out was that it was an adult book after reading the first two chapters which had a bit of erotic-y stuff in it. so yeah... plus, i just didn't really like the story that much. i don't know, rose was kinda annoying and the plot was kind of draggy in my opinion...
but the cover was what first attracted my attention.

and i cut my hair on wednesday night. i hadn't gotten a trim since the summer so my hair was full of split ends and just not very healthy [according to online hair tips/info], so shelle chopped off 2-3 inches of my hair for me. i'm still not really used to my hair being this short, but at least it doesn't take as long to dry now :P

that's all for now. i'm going to go watch stuff now.

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