Tuesday, April 13, 2010

quick spazzy fanpost :P

Listen closely
Are still here just like
Supporting you

Keep in your mind
Entirely and
Eternally you are our

Through this
Hard time we will
Ensure you

Faith that we have will
Always be here because we have an
Inextricable connection
That we built together so stay

i didnt come up with that, i found it here and just thought that i'd share it with you cuz i really like it :D

anyways, i dont really have much time so this is just a quick post of me mainly fangirling from catching up with everything in the kpop world over the past few days.

[oh my god it's so hot right now! i've been exercising and i'm still sweating -__-]

i so want to go to a super junior concert! they goof off and do the craziest things at concerts! and fans give them the strangest things! like thongs! and food and really really cool hats XD

2PM's gonna have a comeback soon! i think it's some time this week! can't wait! i heard a teaser for their comeback and it sounds really good.

2PM is also coming to ATL! but it's only cuz they're the opening act for the Wonder Girls who are having a tour around the US, so i dont think i'll go... i mean, i'd totally go if it was 2PM was the group doing the tour, but i dont think it'll be fair to just go and support 2PM for their one song they'll perform and then be unenthusiastic when the Wonder Girls come out, or even worse, just leave after 2PM's done.

so yeah, maybe another time. or hopefully by then, i'll have enough money and be able to go to one of their performances out of state [gotta be optimistic, right? :P]

but i am finally going to my first concert this saturday! it's gonna be at Mercer so shelle's gonna take me and krista and her friends who go there are going too. they main acts are WE THE KINGS, THE MAIN, CARTEL, and this dood that we don't know called Jeremeh (or something like that).

what sucks is that since i've been in the kpop world for a year and a half, i've totally been out of the loop of american music and all of my favorite rock bands and singers in general, have new albums and stuff out.

...and it doesnt help that i prefer listening to pop songs that get me up and dancing to rock/alternative songs now...

other shocking news that i came across the other day was that one of my newly favorite books, Wings by Aprilynne Pike, is being made into a Disney movie. but with Miley Cyrus playing Laurel, the main character.
my first reaction after saying "yay! it's being made into a movie! :D" was "D: Miley Cyrus? WHY?!"

i've heard bad reviews about her lastest movie that just came out (not really my type of movie that i'd watch) and all i can say is that i hope her acting is MUCH better in Wings because that book deserves the best because it's freaking awesome. :P

i wonder how they're gonna do her flower growing on her back? i hope it's really pretty and amazing cuz that's how i imagined it XD oh, and who the boys are gonna be played by cuz they've GOT to look good.

can't wait for Spells to hurry up and come out next month!

and now alot DBSK/jaejoong pics!

and jae was recently featured in a japanese women's magazine, so of course i had to save them since he's so sexily adorkable in them XD

and that's all for now.

jeez, i said that this would be a short post but it still took me around an hour to do since i kept on getting distracted [i always do -__-"].



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