Thursday, February 11, 2010

unexpected furlough day tomorrow!

which means that i dont have to go to school! which is great cuz i already have all of next week off since it's winter break. so i get an extra day off!

but yeah, this was unexpected. all day, there were rumors that we didnt have to go to school tomorrow because the weather reports said that it was going to snow. but it was most likely going to snow around 4 in the afternoon, so most teachers said that there was a very small chance that we'd be out (ha! take that mr. grange with your 99.9 chance that we'll have go to school on friday! XP).

there were also rumors that even if it didnt snow, we'd still get out because tomorrow was going to be a furlough day. personally, i didnt believe the rumors either because i thought that teachers would get an announcement days in advance about a furlough day.

but i guess that i was wrong. either way, i'm not disappointed XD

sydney called me right when i was about to eat dinner and told me that we didnt have to go to school tomorrow since it said so in the news. so i went online to check for myself, and there it was: "In Houston County, all schools and supporting offices will be closed..."

and the emergency meeting that was called after school for the administrators was to tell them about that. i heard the announcement cuz i was at the latin party at the time.

we started watching the princess bride. i thought that i had seen it before, most likely in my childhood, but i guess not since i didnt remember any of the scenes that i saw before i had to go home.

but i couldnt take it seriously as soon as i heard the characters' names. princess buttercup? dickenflip or something like that? noooope, i couldnt take it seriously at all.

and we just got a phone call from the school saying that school is closed tomorrow. :D and there i was, just finishing up the homework that i could do.

but i'm still gonna go to the school sometime in the afternoon tomorrow cuz mr. jenerette told my class that IF we didnt have to go to school tomorrow, we'd still have to stop by to get our homework and outline stuff (over every break, he gives us a take-home quiz on the next chapter we're on to do).

when i told sydney over the phone about that, she said that it's not possible cuz the news said that all staff and students didnt need to go to school, so i'm not sure if he'll even be there.

but either way, i need to go to the library since 5 of the books i put on hold finally came today. so i'm gonna ask mommy to take me there after i check the school.

i'm still not sure if this is a furlough day or not...

onto another subject, i finished reading The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong and The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan last week, and i just finished reading Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater today during Lit (sometimes my laziness surprises me. i dont know why i dont bother capitalizing everything that needs it -__-")

The Summoning was good, but not that great in my opinion. i mean, i'd still like to read the next volume, but i'm not dying to get my hands on a copy, you know? i think it's mainly from the fact that it took almost the whole book to wrap her mind around the fact that she's a necromancer.

i didnt really like The Forest of Hands and Teeth. mary, the main character, got on my nerves most of the time. it's like what cass and jed (or it was travis who said it) told her, she's selfish. she's putting everyone's lives in danger because of her selfish desire to see the ocean. 2 people (who loved her very much) DIED for her stupid wish to see the ocean (it's set in an apocalyptic world where there's zombies turning or killing everyone left).

and i guess what else turned me off was the style the book was written in. it definitely wasnt one that i was used to reading, so that might have been one reason why i didnt like it as much.

but yeah, i tryed to read that book during the summer after i had just finished reading Graceling (which was amazing), but it couldnt compare to Graceling, so i gave up on it after a couple of chapters.

it was only because i was looking around on amazon that i found it again and read the great reviews of the book that made me pick it up again. it was good, i admit, but not something i'd re-read again (not like i have time for that anymore -__-).

and now for Shiver. what first got my attention was it's cover. it looked very pretty.

i didnt even notice the wolf in the corner until i held the book in my hand :P actually, the book looks better in person than online. the trees are metallic-ish so they shimmer and the whole book looks very nice. :D

the story was pretty good, too. i liked it much better than the other 2 books i mentioned above. but the story kind of reminded me of twilight except, instead of vampires, it was about werewolves instead.

the plots arent the same at all except for the main characters being madly in love with each other. it's just that Sam reminded me of Edward since he was always so careful with Grace. he wanted to take things slow and do things the right way and stuff.

but he's totally different from edward other than that. he's a singer/songwriter, really sensitive, and really fragile. and totally in love with Grace. :P

i saw the cover for the next book (i think it's going to be a trilogy, not really sure) and it looks really good, too. i think i like Shiver better, tho, cuz blue's my favorite color XP

another book i'm waiting for is Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. it's the 3rd and last book of the Hunger Games trilogy. the cover looks really good, too! it's coming out in august, i cant wait!

i just found out that The Hunger Games is being made into a movie! check it out!

Lionsgate Entertainment has acquired worldwide distribution rights to a film adaptation of The Hunger Games, which will be produced by Nina Jacobson's Color Force production company. Suzanne Collins, the author of the novel, will also be the screenwriter.

the author is also going to be the screenwriter! that means that the script wont be botched up! now i'm really excited about this movie. :D i hope that the directer chooses a good cast and has good special effects.

and i just remembered this! i know someone else in school who knows about DBSK and KPOP! her name's shanice, she's in my grade. i met her near the end of last year from ondriona. we didnt really talk to each other much, tho, since we didnt have any classes together and stuff.

but she's been sitting with me and my friends at lunch lately, so she's considered part of the group already. i found out about her interest in kpop after school last week when ladarren would only speak in japanese (he lived in japan for 10 years, of course he's fluent :P). it was driving sydney crazy cuz she didnt know what he was saying, so when she saw shanice, she called her over to translate for us (she's half japanese).

she's not fluent since her mom never bothered teaching her, but she knew what he was saying and could ask him back some, too. somehow, after i finally got him to say something in english (he corrected me, he spent 10 years in japan, not 8 :P), she mentioned that alot of japanese listened to korean music in japan (she lived in japan for 4 years during elementary school).

so i asked her if she knew DBSK and she said yeah. and we started talking about other bands (big bang introduced her to kpop) and recent news about them all (hangeng wanting to leave SUJU, DBSK maybe breaking up, jay leaving 2PM) while sydney and ladarren talked/argued about something.

we didnt get to talk much, tho, since a teacher came down the hall yelling at everyone in the hall to go home. but yeah, it's awesome to know that i have another person to talk about kpop to. :3

and that's it for today/tonight :P


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