Tuesday, February 16, 2010

it snowed!

well, on friday it did :D

turns out that it snowed in 49 states! only hawaii didnt have any.

at first, it was just slushy snow. it was basically raining but it was cold enough to turn the rain to ice. there wasnt much.

it started when i was over at my cousin's house babysitting them for a couple of hours. and then i got to go home cuz my uncle came home.

i fell asleep cuz i was really tired, so i missed the rest of the snow/rain. cuz when i woke up, it was pitch black and i think it didnt snow anymore.

but the next morning, there was alot more snow!

we had made plans to go over to 2nd daddy's place for new years eve (this years new years was on valentine's day) for lunch/dinner. but before we left to go around 1-2, shelle and i made a mini snowman at first, and then built a big one right before we left (she did most of the work for both of them :P).

cuz our little cousins were there, too, but none of them helped us with the snowman which was pretty ironic since they were the younger kids (arent kids the ones who want to play in the snow the most?) but the older kids were the only ones who were excited building the snowman.

but i think it might have been the fact that shelle told them to get out of the snow cuz they were stomping all over the place, giving us less snow to build with. so they just stood there, in a line, watching us.

i gave him a squidward nose and we didnt have time to find arms for him or a hat, so we left him bald and used our cousins arms. :P

i didnt realize that there was something on the camera until hours later when it was at night when shelle was looking through them on her laptop. i never saw the smug on the camera, but then again, i didnt have time to look through them properly since we were rushing.

we put the mini snowman near a little tree. it looked really cute :3

but i did make a little snowman earlier on the table in the backyard :D no details on it tho.

what sucked about this weekend tho, was that our grandparents asked us a couple of weeks ago if we could come visit them for new years; our grandpa even told us that there was going to be a festival that we could go to (i havent been to one since i was a kid!).

so we asked our parents if we could and daddy was all, "maybe if i'm not busy." they kept on saying no whenever i told them that shelle could drive the two of us up there if he was too busy, cuz she's done it before (albeit at the last minute without giving them time to say no -__-"), because it's too dangerous and stuff.

they NEVER let her drive anywhere far away.

so instead, shelle, brian, and i went to go watch the new percy jackson movie which was good. it was funny, but there were a few plot holes and stuff which makes sense cuz it's a movie adaption of a book where reviewers said that the movie skipped alot of scenes in the book like harry potter.

i've been meaning to read the book before i watched the movie, but all of my friends who have a copy of it, couldnt find it or didnt have it at their house. so yeah. but i guess i'm glad that i didnt read the book first cuz the movie prolly would of been a disappointment like most reviewers said since they already knew what would happen and what was left out.

speaking of movie adaptions, i found out that shiver is going to be made into a movie! the movie company bought the rights to all 3 books in the trilogy!

i'm definitely looking forward to this movie since there are alot of wolves in the book. :D like i say to all movie adaptions: i just hope that they do the book justice. get a good cast and storyline and all that good stuff :P

i forgot to mention this a while ago, i found this site that sells these sushi plushes which are absolutely ADORABLE. i so want one!

you can order them here.

i finished reading Need by Carrie Jones and Gamer Girl by Mari Mancusi yesterday.

Need was pretty good. it was interesting cuz the main character knows a bunch of phobias and the chapter titles are named after a phobia. i learned alot of weird phobias, like couplogagophobia - fear of being the third wheel and agateophobia - fear of insanity, from it.

i feel bad for kids who have didaskaleinophobia cuz they're afraid of school. but they could always be home schooled, right?

i had already read some reviews about Gamer Girl all saying that it wasnt that good (cliched and stereotypical), but i still decided to check it out cuz of the plot was about a girl who liked drawing manga and played an online role-playing game.

yeah, the reviews were right; the antagonists were 2D (actually, most of them kinda were) and i knew the ending almost as soon as i started reading it. it was more of a juvenile book, not a young adult, which was how i sped through it in a little more than 3 hours.

and now i started reading Willow by Julia Hoban while babysitting my cousins for a few hours earlier this morning. it's much better than Gamer Girl. it has alot more depth and i like the characters waayyy more than Gamer Girl.

now for some fangirling and other random stuff. :D

i love the one day boys. wooyoung looks hot with that hat on at the bottom right. and khun and kwon look adorable.

big bang was modeling/doing a commercial for a clothing line. they looked adorkable.

and check out this ginormous gummy bear.

it doesnt look that appetizing to me... :P

these two are too cute.

and heechul is so weird. he never fails to make me laugh. i cant believe that he's 11 years older than sulli tho. o_O

oh yeah, forgot to mention, krista's coming over tomorrow. she's staying the night. and then, we're hoping that she'll be able to stay the night on friday so we can go shopping cuz she needs some pants :P and she gets paid by then (she works at her mom's flower shop 3 times a week, i didnt find out about that until yesterday).

and now i need to go and clean my room. it's all dusty and my desk is messier than ever :P

bai bai~


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