Tuesday, January 19, 2010

student holiday today :D

yay~ i got to stay home and chillax for another day. only gotta go to school for 3 days this week :D

the only thing that sucks is that i have at least one test each day in the classes that i actually hafta study hard for in order to pass. =__=" which is AP world history, lit, and math.

plus, i have a lit project due friday which i havent even really thought of what to do, and a paper worth a test grade due next tuesday in AP. but i figured i'd do it next weekend or something.

i was planning on starting on the project today, but i got sidetracked. i'm such a procrastinater. all i've been doin today was reading stories and stuff online -__-"

oh! but i finished reading Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke yesterday! that means that i've finally finish the Inksheart trilogy! that's one series done for my book challenge!

i re-read Inkheart and Inkspell last week and the week before just to remember what happened. personally, i think i liked Inkspell the best out of the three. the first half of Inkheart was kinda boring and it only got good during the latter half.

Inkspell had me addicted and grinning reading it. i was rooting for meggie and farid the whole time :3 they're just so cute. and there was a major cliffhanger at the end of it.

Inkdeath was also really good. but it focused more on other characters and i was sad to find out that farid and meggie were drifting apart. but i can understand why, and i guess she's better off with doria, but i'm not so sure since he didnt get that much character development. there were alot of hateful charcters in this book, i'm glad that a majority of them died. too bad orpheus didnt; he really deserves it.

i'm starting to read Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves online right now. it's also on one of my lists of book challenges. it's really interesting. but definitely mature (they were just talking about s*x where i last read).

anyways, krista came over this weekend. when she replyed to my email last thursday, she said that crappy stuff always happened to her and didnt sound good in general, so i immediately called her after reading her message.

it turns out that her boyfriend broke up with her. well, he said that they should "take a break." so they're not really broken up, technically [says shelle]. so yeah, she was all sad and thinks that it was her fault even tho it didnt sound like it was from what she told me.

and then she told me that at school the next day, he acted like nothing was wrong and kept on sending her mixed signals. oh yeah, he broke up with her on facebook, the wimp. couldnt at least freakin do it in person. >:(

so i told her that it wasnt her fault and that she should just act like they were friends only, and not to think too much about it, his mixed signals and stuff.

when she came over on saturday, she told me that she did what i said and apparently, it worked. he's more open to her now when she's acting like just a friend. he's such a weird person from what i can gather -__-"

anyways, so krista and i hung out and laughed and watched some movies and talked like usual.

shelle took us to Ross cuz she needed to find a dress for one of her friend's wedding in May or something. i kept on wondering why she was lookin for a dress months early. krista and i walked around making fun of dresses and clothes in general.

then we went to wally world to get some dinner stuff and snacks. didnt take too long there. but we spent alot of time at the candy aisle. i bought a giant chocolate bar and got krista some mini butterfingers that she wanted.

we watched Dead Snow, this norwegian zombie movie (i didnt know that it was in another language), but we were both fine with reading subs from all of our fangirling (she's really into big bang at the moment).

then we started watching Thirst, this korean vampire movie that i thought was supposed to be scary. it was not. but we were still screaming anyways cuz the main characters were having SECKS right in front of our eyes and we were going crazy yelling things like "this is a freakin porno!" "oh my god, my innocence!" and "when will it end?!"

and while they were in the middle of their love-making, we couldnt help but think, "wow, that musta been awkward to film" and "WHAT IF THEY HAD TO DO RETAKES?! O.O"

we were goin crazy. krista said that this was the most graphic secks scene that she had ever seen and i was like, when is it over?! we're both scarred for life XD

after that, we talked and did some other stuff. later on, shelle came in we told her about Thirst and she was like, you need to watch the Reader, they have secks in every other scene! i was like, no! i dont wanna be scarred even more!

on sunday, we goofed off and watched Shawn of the Dead again, we were planning on watching it on halloween but we didnt have the time, so i told her to bring it this time. plus, i wanted her to watch something that would make her laugh and stuff cuz of her whole ex-boyfriend thing.

and then at night around 7:30, we started making pizza for dinner when krista and i noticed that this light from the back of someone's house in the neighborhood next to ours kept on turning off and on. we could see the back of their house from the next neighborhood from the door in our garage (which was open the whole time).

i dont know how it happened, but soon, krista and i were turning the garage lights on and off and watching the other house respond by turning off and on, too. we could see a figure in the window turning the light on and off, and i'm pretty sure that they could see us from our window too.

i thought that maybe they knew morse code, but they kept on turning their light off for a bit and then turning their light back on again a little later in basically the same intervals so that couldnt have been it. while we were randomly flicking the light on and off quickly at times and other times just keeping it on or off for a while.

shelle said that maybe they were telling us to check our mail. now that i think about it, how did she even come up with that conclusion? i was already halfway out the door to the mailbox to check if she was right when i realized that it was sunday, so of course, we wouldnt have mail. i yelled that on the way out but checked the mailbox anyways, and had to yell that we did have mail.

while i was out in the driveway with the mail and krista beside me, i randomly started jumping up and down, flailing my arms like people did when they were stranded on islands trying to be saved just for the heck of it after krista figured out which house was the one talking to us.

eventually, the pizza was finished cooking and we got bored of the other house cuz they never changed up their flicking routine like us. but brian's pretty much sure that he knows who it is cuz he went trick-or-treating over there. he says that it's these to little kids in primary school. so i was like, wow, we're so immature.

and then krista had to leave and i finished eating my 2nd slice of pizza after she left. i told her that i'd send her a message before she left. right before her dad's car left the driveway, i flicked the lights on and off really quickly :D

after i finished eating and cleaning up, i went back to the window to see if the other house was still flickering, and it was. and it had been 20 minutes since the last time i had stood there and look. and then, half an hour later, i went back just to see if they were still there, and they were.

it was kinda weird. eventually, i closed the garage cuz it was late at night and mommy wasnt coming home that day anyways, so that officially told the other house that i wasnt flickering with them anymore.

oh yeah! i finally got a little sister from the big brother, big sister program i signed up for last semester! her name's cheyenne, she's in 1st grade. but i found out from the people in charge that she's in foster care or something, so she might move... i hope she doesnt. she's really cute and i like her already.

i told her teacher that i'd come by after school on mondays since they were my only free days. cuz on tuesdays, i have debate meetings or some other meeting, wednesdays have other club meetings, thursdays i need to study for tests on friday, and on fridays, i just wanna go home. :P

yesterday, shelle had made plans to go hang with her little sis (she signed up for the program at college), but had to cancel. but she had already tooken the time to put make up on and dress up and stuff, so she didnt want to stay home and let it go to waste so we went to go watch Avatar in 3D cuz everyone had said that it was amazing in 3D.

when we had went to see it with megan and nicole during christmas break, we only had time to watch it in normal version.

but anyways, it was pretty cool looking, but since i had already watched it, i was kinda sleepy during the first half. but the climax part where the fighting took place had me up and alert again. i think that it would of been better to watch in 3D first instead of after watching it in normal to get the full effects. but whatever...

do you know how cool korean phones are?! they have so many cool stuff on them! like video chat and stuff! why cant american phones do that?! just look at this commercial that ZE:A (this new boy band that just debuted, they have NINE members! that's basically all i know about them -__-") did for a new phone. it looks really cool.

i dont have anymore time to fangirl, but i want to post these 2 up before i go.

arent they adorable? it was for a promotional thingy or something like that. whatever it is, tho, i'm pretty sure hundreds of girls are dying to kiss them; they dont need a sign to tell them XD



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