Thursday, April 30, 2009

identical and north of beautiful

i identical yesterday and north of beautiful today. both books were really amazing that i had to tell someone about them because they deserve it and that's how i am :P

identical is by ellen hopkins who's known for her unique writing style that is usually mistaken for poetry at first glance. all of her books are over hundreds of pages long, but that's because the pages arent full of words like most books.

i had read her first book, crank, a while ago because half of my grade seemed to be reading it and all said that it was good. and it was good, which was why i asked my friend rebecca to borrow glass, the sequel, right after i finished reading crank.

i havent gotten the chance to read any of her other books, though, but i borrowed identical from rebecca because i needed a book to read during the EOCTs this week (2 classes a day, 3 hours each class). i really couldnt put the book down, it was that gripping and amazing and i was SO shocked near the end; i never expected that twist, and i think that it just made the book even more great. i'm not gonna tell ya what i'm talking about because i'd hate to spoil it for the people who are planning on reading it, i hate spoilers :P

but this book is definitately not for kids 14 and under (none of her books are). it talks about drugs, alchohol, and sex, with of course, cussing in it, too.

and then i just finished reading north of beautiful a couple of hours ago because i couldnt put the book down when i started reading it in my 3 hours in science (we watched shrek 2 and toy story the whole time).

at first, the beginning chapter didnt really interest me cuz the author was talking about maps and using big words that i didnt know what they meant and was too tired use context clues and stuff to figure out because i REALLY didnt want to think so much right after finishing my math EOCT last period. but then, i forgot about it as i slowly got absorbed into the book the farther i read. i couldnt put this book down either because i liked it so much and wanted to know how it ended.

it's a good thing i dont have any more EOCTs to take, because i spent most of the day after school finishing reading it and doing nothing else. ^^"

but now, i want to go geocaching. dont know what it is? find out about geocaching yourself or read the book :)

but yeah, both books are really good and i recommend them to anyone. altho i think north of beautiful is more likely to be read by girls while identical could be read by either gender :P

and i just realized that, in both books, the dads are the main antagonists and the story kind of revolves around their broken family and their love helping them, especially in the end.

it was actually kind of shocking to me that i read 2 really great books in a row. i mean, maybe it's because i havent read that many books in a while, but i usually only read 1 book out of 7 that's really amazing. by that, i mean, they're the books that i still think about days after i've finish reading them and actually get inspired by. they make me want to draw or write or just do something because that's how much the book got to me.

anyways, i'm gonna go now. it's already 11:30 and i felt the need to post this up because i couldnt sleep even tho i felt pretty tired a while ago...

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