Monday, April 13, 2009

spring break's over

and man, i SO dont want to go to school tomorrow cuz i still havent even started the rough draft of my lit paper which is due tomorrow ^^" and i hafta get up extra early cuz i hafta ride the bus to school tomorrow; the bus comes 10-15 minutes after what i usually wake up.

anyways, shelle and i just came back from grandma's house yesterday. it wasnt until after getting in mommy's car with our 2 uncles and some cousins, that shelle realized that we werent going in the right direction to our house, so she asked mommy where we were going. she said to tony's 17th birthday party (he's one of our party aquaintances).

so yeah, we had to go to this little party, and i was glad that i bothered to change into some jeans instead of just wearing my sleeping clothes when daddy came to pick us up from grandma's.

anyways, it was pretty cool. it was kinda boring at first but shelle and i always have ways of keeping ourselves entertained :P but it got better after we ate dinner with everyone who was not an adult which was only around 10 people and went outside for a walk altho it was dark. the puppies took one of shelle's flip flops so we spent some time looking for it until tony found it under a car.

and then tony's sister, kimberly, hung out with us when we went back inside. and eventually, we got to talking with courtney, the only white person there, and she kept on telling us all of these hilarious stories about her family and how her mom wishes that she was a teenager again which is why she owns a hot pink car and all of these other crazy stuffs, and it was just really funny.

then, her mom came to pick her up but ended up staying for a bit just talking to us and telling stories with courtney. halfway through that, shelle left with kim to introduce her to shinee cuz she's already heard of DBSK and big bang, and shinee is shelle's latest obsession.

so after courtney and her mom left, i joined shelle on teaching kim about shinee but we eventually ended up showing her super junior, too. then we got to talking about youchube videos, and since she's never heard of kevjumba, we had to show her vids of him like girls are like m&m's and put it in purse. we had to go to tony's room to watch them since his room had the computer, so he ended up watching it with us and showing us some videos by mychonny and some other stuff before we had to go home.

anyways, grandma's house was fun. we got there last saturday around 2 or something and during the ride up there, i told myself that i would play with the kids more cuz i realized that i havent really done that alot the last few times we stayed over.

it made me kinda mad at myself when i remembered about my promise on the way home yesterday because, i was playing with them and stuff alot in the beginning, but by friday, i was going upstairs just to watch videos of shinee (i've gotten interested in them since shelle is and it's hard not to watch stuff about them when she's always spazzing about them, not to mention, they're all really cute; especially taemin) and super junior.

but yeah, the next day, megan, nicole, shelle and i went to the mall like usual and i gave shell $20 to spend since she was broke but i ended up giving her 5 more bucks cuz her stupid debit card wasnt working correctly.

i bought a new jacket (my main goal), a white long-sleeve shirt so i can just wear something on top of it, too, a quarter-sleeved shirt, a regular t-shirt with this monster dood with shiny teeth saying hello, and a dark-ish brown wife beater -all for around $40 which is pretty good cuz that's pretty cheap, but bad cuz that was all of the cash i had on me ^^"

we didnt get to go anywhere else the whole time we were there, but we did go outside alot to exercise and stuffid, nicole and megan also got introduced to shinee, we usually ate midnight dinners/snacks (not healthy at all!!), helped out grandma with the dishes and other stuffs, and just generally chilled whenever we could.

altho shelle and i found out that megan and nicole had a fight a few weeks ago and still havent made up; usually, when one was in a room, the other would leave. we were trying to figure out a way to get them back together but it was pretty impossible to talk about it since we didnt want one of the little kids to find out about it, and one of the sisters would usually be with us.

and we took lots of pics when we could "renember," half of them being crazy cuz that's just how our family is XD

will upload some pics later when the interweb isnt being so gay :P

EDIT: the promised pictures :P

leann and her booty :D

nickel's (nicole XP) elbow cuz she kept on getting away when i tried to get a pic of her like always

daniel in time out XD he looks so pitiful and cute in the corner :P that boy needs to stop being so bad

us running after our grandma when she suddenly went across the street without telling us :P i still dont know what she was dropping off to the lady, but we looked like 'tards goofing off outside ^^

shelle was picking up daniel and his shoe fell off in the process so now, it looks like there's a shoe print on the back of her shirt or something :P or someone threw a shoe at her

this was supposed to me and leann doing a sexy dance pose, but it just ended up looking awkward and ridiculous like how we usually are. she ended up falling on the ground XD

we took a bajillion pics outside and then went inside cuz it was so dark and i tried to get another pic of megan, but all attempts failed

anyways, it's already 10 and i still havent even began my paper, so i'm gonna go now

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