Monday, March 30, 2009

south pacific, buritos, and spazziness

gah, it seems like all i've been doing lately is watching movies whenever i have free time which isnt actually true since i'm pretty sure most of the time, i'm on lj or spazzing about some korean band XD

anyways, i had a pretty busy weekend. well, on friday, i didnt do anything out of the ordinary ...i think ^^" i cant remember doing anything that day other than remembering the next day that shelle and i were supposed to watch a movie together on friday :P

anyways, on saturday, i woke up and dark and raining like crazy. it was dark all day. ondriona and i had made plans on walkin over to her house (found out that she lived only a few minutes away by car) to help her clean her house cuz her mom was willing to pay her $200 to do it, and then walking back to my house and hanging out there for a while until 7, and getting a ride with shelle and her friends who were also over, to the play that i've been workin on for the past month.

i realized as soon as i woke up that walkin was out of the question. when ondriona finally answered the phone around 12, she was already almost finished cleaning and it was still raining and thundering and lightening-ing, so it was pointless for me to go over there now. not to mention, i did NOT know where she lives (her mom drove me home on tuesday, so she knew where i lived) so i couldnt have gone over there anyways.

after much confusion and random talking, she got one of her mom's friends to drive her over to my house. we hung out, talked, ate ice cream, drew, watched things on youchube, and other things while shelle and her friends did their thing until 7. mommy and brian had left and we were gonna be home alone until tomorrow morning.

and then we all went into amber's car and she took us to the play (south pacific) where shelle was trying to get me to say "you're embarrassing!" 10 times. her and her friends would not stop laughing through out the play, and shelle changed her count to trying to make me say "you're embarrassing!" at least 6 or 7 times, i forgot. the play was pretty crowded, i mean, when we went to the crucible last time, it was prolly half the amount of people that came this time.

and there was these 2 ladies who sat right in front of ondriona and i who had the BIGGEST hair that got in our way. and throughout the whole play, the kept on moving around and putting their heads together to whisper things, and we COULD NOT SEE cuz their hair/head TOOK UP MOST OF THE STAGE!!

and then we stopped by wal-mart after that cuz shelle wanted to buy this black dress for graduation, but because of problems, like always whenever we have these types of adventures, something happened in which we had to go back home to get the correct debit card, but ondriona had to be home by 11 (we got out of the play around 10:10), so we dropped her off home first. and then we went home, got the card, and i decided to stay home instead of joining them like i thought that i would before.

they left for about 45 minutes, going to a different wal-mart looking for the dress cuz shelle didnt want to go back to the other one cuz the lady would prolly look at her like she was crazy which i didnt understand why she cared now when she obviously proved that she IS crazy at the play earlier :P in the end, they didnt have it at that wal-mart, but they stopped by taco bell and got some soft tacos for me even tho i asked for a burrito (shelle gets distracted so easily, she forgot that i wanted it and got the soft tacos instead, not that i minded, i havent had either for at least 2 years).

anyways, went to bed around 2 in the morning and woke up on sunday at 9 and couldnt go back to bed.

ondriona came back over (she walked for real this time) again. we drew some more and watched drilbit taylor. it was getting late and no one was home so no one could drive her home, so ondriona left and i took a shower.

spring break starts at the end of this week! XD

oh, and we got another new kid, he's in 3 of my classes. his name's brian, that's all i know. he sits no where near me, so i havent had a chance to talk to him yet.


i love this dood. he's such a dork XD

DBSK is gonna have rising sun playing for a short bit in fast and furious 4! it's on this official site and everything! :D

and read this to hear about how other artists like junsu liked SUJU's sorry sorry and about SM United.

and arirang did a little clip about DBSK and their mirotic concert. i soo wanna go to one! it's like, insane in the amount of awesomeness they have in them!! >__<

i found these pics a few days ago and they are DROOL WORTHY. jaejoong and changmin are HOT XD

that's all for now :D

been having some pretty short posts lately, havent i? :P

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