Sunday, March 22, 2009


SUJU released their new album and mv just a while ago and it's soo addicting. the mv and song, sorry sorry, is really good and the chorus really sticks in your head XD

i've listened to the whole album already and i really like it, too. :D

krista came over for a few hours on the 14th (exactly a month since our last crazy meeting with teyana), christina was staying over the whole weekend cuz her parents were out of town, and teyana was staying the night on saturday, too.

so yeah, shelle and her friends left to go "watch a movie" and i got to have krista over for a couple of hours cuz she was at her dad's house that weekend. i showed her SUJU's new mv and we eventually tried to learn the dance. we only got around 3 of the moves down ^^" but it was very fun and we laughed our heads off.

really need to have blondie over next time, too. it'd be hilarious XD

dood, i've made 5 people listen/watch sorry sorry during this week :D and only one didnt really like it cuz she's a dork :P i'll get to that in a bit :)

i made jasmine m and ondriana listen to it during gym when we were walking the track outside, and they both liked it. it made me happy cuz that was really the first type of asian music i've ever let them listen to.

and i let ondriana watch the mv on my ipod later during the week but she couldnt really pay attention to it cuz she kept on looking out for teachers. she said that the dance didnt look hard. she missed eunhyuk's solo dancing thing XD

i made emily listen to it the same day ondriana watched the mv, but she said that she didnt really like it. she mainly listens to country so i wasnt really surprised, but it still kinda ticked me off a little cuz one of the reasons she said that she didnt really like it that much was cuz she couldnt understand what they were saying.

it doesnt really matter, does it? music speaks all languages. just because you cant understand it doesnt mean that you dont have to like it. besides, usually the music itself gives you a gist of what it means.

anyways, on friday in math, i made jennifer watch sorry sorry cuz she loves asians, and megan came over sometime during it cuz she loves music. we didnt have to do anything in math that day, so i pulled out my ipod, sat on the floor, and told jennifer to join me and showed her the mv. she started spazzing out about how many awesome asians were in it and that asians are the coolest dancers.

i thought that i had dont don or some other SUJU mv on my ipod, too, but i only had 3 DBSK mvs on it other than sorry sorry. and then megan came over and i gave her my headphone so she could listen and watch too. she said that DBSK and SUJU are amazing and she wanted to go and pinch their cheeks in all of the mv's cuz they're so cute (she thinks everything is cute ^^).

jennifer had to text to herself to remember to check out SUJU and DBSK when she got home, and i wrote a list of awesome bands that megan should check out which included those 2 amazing bands XD

i converted 2 more people! yay! XD

jasmine came over yesterday for a few hours. i showed her sorry sorry too and we were arguing on who had the best hair. she likes kyuhyun cuz she could actually style her hair like his (what type of reason is that, tho? why would you want to have a dood's hair? XP), so she kept on saying that he had the best hair. but i was totally disagreeing cuz my bias has the better hair, obviously XD

then she tried pho and we watched she's the man cuz she's never seen it before. her mom came to pick her up halfway through the movie so i let her borrow it. hope shelle doesnt mind since it's her dvd ^^"

i forgot to mention this during my last post, i had to change my layout cuz my old one was acting gay and not showing up right. i think something expired... anyways, i'm still on the look out for a new one, cuz this one doesnt really appeal to me, but i never have the time to look for one.

and emily came back from new york and is now on spring break. she got me 3 keychains and postcards! i feel loved :3

my spring break isnt for another 2 weeks. but shelle and my adorkable friends in taylor get 2 weeks off for spring break while i only get one, and they're break starts in one week.

daddy told me a while ago that if we're not goin anywhere during my spring break (shelle and i get the same week off), then we'd be able to go to our grandma's house. i'm pretty sure that they'll stick to that back up plan, but who knows. i really do wanna go back there, tho. we havent seen anyone since last year.

oh yeah, so we're getting into the arthurian legends in lit and and we got to make our own coat of arms that shows our personality and stuff. i took a (pretty bad) pic of mine cuz i liked how i drew the ipod part and the chibi person part :P

the mantle really sucks cuz i didnt really know what to do for them, but all in all, i like it :3

ondriana is gonna let me borrow her fast and furious dvds which is awesome cuz i really wanna go and watch the 4th one that's coming out next month to see if DBSK's rising sun song (most likely a remix version of course) is really gonna be in it or not :P

i have alot of bands, songs, books, stories, manga, anime, and movies i want/need to watch/read/listen to, but i really dont feel like it. i dont know why either. it's just this feeling i've been having all week. i guess i just dont wanna be on the computer any longer than i really need to. i really dont know, but i wish i knew why.

i found these pics of pon and zi a couple of weeks ago that i've never seen before. i thought that the first one was really cute ^^

this was a relatively short post considering how i havent updated for almost 2 weeks. how weird...

oh my gosh! i just found out about this!
Guiness Records - TVXQ Most Photo Taken

Korea's band TVXQ, has made another record in the Guinness Book Of World Records. According to the incomplete counts, Korea's famous male band - TVXQ, from debut to today has partake in numerous photo shoots of magazines, album, singles, CFs, endorsement etc kind of photos has surmount over 500 000 000 ( including group, solo shots and with others ). TVXQ has became the only artist with most numbers of photos of all celebrities globally.

This record has been officially recorded in the Guinness Book Of World Records. This is Korea's artist, TVXQ. They have the most number of fans, which is also included in the records.

note: The total number of photos are counted from the day they debut to 19 March 2009.

source: TVXQbaidu
translation: crazee@TVXQfever.blogspot
this is so awesome! i'm so gonna buy the 2008 guinness book if i find DBSK in it for the most number of official fans XD too bad this record wont be in it, too :P

anyways, i'm gonna go. i still havent done my lit homework ^^"

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