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yeah, it's a pretty long title. :P

i havent had much time to read any books other than the ones i need for school lately, and i wanted to read a book yesterday, so i grabbed a book from my steadily growing pile of books i've bought but still havent read yet, and ended up reading that.

i'm too lazy to tell you a summary about it cuz for one, i tend to write/tell super long summaries for stories and/or books that usually give everything away (i hate spoilers :P), and two, why should i take even more of my time to tell you about it when there are plenty of summaries of the book on the interweb? :P i'm lazy XD

here is a review that Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen wrote at Amazon:
Kelsey just can't believe that her mother would decide to up and leave Boston and take Kelsey and her brother along to Berkeley, California, just so she could follow her dreams of going to law school. Except that, for her mother, it seemed like the perfect chance after the divorce was final. Sure, Kelsey may look like a character on The O.C., but she sure doesn't feel right at home in California.

She just wished that her mother would have moved them after her middle school years and before her high school years. And Kelsey has good reason, since when she starts out as an 8th-grader at Susan B. Anthony, it's just way too hard to make friends. Especially when there are only twenty kids in her grade, that have known each other since forever, and have established their own cliques.

But then Kelsey's life begins to pick up some momentum when she starts going out with C.J. Logan, the popular skateboarder. Yet even this doesn't feel right to Kelsey, since when dating C.J., it's all about him, all the time. So Kelsey does what any normal girl would do when it just isn't working out - she breaks up with C.J. Unfortunately, this proves costly toward her reputation. And so now Kelsey has her sights on something much bigger: becoming a reporter for her school newspaper. Well, that and a different boy to crush on.

THOU SHALT NOT DUMP THE SKATER DUDE AND OTHER COMMANDMENTS I HAVE BROKEN is just full of tricks and flips that every teenager goes through. Rosemary Graham cooks up a hilarious novel that teaches us how to ignore all the drama and move on with your life by finding something else to do (getting in a little revenge along the way). Kelsey becomes a heroine to all and you just can't help but want the best for her.

i finished reading the book today. it wasnt that great, tho. i mean, it's one of those books that i'd prolly never read again.

i think that i'm growing out of the teen romance books cuz none of them have really appealed to me that much anymore, but i havent been reading that much anyways, soo... :P

anyways, there was a site that you could go to to find out the skater dood's side of the story - at least that's what it said on the inside cover flap. but when i went to the site, it was just a blog that he wrote in like how it was in the book.

the latest blog entry was the one that he ranted (and lied) about their break up which was exactly like the book. but the reason why i even decided to blog about this wasnt because of that, it was the over 400 comments to that post of his.

half of the people who commented said that he was a jackass, the other half was saying that he was hot and that kelsey was stupid to break up with him and GIVING THEIR EMAIL ADDRESSES and other sites to find them, and the other half was still wondering if he really exists or not.

okay, so there cant really be 3 halves, but you get the meaning!

but really, that's really retarded, putting your email addresses and crap like that on a FAKE blog (and i'm pretty sure most of them knew that he doesnt really exist). i'd show you some of them, but i dont wanna promote even more stupidity. just go to his blog yourself over here.

and oh my fishes!! ...emily and her words... XD

DBSK's Kiss the Baby Sky PV just came out today!

it's really refreshing to listen to and watch since all of their MVs and PVs lately have been sexy or you know, about the world and stuff. :P

but dang! they just released Survivor a couple of weeks ago! and then i hear that they're gonna be releasing another PV called We Are pretty soon, too, which i think is the remake of the first opening song for one piece, but i'm not entirely sure about that. >.<

090308 Korean Top 50 Best Voices


1. Kim Junsu
2. Kim Jaejoong
3. Seven
4. Kim Ryoewook
5. Andy lee
6. Kim Hyunjoong
7. Rian
8. Lee Minwoo
9. Park Yoochun
10. Kangta
11. Jo Kyuhyun
12. Lee Hongki
13. Jun Jin
14. Shim Changmin
15. Kim Jongkook
16. Kim Yesung
17. Shin Hyesung
18. Son Ho Young
19. Kang Daesung
20. Oh Junghyuk
21. Lee Seunggi
22. Kim Jonghyun
23. Taeyang
24. RYAN
25. Lee Donghae

Credits : www.siamzone.com + shineeTH + shineee.net + genna @Xiah-sshi
Shared by: TVXQfever

there was a female list, too, but i didnt wanna put it up XP

anyways, my biases are the ones bolded if you havent already noticed XD i wasnt really shocked that all of DBSK was on it except for yuhno, but i was surprised to not find kyuhyun somewhere in there (EDIT: i found him, i always forget his last name and completely skipped him ^^"). but i was really happy to find donghae in it (25, ya just made it, fishy XD) and that junsu and jaejoong were at the top!

of course DBSK are at the top, no one is better than them XD

and i need to get off. ^^" i'll post about everything else later :P

but before i leave...

...a lovely pic of DBSK XD


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