Saturday, March 7, 2009

SNOW, bookshelves, flashdrives

okay, lots of stuff to spazz about, but i'll get to that later. like always :P


last sunday, it SNOWED!! XD but if i was to be technical about it, it only snowed cuz it was raining that day, but because it was so cold (cuz you know it's colder way up there at that altitude), the rain froze becoming snow :P

i noticed it around 9:30 in the morning. i dont know why, but i looked out my window for a sec and i saw SNOW!! i rushed into shelle's room and woke her up to show it to her, too. she went back to sleep after i left her tho :P

i took lots of pics of the snow outside my window. i would take some pics at the same location every 45 minutes just to see how much the difference would be, and i'm glad i did XD

sucks how the only view outside my window is the house next door and some of the back yards and stuff XP

and i took some pics from mommy's room's window, too. but it looks more like rain on her side :P

look at all of that snow the next time i looked out the window! it's so white it's blinding XD

i went outside to the backyard and took some pics :D they were getting big and fluffy!! XD

then, back outside my window again a while later. and it's even whiter than before! ^^

and then later some more and you can totally tell that the snowflakes are even bigger and fluffier than before XD

i went back outside :P doesnt that look awesome? :D

tried taking a pic of a snowflake in my hand but it didnt work out ^^"

and then the snow started melting the next time i looked out the window :(

and melted even more... :'(

and then it started snowing again! \o/

by this time, shelle took the camera and started taking pictures :P

and then we were going over to our cousin's house across the street (sorta) so shelle and i started playing with the snow while waiting for the parentals.

i wrote HI before shelle starting getting all of the snow and piling it together to make this little ice thinger :P

well, before that, we attempted to make snow balls but they ended up as ice balls XD

the snow/ice thinger/sculpture XD

my hood was all wet. :P mommy got so mad when i leaned up against a wall inside the house after we went back in, and saw that there was a wet spot from where i was leaning XD

and on that same day, daddy finally got me a bookshelf (i've been asking for one since last year :PP), but because i told him that i wanted a small but wide bookshelf (you know, the one that's half of your length tall and about as long as your arms wide open) instead of the tall one that shelle has. he ended up buying me 2 bookshelves cuz they were small, but not wide. so yay! i finally got a bookshelf!

but then daddy put all of the books shelle and i brought over to sell at this bookstore that buys used books, on the shelf even though we told him that we were gonna sell all of those books. so for now, one of my 2 bookshelves just has all of the books that we're gonna eventually sell. i didnt really think we had that many books we didnt want anymore. :P

and the other bookshelf has all of the manga that i've bought since we moved here (which is not alot cuz i dont have the money to buy them anymore and i kinda lost interest in manga for a while), some manga i managed to get from daddy's place, my yearbooks (2), some random books that i bought or found in a box over in the house, and the dvds. oh, and my stack of shojobeat with a few yenplus mixed in. :P

one of the bookshelves is now my new desk for my laptop cuz my real desk is full of stuff that i have no idea where to put/and am too lazy to fully clean XP and the other bookshelf is used to put my books and stuff for school on XD

bookshelves with locker shelf in between on the floor cuz the bookshelves looked so blah just standing next to each other :P and a pile of notebooks and such just laying there cuz i still dont know where to put them yet :P

my new desk :D

and last friday, i lost my flashdrive. i think i lost it at school, cuz i noticed that it was missing in first period (i needed it for a project in that class), and i cant find it anywhere at home. and i KNOW that i put it in my pocket before i left the house.

it really sucks. i dont wanna waste anymore money on getting a new flashdrive, and i had STUFF on my flashdrive like a couple of my projects that i forgot to delete, the cruise pics from christmas, the piano battle between junsu and taeyang, and a document that i put pics of fishes and monkeys that i found online at school when nicole and i finished our project early.

it has my name on the project stuffs, but i doubt that the person who has it (IF anyone got it, that is) would bother to find me to give it back.

and now spazzing time XD

it was bad enough seeing jae with a gun in taegoon's mv, but now ALL of them have one?!

DBSK in "Fast and Furious 4"
Yes. You read that correctly. Dong Bang Shin Ki has a song in the film “Fast and Furious”, fourth in the “The Fast and the Furious” franchise. Daysgoby and I were sitting defenselessly watching an advanced screening of “Fast and Furious” (the film comes out next month) and we heard these sounds….familiar, but out of place sounds. We looked at each other, I gave her an, “are you effing hearing this?!”, look and she returned it. It was Yoochun’s fobby Engrish that I noticed first and then I recognized the beat.
Yes, folks, while Paul Walker’s sexy behind was chasing down a bad guy, the sounds of a remix of DBSK’s song “Rising Sun” was permeating the atmosphere. Director Justin Lin made the film decidedly Korean. Han, from, “Tokyo Drift” was in the film, there was a random Korean character that Vin Diesel held out of a window, there was not one Korean dry cleaner and DBSK had a song in the film. ‘Nuff Respect.

So, yes, DBSK has had, to date, the best musical debut of any other artist because their song was in a big money Hollywood film. Sure, no one knew it was a boy band, nor did anyone watching the movie actually care about anything besides the intense chase scene. But I knew and Daysgoby knew, DBSK had arrived (and would soon be ushered when the film leaves theaters).

If you’re wondering about the film, however, let’s just say it was about as good as “Rising Sun”. (For the record, the song is entertaining but overall rather bad.)

Source: illdielaughing @Seoulbeats
Shared by: TVXQFEVER

how awesome is that?! altho most people wont even bother thinking about who's singing rising sun in the movie, it's still AWESOME!! cuz like the person said, at least fans will know, and that's amazing as it is XD

now i wanna go and watch it when it comes out just to see if it'll really be in it. but i've never seen any of the fast and furious movies... ^^"

and check out this guy's playing!

he's playing mirotic on the zither or whatever it's called! i thought that it was pretty cool XP

and i thought that this translation of a korean student's essay about cassiopeias 20 years later over at TVXQfever, was really touching and sad. i still cant imagine my future, let alone the ones of stars, but i really hope that DBSK will still be there and stronger than ever even when i'm older and finally grown up and mature enough to stand on my own without them.

and this lady named Lyn had to sing mirotic for a song challenge and i thought that it was pretty good. boom even sang a little in the begining which was funny :P


sooo photoshopped XD
Credits: ichi_rukia @LJ + TVXQFEVER

and DBSK was in anime insider magazine! it was about their cameo appearance i subaru :D

Credits: lao4eva @dbsg
Shared by: TVXQfever

DBSK's new japanese album "The Secret Code" will be released on the 25th!

and i forgot to show you DBSK's new japanese mv "Survivor"! it was released on the day that the fam (minus shelle) and i came back home from texas. i was spazzing the whole time i first saw it. XD it's so j-pop and different from all of their other songs they've sang, and i LOVED it! XD

surprisingly, there arent any celeb (or anyone that i know personally) birfdays in march. but alot of albums and stuff are being released this month XP

super junior has finally shown their new looks for their 3rd album!

donghae's hair looks really big and fluffy! heechul's hair reminds me of sirius black from harry potter. kibum and eunhyuk look fine. i like all of their hair except for shiwon's now that i think about it.

and they released a teaser video for one of their songs! it's called "Sorry, Sorry" and they'll be releasing the track on the 12th!

it's so electronic-y and stuff! totally different from all of their other songs! but i like it. i'll prolly like any song that they sing XD but it seems to me that alot of bands are using electro/pop for their songs lately.

oh well, it still sounds awesome XD

dont know when the album will be released tho. they just said some time this month.

and that's pretty much all of the spazzing i've got for now. XD

oh yeah, there's this awesome dood i found on youchube today who plays the keyboards. it's freaking AMAZING! i really like this one video called "A fun beat from outer space (an experimental improve jam)" and not only cuz it reminds me of donghae XD

and i also like this other video he did. he's playing the keyboard but using a guitar sound and i would so love to learn how to play that on guitar! >_<

that reminds me, on friday morning, daddy came into my room and took my guitar. he said something about replacing it or just getting rid of it, and i dont know if i'll ever get a new guitar. i know that i hadnt practiced it since last year, but... i was getting around to it! :(

i really want to learn how to play an instrument. and to learn how to read notes.

i'm actually kind of disappointed in my parents. most kid's parent's forced them into learning an instrument or sport or something when they were young, but my parents never did anything. i know that it's not all of their fault, tho; i never considered learning any of that stuff when i was younger, but how was i supposed to know that it'd most likely help me in my future?! someone should tell you this stuff when you're growing up!

anyways, it's 3 in the morning. i'm gonna spam the rest of the post with some cute pics that i've found recently XD

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