Friday, February 27, 2009

the road trip to texas and such

i'm not dead. XP i've just been too busy trying to catch up and distracted (curse you lj with your cracky hilarious fanfics! XD) since we got back to blog about it. but now, i will or else this will bug me forever, and i'll never be able to do other things that i should be doing. :P

so i'll blog bout the trip first, and then everything else, kay? :3

this will be one long post. especially since i never had a chance to tell you about what happened when haley and krista came over weeks ago (maybe i'll just not do that... i'll remember it for a while anyways :P). and to spazz about asians, too. XD

woke up an hour after shelle had to leave for school, and left the house to 2nd daddy's house at 8:30. we had to wait for daddy to come after taking a shower and stuffs where ever he was. we didnt leave until 11. i had watched jump start on VH1; i did not realized how much i've been missing out on the lastest bands and their music videos until i saw all of the mv's and not know ANY of them. i really need to watch tv more in general. :P

anyways, we drove all the way back to daddy's place in macon, to get some stuff, so we didnt officially leave until 12 or 1. didnt really do anything other than stare out of the window listening to my ipod until we were in alabama and i started taking some pictures. i remembered how shelle always tried to get pics of some of the car's license plates of the state, so i tried to get one for her, too. it was really hard. the cars went by too fast. :P

anyways, some pics.

it's pretty much the same looking as GA :P

my first attempt to get an alabama license plate :P

daddio in the passenger seat with daddy #2 driving :D they took turns driving

check out the little trees on the left! i didnt get the camera to turn on in time to get the whole field of them. :(

funny name XD

i finally managed to get a good pic of an alabama license plate when we stopped at a rest stop later in alabama :P

then we were on this super long bridge

and then mississippi
my failed attempt to get a pic of the sign that said that we were now in mississippi :P

another long bridge/road thinger :P

i attempted to get a mississippi license plate when we were reaching a stoplight. it didnt work out. XD

but i did get the mississippi state sticker thinger at the gas station we went to after that.

they had a little souviner aisle right in the middle of the store inside and a mcdonalds in it too. we ate there before leaving. and 2nd daddy bought some postcards for me that i got for shelle and fiends cuz i knew shelle wanted one and i figured that fiends would be surprised too (i never really told them that i was going to texas XD).

and then back on the road again. :P

i didnt realize that we had already been to mississippi before until i saw a water tower thingy that said biluxi. when we went to FL one time, we drove all the way to biluxi w/ some of our parents friends and their 3 little girls to go to the casinos. the little kids and us spent over $40 at the kids arcade; shelle and i decided to call it the kid's casino.

and then louisiana

by then, the sun was setting so i couldnt take alot of pics (only like, 6 in total; all but 1 not pitch black).

see? this was supposed to be a pic of the city lights. the camera took forever to turn on in time, so i only got the near end of the lights.

then texas, finally! you do not know how annoying brian is. he wont quit friggin moving around and eating everything; for some reason, it bugged me to death half of the time.

the only pics i took that night was when we stopped at a rest stop there.

was trying to see how far the flash went when i took a pic of the forest at the rest stop

i got a texas license plate! but no louisiana or mississippi one...

and then we finally got to 2nd daddy's house around midnight over in texas (GA is an hour ahead, so it would of been 1 over in GA).

alex and emily still had school the next day, but they were both sleeping in their parents room so brian and i ended up sleeping in alex's room (brian on the bed and me on the floor) and mommy and daddy slept in emily's room (i'll spazz about emily's room in a bit XD), and the guest room was for the other family that was on their way over.

woke up when alex came into the room to turn off the computer, but fell back asleep until i think around 8:30.

...will finish this post tomorrow or some other time. for now, i must go to bed. XD

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