Sunday, February 15, 2009

best valentine's day evar.

it really was. XP

shelle's best friend, teyana, drove over to hang out with her yesterday, and they were planning on watching a movie and eating out. unfortunately, mommy came home before they left so shelle had to ask her then, and i ended up having to go, too (since i had to pay for shelle, too cuz she's broke and owes me over $340).

as we were getting ready to go, i remembered that krista was at her dad's house in warner robins (cuz we talked on the phone the day before), so maybe i could spend a couple of hours at her house while sis and friend could go out.

then, i called, and after much confusion cuz none of us knew how to get to the meeting spot to go to her house (NOT our fault; we know buildings, NOT roads :P), we ended up just meeting up in front of HOCO and planning on going to the dollar movie theater together cuz the galleria was really expensive at night.

so we met up and krista was looking all emo-y gothic and her dad was pretty cool.

on the way to see what was showing at the movies, we stopped at this little bookstore that we always pass on the way to wal-mart and other places, but never get a chance to go to.

they had shonen jump all the way from 2003! i so wanted to get one, cuz it really reminded me of cullen and how he introduced it to me, but i didnt cuz we were planning on going to eat at a china buffet and i didnt know how much money we'd need. but i did get this old, small korean-english dictionary for $5.

and then we looked at this thai restaurant that was right next to the bookstore, but it was too expensive, so we didnt go eat there. yeah, we're cheap.

and there was a lingerie store near it, too, but it was closed. krista and i joked about how krista would have wanted to go to that store if it was open and stuff.

then we went to the dollar theater. teyana parked brad (her car) pretty far away from the place so we had to walk a bit, and krista and i had our arms around each other pretending to be a couple, getting crazy stares from people. it was pretty crowded; the line kept on getting longer and longer.

in the end, we decided to not watch a movie cuz we all couldnt agree on anything, so we went to go eat at a china buffet that none of us has ever been to before. we got seated at a booth; krista and me on one side and shelle and teyana on the other side.

there were these mexicans who sat at a booth in the corner of the room on the other side of us who kept on looking at us while we were deciding our drinks and stuff. they were leaving as we were getting up to get some food, but krista and shelle decided to stay and "watch their purses" while teyana and i got our food first.

after we got back, we talked about them. krista and i agreed that they were looking over at us cuz everyone but me was wearing a low-cut shirt (if ya didnt know, they all have BIG boobs XD). and i pretended to get mad at krista cuz she kept on looking at shelle's boobs cuz her tank top kept on going down, and earlier, on the way back to brad after deciding on not watching a movie, she kept on looking at teyana's butt, which i pretended to be mad about cuz krista was supposed to be with me. XD

but yeah, we ate til we were stuffed and laughed ALOT. i think that we prolly disturbed some of our neighbors cuz of our loud laughs and jokes.

i got krista to try low mein, some nugget thing, chicken on a stick, the sugar donuts, and a piece of sushi cuz she only ate the general chicken and the sweet and sour chicken, and i wanted her to try new things. it took her forever to finally eat the piece of sushi (she was fine with everything else), but she spat out the sushi after a couple of bites.

she and haley are both really picky eaters. i wasnt exactly surprised that she spat it out. i was just happy that she was finally trying new things. but really, is it just with white people who wont try new, crazy things? :P teyana willingly tries new asian foods/things.

after who knows how long, we got our fortune cookies and shelle told us this thing that her friends add at the end of their fortunes: in bed. that made us crack up even more. adding in bed at the end of anything sounds wrong.

my fortune was: you will travel far and wide, both pleasure and business. with in bed at the end: you will travel far and wide, both pleasure and business, in bed. XD

so i eventually payed and we left. we were so stuffed that we wanted to go walk it off or do something. so we were in the car trying to decide where to go. we decided to go to HOCO and walk the track since there wasnt any other place to really walk. but teyana had to stopp at a gas station for shelle and krista to use the potty since they didnt have to go when they were at the restaurant. :P

dood! the bathroom STANK!! teyana and i were waiting outside on the other side of the door and it still smelled. we couldnt quit cracking up cuz of krista and shelle's comments in there. and then, teyana found this thing at the bottem of the door that let it stay open, so we left the bathroom door open a little bit, and the first thing we heard was shelle saying condoms. o.O

so we were on the way to HOCO when, some time on the road, someone brought up going to wal-mart instead (i think i was the one who suggested both places ^^"), and we got confused on where to go, so teyana stopped at ANOTHER gas station for us to decide and to get some gas.

we decided to go to wal-mart in the end, which meant lots of crazy yells and mutters, laughing, and turning around AGAIN in the car. XD

but then, while we were turning to go into the parking lot, i said let's go to pets mart and everyone agreed, so we stopped there and went in. it was around 8 (i think) and there wasnt that many people in the store.

we looked at all of the small dwarf hamsters (i so want one!!) and i saw a chinchilla at the bottom. it was my first time looking at a chinchilla in real life. not really what i imagined it to look like.

then krista went somewhere so i followed shelle and teyana, saying how i want to someday file a missing person's report at a big store like at wal-mart. it'd be so funny. XP

but then krista found us and we found this empty shopping cart in one of the aisles. by this time, krista and i were hyper and random. i got in the cart and got shelle to take a pic of us on her phone being crazy.

will post pics and videos up here when i get shelle to emai them to me.

krista started pushing me around the place with me acting as the driver giving her instructions and adding sound effects. it was so fun! we were running around the back of the store where there was more room to run around in and did crazy turns.

we eventually got back to shelle and teyana who were still in the fish aisle and got shelle's phone to make a video of our awesome adventure/ride. we switched positions so krista was sitting inside the cart and i was pushing her. krista did the filming while i did some crazy driving.

unfortunately, shelle's phone only films for 35 seconds, so we made i think 4 videos before shelle needed her phone back. we played around with the cart some more and took some more pics, and shelle really wanted to get a fish that only costed 15 cents, but we found out that they needed to live in a tank, so we couldnt get one.

we finally left the store just as it was announcing that it was gonna close soon. we thought that it was the store's way of kicking us out. XP i wonder if they'll ever let us in again cuz of how crazy we were...

walking back to brad, krista and i wanted to run to wally world so we told shelle and teyana that, and ran to wally world holding hands. i really wish that we could of filmed that (i just really wished that we brought the camera in general) cuz it seemed like we stole something from pets mart and were running away to wal-mart. XD

when shelle and teyana finally caught up to us (they walked there, too), we went inside and somehow ended up in the women's underwear place. of course, krista and i posed for a pic with some crazy underwear in front of us. krista had this blue bra with yellow hearts in front of her and i had this bright pink thong that had white spots all over it.

we separated when the older people wanted to try on shoes. they stayed at the shoe place and we went to the toy place. on the way there, i found this awesome stuffed cow that i later named moops who, if ya pushed the button on it's arm, made mooing noises which was really awesome, so i took him with me. if he didnt cost $15, i would of bought him...

so we played with alot of the toys and krista proved that she knew the names of many baby tv shows. we were throwing around a foam football when these 2 guys passed us who looked country-like (to me at least) and krista started doing the call me sign at their backs. and i was like, no! they're country! and she started to do the smack that sign. XD

we went back to the shoe place cuz they hadnt shown up at the toy place and there they were, still trying on shoes. krista finally stole moops away from me. but not without a fight! XP

and then we had to leave cuz it was 9:30 and mommy thought that we were at the movies so we had to go home afterwords and krista had to be home by 10.

we were walking back to brad which was still all the way at pets mart when krista started climbing onto the poles at the back of the sites where you put the shopping carts in the parking lot and we took pics and stuffed. we took pics of teyana in a shopping cart with shelle pushing her from behind.

and then, i knocked over a bottle of beer while i was walking and it got on the back of my pants leg. we started running while pushing teyana who was still in the cart to her car before abandoning the cart halfway there and started running towards the car pretending that the cops were after us.

we stopped by starbucks and shelle got jipped. she payed like, $1.50 for a small expresso and there wasnt even a centimeter of the drink in the cup! but she used most of it to pour onto my pants to cover up the beer smell cuz we could all smell the beer in the car and mommy would kill us if she found out that we had beer anywhere near us.

when we went back to brad, we found the back window all foggy, kinda looked like something steamy happened back there. and we found the word PORN that haley made last week in the back, still there so we stopped to take pics of it before krista got in the back and tried to make the hand print like they did in the titanic, but it ended looking more like claw marks.

next to the claw mark, she wrote CHEAP WHORES DIFFERENT VARIETY through the fog which had us cracking up even more and taking pics of it.

and then we had to take krista home. but shelle gave the wrong directions, krista guided us wrong, and we were being indecisive again (we're really indecisive people if you havent noticed :D), which had us turning around again and again. it was really funny.

but we finally found her house and we had to go home, too.

when we got home, teyana and shelle wanted to make muffins so they started making red velvet mini muffins (we really need to get some regular muffin tins) and i had to take pics of them.

the batter was really red; it did look blood color. :P

we had so much batter that we made 3 trays of them. since teyana didnt have alot of experience with putting the batter in the little cups, her tray looked worse than shelle's.

we ended up staying up around 3 in the morning decorating the cupcakes. i only decorated 7 but they were all crappy cuz i was brain dead by that time.

one of them's not in this pic cuz teyana put it with hers.
i messed up with the faces, i know.

in the beginning, teyana had her cupcakes arranged like in an army and shelle had hers spread out like a village. :P

in the end, teyana's still were in order, arranged in specific rows and shelle's were still all over the place.

the cupcakes were very original and unique. XD these were teyana's:

and these are some of shelle's:

then, we realized that we had slot of frosting left, so we had to dump alot of it on the cupcakes. on one of mine, i just layered a bunch of the colored frosting on top of each other. it ended up being the tallest one there. XD

it's the one in the middle on the top row.

but yeah, we chunked as much icing as we could on the some of the cupcakes

i colored my guy's hair and teyana turned my other guy into a girl :P

shelle later on put a pink bow in my dood's hair.

but yeah, there were alot of cupcakes in the end. teyana got 2 plates to bring home

i got a plate

shelle got a plate

we had a plate specially named the diabetes plate that we made teyana take home with her cuz no one was gonna eat them here

and we had a plate for the kids

all in all, 6 plates :P

and then, we went upstairs and eventually went to bed after eating one of our cupcakes.

i ate one of my creations. :P

all in all, a very wonderful way to spend a valentine's day.

now, it's late. i didnt get that much sleep yesterday, i'm tired, and even tho i've been meaning to post about what's been happening since last weekend, i'll do it later. like, tomorrow.


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