Sunday, February 1, 2009

beijing fried rice

there's alot of birfdays in january (forgot to put this in jae' b-day post ^^''). on the same day as jae's birfday, it was jessica's, this girl in my gym class, birfday, too. i found out that one of my new friends, jasmine (i know 4 jasmines now XP), just turned 15 2 weeks ago, i think on the 17th which is also kangin's bufday! and my parental's bufdays are in january too. i think they're anniversary is in this month, too; not exactly sure. and sungmin's bufday is the same day as mommy's! the 1st! XD

dood, on monday, i found out that i'm the only full asian in my tech theater class. jen's half white-half i forgot what ethnicity of asian, and mike's half black-half chinese-half vietnamese (found the part viet out on tuesday).

but yeah, mike's like my pet dog; kinda like how cody was my pet puppy last year. somehow, we started this game of messing with each other's hair when we're caught off guard last week. i have to admit, mike's a better ninja than me. :P

on tuesday, he was being super paranoid that i couldnt even get 2 feet near him to try to get my revenge cuz he had gotten me twice already. so i tried to distract him by asking him if it was rude if someone came up to you and asked you what ethnicity you are, and he was like, "i dont know. how would you act if someone went up to you and asked that?"

i told him that i didnt know. and then asked what if they asked politely? he just shrugged and said i dont know again.

wesley, who was right in the middle, watching us, then asked me, "hey melissa, what nationality are you?" all nice and polite-ish. XP

so i told him, "i'm vietnamese!" all happy. XD

and then mike starts sputtering, "you're vietnamese? i thought you were Philippino!" to which i replied back that i'm vietnamese. and then he says, "i'm vietnamese!"

then it's my turn to start sputtering and saying that i thought that he's chinese. he is, but his mom (i think) is half chinese, half viet.

by then, class was already over and the bell had rang. we were going in the opposite direction so we didnt get to talk for long. so yeah, i know another viet (albeit half viet, but he's fluent in viet, but not in chinese) now. XP

oh! and i found out that ladarrius speaks japanese!! how cool is that?! he (he just moved here last week and is in tech theater, too) used to live in japan for 10 years. i told him that i was gonna talk to him about that later when i wasnt busy. XP

check out my new background for my laptop. i felt like i needed a new one even tho i love that gaara pic it used to be.

i wanted to use this at first, but it didnt work right and i realized that it was too cute. XP

i found some others that i liked, but my desktop is already really cluttered (i'm trying to clean it up, but i'm so lazy) and the backgrounds made it look even more messy. i'm still trying to find one that i like better, but like always, i dont have enough time to.

and haley and krista are coming over this weekend! really need to go to the store!!

fangirl time!

CLICK ON THE LINK!! this is totally squeal-worthy, i practically screamed when i first saw it. YUNJAE LOVE

i DO NOT OWN. Credits as tagged + applepieprinces + fangirlmitz.

actually, i've been kinda behind on the updates this week so i'm a little confused on some things and other stuffs.

but! DBSK's new japanese single is coming out on march 11th. it's called survivor. not sure when they're new japanese album, the red cord or the red code, is coming out yet. i think it's some time in march, too.

okay, so shelle and i are home alone (again!) with nothing to eat. so she decided to make fried rice cuz we already had ramin for lunch cuz once again, we didnt have anything to eat for lunch either. and i'm down here with my laptop cuz i wanted to use the mouse and to actually sit somewhere other than on my bed to type cuz my desk is super messy.

just a minute ago, she told me to google how to make beijing fried rice (cuz that's what hankyung is famous for making), and all i got was this:

no real recipe at all! XD

and then i read this:
HanKyung is always praised about his cooking skills. He was in the hostel cooking once and he only found onion eggs and rice so he used these to cook. All the members praised him and asked him what is the name of this dish. Due to his poor Korean at that time he wanted to say 'EGG FRIED RICE' but instead he said 'BEIJING FRIED RICE'. So that is how the FAMOUS 'BEIJING FRIED RICE' come about.
from here. turns out that there's not really any beijing fried rice after all.

and this person posted this awesome article over here about hannie that i totally love and agree about. she also put up adorkable pics of him and links to hilarious variety shows with him in it, too that are love. XD

i have yet to see everything on their wordpress, but i'm pretty sure that i'm gonna love everything since their bio said that the point of the blog was to spaz over pretty boys to stay sane (something we have in common!). XD

oh my gosh, shelle and i were watching an episode of star king while we were eating dinner. it was the christmas special with all of super junior in it. it was flippin hilarious!! i wish that someone would sub ALL of star king's episodes, they're so hilarious.

here's the 1st part

i love eunhyuk's smile and the fact that he's always compared to a monkey; kibummie always trying to look cool no matter what; hannie and his male pride went he went against the female wrestler; the fact that whenever kangin is involved with a woman, the atmosphere can turn romantic; shindong's facial expressions and comedic actions; eeteuk's embarrassment of actually knowing one of the contestants when she did her weird dance; sungmin's cuteness is afdjalfk and him playing the guitar is absolute love; kyuhyun's smile and look of amazement; the earnest look on shiwon's face whenever he's trying to figure out how to do whatever the contestant is doing; heechul's personality (it's hard to put it in words :P) and the story he made out of sand; and donghae and his failed first attempt at doing the magic trick - but managing to do it in the end. poor yesung and ryeowook, they didnt even show that much of them.

anyways, it's 5 minutes until 10, i still havent studied for my test tomorrow, and i need to put haley's letter in an envelope and stuffs.


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