Friday, February 13, 2009

scarred for life.

like the title said, i will forever be scarred for life.

yesterday, during homeroom, mohini told gabriele and i the most disturbing and nasty videos she and her friend saw while the guys in the class were having a paperball fight with mr. kirk (i'd love to have him as my teacher cuz he's so cool, but he only teaches seniors; i do have his mom for math, tho).

the first one she told us was downright disturbing. she saw these 2 guys tie their balls together and then get an ax and started chopping their balls off! she was crying and her friend was puking when they saw the video! and the guys only did it to find out how much it HURT. they're freakin crazy. you need those things to live.

another story she told us was about these 2 girls who crapped and puked in a cup and drank it. NASTY!! and she told us that one of the girls was an indian and since she's an indian, too, she felt really ashamed. :P

the other really nasty/disturbing/whytheheckwouldyoudoit story that she told us was that she saw a video of this dood f*cking a horse. and apparently, when horses get boners, they're HUGE. the dood died doing the horse.

and then, she told us about this girl who was drinking the cum that was coming out of a horse which is really gross, and about this guy who put a spoon in his eye, and popped his eyes out.

and these people were doing it WILLINGLY, i dont think that it was for money or anything and that's what really got me. the crazy things you do when you're horny (or just into bestiality, apparently), bored, or just weird.

and then, today, jen told me about this dood on livejournal who's going to kill himself in 30 days and blogging about it everyday. he's on his (i think) 18th day already. and he's killing himself for no real reason other than "i dont feel like i belong" or something like that. i havent bothered to find his lj cuz it seems stupid and it's just one more person dying for a useless reason (sadistic, i know, but lots of ppl die everyday and i'm gonna be one of them eventually, too).

but yeah, by the time class was over, i was still in shock and disgusted. i had to get a hug from tyler and ladarren to help me out. and robbie brought donuts for the class, too, so i felt better after eating one and telling tyler, wesley, and ladarren about what mohini told me.

and then, after tech theater, i had gym next and gabriele and i were still scared by the stories, and ondriona wanted to know about them even tho we warned her that it was really gross, she still wanted to hear it, so we told her.

poor emily, i found out that she skipped the 2nd grade so she's a year younger than us and still innocent. i made her cover her ears and start mumbling stuff when i told ondriona about the dood and the horse.

and after we had to tell jasmine the stories, too, ondriona was starting to ask us questions like how do you tie 2 guy's dicks together and how did the guy f*ck the horse? gabriele and i kept on telling her to shut up or go ask a guy that, but she wouldnt do either.

then, she started making up an even nastier story to try to top our nasty stories, and it just got out of control. her story was: what if your grandparents were doing it and you opened the door, and their cum got all over your face and your mouth was open, so it got in there, too, and you were trying to say something but it sounded all crazy cuz you had cum in your mouth?

gabriele and i were telling her to shut up again, but she still wouldnt. she then asked us something like, "what if someone gave you chocolate, but it was really doo doo?"

somehow, i said, "what if someone spread doo doo all over your body instead of chocolate, and started licking it off?"

which made her add on to her nasty story about the grandparents. it was now something like this: what if your grandparents were doing it and you opened the door, and their cum got all over your face and your mouth was open, so it got in there, too, and you were trying to say something but it sounded all crazy cuz you had cum in your mouth, and when you tried to move, you stepped in doo doo, so now, you're walking around with cum in your mouth and doo doo on your leg.

she is so crazy. but her story was just as bad as the dood and the horse, cuz really, can you imagine YOUR grandparents doing it still? arent they supposed to be old and too tired for stuff like that now?

i dont wanna even think about it.

and now, a bit of a late shout out for all of the birfday boys of february that's passed in the last week.


how funny, i listed them in order of who's birfday went first and it ended up being in order of youngest to oldest, too. :P

friday the 13th tomorrow. i made some cookies for tech theater and math. maybe i can bribe the bad luck away. XD

later! i'll post about everything else that's happened over this week later when i have more time.

look at this pic! it has 3 of my fav people! XD

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