Monday, June 28, 2010

towards adulthood! :P

i now have a debit card. i think this is another step towards adulthood. :P

but yeah, mommy took me to the Bank of America this morning and we set it all up. the lady, sylvia, was very nice. i liked her. i'm still a little confused on how to fill out the transaction registers, but i'm gonna get shelle to show me how to do it in a little bit.

been running (at night since it's still too hot during the day) a little bit lately. man i've missed it. i love that feeling you get when you're running as fast as you can, using all of your energy trying to keep in that zone for just a little bit longer. the only drawback for me is right afterwords, when you're winding down, trying to get in as much air as you can. but it's worth it :D

The Last Airbender's coming out this week! can't wait to see it! still pissed off about the casting, but whatever. the trailers have proved that the visuals will at least be amazing.
and it's going to be a trilogy! but the whole trilogy is going to be finished in 6 years, so that's a long time for waiting.

read this a while ago and it made me sad. i miss DBSK. 

i'm not really in the mood right now, actually. so yeah, i'll just talk to ya later.

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