Sunday, June 13, 2010

the summer-brain-drain

that is what i am diagnosed with right now.

the summer-brain-drain is quite simple, really. it's what happens to teens over the summer who have nothing to do that is stimulating to their brains. as a result, their mental capacities slow down and the teens become lazy, lethargic, and basically a bum. and obviously, it takes them longer to process complex thoughts that would have came easily had it been during the school year.

so yeah, that's what i've got now. :P

i've been staying up til 2-4 in the morning almost every other morning, and then have to get up at 9 to go babysit so i've really been sleep deprived. for some reason, i can't take naps that last over half an hour either, so i'm usually tired all the time. i think that explains my drop in IQ lately :P

on the plus side, i've earned around $400 already from babysitting, and i've barely spent any of it :D i'm gonna get a bank account sometime this summer when i'm not busy. but once i have one, i'm really wondering if i can hold myself back from ordering a whole bunch of stuff online -__-"

mommy bought me a bike during a garage sale in our neighborhood the other day. it's kinda embarrassing. it's purple and it has stars all over it and the handlebars are kinda old styled. whatever. i still don't really even know how to ride it properly -__-" neither does shelle. we tried it out last night when shelle got back from work. it was dark and not alot of cars were around so we really did goof off.

and daddy bought a golf cart at an auction yesterday. shelle was teaching me how to drive it yesterday. i'm a sucky driver. it's really true. i really don't know how to back up right. i have no idea how i'll manage with a real car.

the new movie theater that's near my house opened last friday. i went to the movies with Aliesha, her younger bro AJ, and Sydney last sunday. at first, we wanted to watch Splice but it was rated R and only Aliesha had her license on her, [Sydney left hers in her car and we went in Aliesha's car], and i wasn't old enough to watch it yet [only a few more months! i really didn't think they'd card us >:(].

Aliesha had already bought her ticket so she went to watch it with this dood named Cody that she knew who was already there, and the rest of us went to go watch Prince of Persia. it was pretty good. it had non-stop action which i totally loved. and it was funny, too. some of the plot was predictable, but it was still pretty original.

it turned out that Splice wasn't that great anyway. Aliesha and Cody were telling us about how gross it was. when they started mentioning the sex scenes, i thought about the time krista and i watched Thirst and our reactions to it XD

as you can see, i've changed the blog template. it's much...brighter now, lol. yeah, i liked the clouds.

i wish that i could just go outside and watch the clouds [on top of my cousins' trampoline since i'm over there the majority of the time babysitting], but the weather has been insufferable. it's been hot and humid ever since school let out! if it wasn't threatening to rain at any second it was STILL extremely hot and sticky outside.

what's worse is that the air conditioning at my house isn't working so i've been sweating buckets upstairs in my room with only my ceiling fan on. i really hope daddy fixes it or we finally get a professional to do it. i think the only reason why we haven't already fixed it yet is because no one's hardly ever home anyway :/

my blog wasn't the only thing i've changed recently. i also changed my desktop background.

before it was this:
can you believe that most kids don't even know what a cassette tape is anymore? i asked my little cousin, Vi, who's going to the 2nd grade if she knew what it was and she had no idea. man, i feel old.

and now, i changed it to this:
random but cool :D

that's it for today. i'm still behind on catching up with kpop and stuff, so that's why i haven't really mentioned anything about it lately.

anyway, later~

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