Monday, January 7, 2008

break's officially over

jeez, i couldnt sleep at all last night. i'm so used to sleepin around 2-4 in the morning and waking up around noon. what i never get is that, on the first day back to skool after a long break, i'm usually fine in the morning and then afternoon comes and BAM!! i'm super sleepy! man, i'm so tired and still sleepy, actually. i have this weird problem where, if i take a nap durin the day, i cant sleep til late at night, so i cant sleep during the day. or at least try not to.

so ya, our long 3(?) week break is over and today was the first day back. it was okay since me
and my friends spent almost all of our free time together tellin eachother what happened over break and what we got for christmas. and the teachers let us talk alot, too.
i had this weird dream the other day. and then i forgot it. oh well. what's weird tho, is that i had 3 dreams in the last week. at least dreams that i remembered. i hardly ever remember my dreams so this is really different for me.
well, i gotta go.

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