Sunday, July 25, 2010

i've got endless entertainment :D

for the last couple of weeks, i've bought some stuff online [mainly from amazon cuz everything's so much cheaper there!] and they've all came in these last few days! so many packages! XD

i finally fulfilled my promise to myself and bought a new digital camera, and it's amazing! i totally love it! it's super small, especially compared to our old clunky digital camera we got five years ago. and the camera is even thinner than the battery charger it came with!

anyway, i bought a black Canon PowerShot and a case to go with it. the case was bigger than i expected, but i'm okay with it since i can fit the battery charger inside too with the camera, so less of a hassle for me :D

i also bought the first season of Avatar the Last Airbender because even though i've already watched all of the episodes on tv when they first came out, i thought that the kids might of liked to watch it again since they don't have that channel on tv anymore, and since they're always asking to watch a new movie that i've got, 20 episodes should keep them busy. and, i got it for daddy, too, since he's got nothing to watch over at the chicken house :P

i was originally going to buy the second season first cuz i never finished watching the last few episodes of that season [or any of the third season], but i'm OCD-ish and it irritated me to own the second season and not the first first -__-" so i'm gonna buy the second and third seasons eventually, but in order :P

i also bought the Baccano! box set because i've been wanting to watch it for a while and because it was so cheap ^^" the main reason why it even caught my eye was because the art was so good [i'm pretty sure i've told you that i'm a cover lover XP] and the reviews were all great; nothing but praise for the series.

and i also bought The Guild: Seasons 1 & 2 dvd because it was so cheap and i had already seen season one online [it's an online youtube series] and really liked it.

a couple of months back, i won five free manga but i was so busy with school and other stuff that i never bothered to read any of them until recently and i've still haven't read three of them yet. -__-" but there was a reason why i hadn't read them because two out of the five manga aren't the first volume so i have no idea what was going on in them since they don't have summaries inside and most of them don't even sound that interesting. so yeah, it's not like i had any extra time or money to go and read the earlier volumes during the school year.

the manga that i won are: My Heavenly Hockey Club vol. 3, Juvenile Orion vol. 4, Hell Girl vol. 1, I Hate You More Than Anyone vol. 1, and Nightmares for Sale vol. 1.

i had already read Hell Girl because one of my cousins bought it a long time ago and i've watched a couple of the anime episodes when it first came out also a long time ago. and i read Nightmares for Sale because krista read it when she slept over earlier this summer and said that it was pretty good.

i read My Heavenly Hockey Club because i read the first two volumes online and they were hilarious. so around two weeks ago, i bought used copies of volumes 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 online from amazon cuz i like reading manga that i can hold in my hands instead of online.

and the BEAST poster that i bought for shelle came in yesterday, so everything that i ordered came in :D

plus, i won two contests online the other week, and all of the books and stuff came in on the same days, so i had a whole pile of packages when i came home and it was awesome XD

i won a paperback copy of The Iron King by Julie Kagawa and a $25 VISA gift card from Reggie from

so, as you can see, i've got plenty of entertainment and distractions to keep me busy ^^ what sucks is that now that i've got all of these awesome stuff to keep me preoccupied, school's going to start in a 2-3 weeks [i start school on the 9th in august] and i still haven't done any of my AP assignments. i've got to read the first two chapters of the biology textbook and read Brave New World, 1985, and an essay on them and answer some questions from it for lit.

plus, shelle and i [with teyana too] are going to go to atlanta to our grandma's house [i don't really know what teyana's doing, but i think she'll be at her dorm in UGA] the thursday before i go back to school and stay there until sunday, so i have to do all of that stuff soon and try to retain all of that info, too :P

anyway, shelle and i had already planned on going up there to visit and stay at our grandma's house since earlier in the summer; we had thought that we'd be visiting them the weekend after the first week of school, but the school changed their schedule to start a week after what they previously announced, so yeah, now we're going to visit them right before school starts.

that sunday that i'm leaving [since shelle is staying cuz she has a flight to california on tuesday up there, she gets to stay longer] is also nicole's birthday, so shelle and i are still trying to figure out what to do while we're up there besides go shopping at this really big and awesome mall there since we still haven't figured out if they have to go to work or not yet.

speaking of work, i just found out earlier today that i'm still babysitting my little cousins and bro during the school year after school and on saturdays. joy. -__- while i'll like getting cash every week, i'm already tired of those kids now, i don't know if i can stand to see them so much during the school year when i'll be busy with lots of homework and projects and clubs.

now i'm going into fangirl mode and boy do i have alot of pictures to show you XD

first of all, SHINee's had their comeback and wow! their song, Lucifer, and their new looks are shocking to say the least XP here's some pics of them and their new looks from some magazine photoshoot, just to prepare you for the music video :P they look relatively normal in the pictures, now that i look at it...just be prepared for taeminnie's long hair and key's partly shaved head ;P

and here's the music video. already over one million views :D

and their comeback stage for music bank. they preformed Up and Down first which was awesome cuz i really liked that song, too :D

it sucks that minho couldn't dance in their comeback performances because he injured his leg during a shooting of Dream Team, a show that he's a regular on, though. it would be so much awesomer if he was there. but he looks totally hot just sitting in his chair like that XD

earlier this week, i ran across this pic of TOP from a magazine photoshoot. my first thought when i saw it was that he looked really similar to donghae, so of course, i had to go and find some proof and i ran across a pic of donghae and they both really do look similar since their poses are about the same.

speaking of donghae, there's now another reason why i love that boy, cuz he's now added lyricist and composer to his list of awesome abilities such as being a great dancer and being adorably cute/hot in general XD

he wrote and composed a song, the logo for Strong Heart, and it's adorably awesome! there was even a music video for it with shindong, eunhyuk, leetuek in it with donghae in it singing his song. it's so cute and funny! and i love donghae's voice.

i found out that BEAST is going to be on another variety show called MBC every1's Idol Maid. it's where the show's two hosts will be serving as BEAST's maids and it sounds hilarious cuz the hosts are always crazy. and they even had a photoshoot which was full of adorkably cute pics of the boys.

here's some of my favorites:

and here's some more pics of BEAST that's mainly yoseob biased cuz i love him XD
i can't wait for their comeback in august!

this has been another long post. i'll try not to be lazy during the week and try to do little updates ^^"


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