Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i had a fun week

yeah, lots of stuff happened last week which was all very fun and tiring.

first, on wednesday night, emily and alex came over to stay the night at our house for a few days. they had been internetless for a while so emily still hadn't seen SUJU's new music video, No Other, which is VERY adorable and lovable, so we quickly connected again over watching the mv and then all of the live performances that they did on music shows.

you need to watch it! it's SO CUTE!! i haven't seen SUJU being this cute since forever!

this is one of my favorite live performances. donghae looks freakin HOT and ADORABLE at the same time XD and he's only wearing a plain white t-shirt, jeans, and boots! that just proves that he can look sexy wearing even the simplest things XP

but yeah, by the end of the night, emily and i were catching up on kpop and fandom together while alex came in randomly cuz he was bored with brian.

actually, i found it pretty funny that even alex thought that brian was annoying even tho he's only one year older than him (altho he's as tall as emily is now) and he and brian were always playing with each other the year before when we went to their house in texas.

but yeah, because of that, alex came up into my room to hang with us (emily and me) alot during their stay here when he got bored with the other kids - i got to bring the cousins over to our house to babysit them while emily and alex were here; since all of their schoolwork was at their house, i just made them read their library books and we made alex do that, too. he didn't like to read books in general so i just let him read my manga and he ended up spending most of the time that he was in my room reading manga while we spazzed and came up with story ideas.

it seems that whenever emily and i get together, we always come up with story ideas. by midnight or sometime near there, we had came up with a story involving our favorite members from SUJU as the main characters [donghae and eunhyuk].

it was basically about a hermit eunhyuk and an airhead donghae getting together with the help from their younger brothers [kibum as eunhyuk's and kyuhyun as donghae's; the two are bff's who like to play star craft together XD] and butler leeteuk.

since we never finished [or even finished the 2nd chapter of our first story together from when we were over at their house in texas a year ago] our first story together, we figured that we could finish a oneshot by the end of their stay at our house. but by the time we got to writing it, we realized that it was going to be a very long oneshot; we were already on page 7 before getting into one of the main plot parts. so we figured that we could split it up into a twoshot or a threeshot.

in between writing the story, we were watching this anime called Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan that emily recommended since she found out that i liked books that have action in it since the anime had plenty of that and was also full of bishies XD just look:

and there was this really awesome looking cosplay of one of the oni [bad guys] that i found.

she's supposed to look like him. i think she did a great job! :D

anyway, another good thing about the anime was that only 12 episodes long so that was a bonus since i didn't really have time to watch a super long anime no matter how great it could be. but yeah, in between watching an episode, we'd stop and write part of the story and then start watching the next episode when our brainstorming stopped for a bit.

we didn't finish watching the anime before emily had to leave, but we were almost done. we were on part of episode 10. i've been meaning to finish watching it, but i've been busy watching all of these other videos i've downloaded on my laptop over the last year, trying to clean up my laptop since the camcorder's been eating up all of my memory.

anyway, during that night, emily and i planned on walking to Walgreen's the next day to get shelle a birthday card since neither of us could find anything to get her [it's not like i could have bought anything for her w/o her knowing since she's the one who drives me to places]. actually, i had decided to buy her this B2ST poster on Amazon but it wouldn't arrived until around the end of the month, so i figured that it would really be a surprise when she got it.

[and i really hope that she doesn't read my blog, or suddenly decides to check on it now or else this would be a real surprise killer -__-"]

so around noon the next day (thursday), emily and i walked all the way to Walgreens with vi since she didn't want to hang out with all of the boys at home either. we had planned to walk there earlier in the morning, but we kept on getting sidetracked and stuff, so we eventually left around noon, which turned out to be a huge mistake.

it was EXTREMELY HOT!! we weren't even outside of the neighborhood yet, and we were already getting a little sweaty. and, we didn't think beforehand to bring some water with us, so it felt even hotter. even tho it was only around a 30-40 minute walk to the Walgreens, it felt alot longer.
when we finally got there, we immediately headed over to the ice cream and refrigerated section after finding a birthday card. vi got a popsicle while emily and i got some arizona drinks which are delicious and huge and very cold XD we got the canned ones, tho.
we found a little hand cart and eventually wondered into the candy aisle and grabbed some sour punch straws for the rest of the kids at home and some other candy for ourselves. after paying, on the way out, we beeped at the door, but the worker there said that we were okay, so we opened our drinks and ice cream and talked to this dood who was at the door also drinking an arizona drink with his bike next to him. it turned out that he beeped on the way out, too, and that he had biked all the way over here since his car was being fixed, so he was staying in warner robins with his mom until it was finished.

and then we were back to walking home only this time, it was slightly better since we had cold drinks to help cool us even tho it was still agonizingly hot. once we got home, emily and i headed upstairs to wash our feet in cold water in mommy's bathroom and cooled down.

then we got back to writing and watching anime before shelle came home that night and mommy was talking all of the kids out for a walk. i dragged everyone outside to go for a walk, too, even tho emily was complaining about walking too much earlier in the day around the hottest time of the day [2PM!! XD]. we [shelle, emily, alex, and i] walked a few meters behind mommy and the rest of the kids, talking about weird things and making fun of shelle since she was so old now.

of course, we couldn't tell shelle that we went to Walgreens since she'd be suspicious about what we bought there, so we just lied and said that we walked around the neighborhood earlier when it was really hot. but i think that going for that walk that night wasn't such a good idea since i ended up getting a blister on my foot :/

by that night [we always get these plot bunnies in the middle of the night :P], emily and i came up with another story to write about. this time, it was a huge mafia story that included all of the artists from all 3 major entertainment companies: SM, JYP, and YG. those three would be the mafias' names [except for YG, we changed it to Big Bang & Co. which abriated to BB&C since Big Bang was gangsta enough to be the head XP] with all of their artists working in there with SUJU as the main characters from SM, 2PM as the main for JYP, and Big Bang as the main for BB&C.

we spent some time during the night coming up with all of SUJU's characters' backgrounds and jobs in the story and then spent the rest of the next morning coming up with all of the other groups' jobs and places in the story [the solo singers are all super agents who know each other, lol]. there are over 80 characters in all. and the plot has so many subplots and twists and there's death of course, and yeah, this is gonna be one epically long story, lol.

since it was shelle's birthday on friday, alot of her friends were coming over and they had decided to go to Columbus to buy fireworks so that they could shoot them off later at night after they went bowling.

krista was coming over at 3 and spending the night so we could hangout and eventually go bowling later with all of us at night. but when it got around 7, emily's parents had called earlier and emily, alex, and brian were planning on going to the movies to watch Despicable Me which also happened to be opening on that day.

krista and i decided to go watch it too [i was so tired that i forgot about going bowling, or rather, i thought that we'd still have time to go to it since it seemed that it'd take shelle and her friends a long while to get back home] when their parents came to pick them up to drive them to the movie theaters near my house.

their parents ended up paying for all of our tickets to the 3-D showing and giving emily 20 bucks to buy snacks with was really nice even tho i guess that i should have expected them to pay for our tickets since it's in our asian nature to pay for other people's stuff. i mean, i did the same thing with krista all of last week when she was over saying that it was part of her birthday present since she didn't have any money on her and felt bad about me paying so much for her :P

anyway, the movie was hilarious and super cute! the minions are so adorkable and funny! and it was even better watching it in 3-D [the glasses are so cool!], especially at the end when the minions were having a contest on who could "reach" the audience farther than the other cuz they really did look like they were coming out of the screen.

by the time we got home around 9:30 [we had to wait a long time for their parents who were watching The Last Airbender], they were getting ready to go back home since they were planning on going back to texas on sunday, but shelle and co weren't back from bowling yet so we didn't get to do the fireworks or even get any cake yet, so after a call from shelle, we asked emily's parents if they minded staying for a bit longer and they agreed.

on the way home from the movies, it was lightening and looked about ready to rain any second. which it did by the time shelle and her friends came back. it wasn't raining hard, but it was sprinkling and stuff.

after she had read emily and my cards and gotten krista's balloon and bucket of candy, she blew out her candles and cut her ice cream cake. and then we quickly headed outside to do the fireworks to find out that it was raining lightly, so some of shelle's friends decided to stay inside while everyone else walked in the rain to the circle in our cousins' branch of the neighborhood nearby to set off the fireworks while alex and emily rode in their parents car to watch us set them off without getting wet themselves.

i was filming everything on the camcorder but i found out that i wasn't filming the part when they lit two of the fuse firecrackers which first let out a shower of colorful sparks and then shot 4 or 5 fireworks in the air afterwords and when they lit Big Boy, the giant firecracker lug that shelle and i bought on the 4th of july which let off a series of super big explosions in the air one after another until it ran out [and there were like, at least 13-15 of them]. it was a total bummer to find out that the darn camcorder wasn't recording that part, cuz that was basically the best part...

anyway, at first, alot of people were worried that we'd get in trouble for lighting fireworks at the time since it was after the 4th of july and we do live pretty near a fire department, but after doing Big Boy and no one came, we weren't really worried anymore. :P

but yeah, it would lightly drizzle for a bit and it'd be hard to light things up and then for a bit, it would stop raining. either way, we used a few packs of sparklers and did some of the other stuff we brought/bought but we couldn't do any of the pop-its since the ground was wet, and everyone else out there were wet by the end of the night, whether they had an umbrella or not.

after that, emily and her family left and all of the other teens hung out in the kitchen for a bit eating more cake or fruit. eventually, krista and i went upstairs to change out of our wet clothes and hung out in my room until going to bed around 1 since i still had to babysit the next day. but as usually, we didn't go to sleep until around 2 since we always have weird conversations at night. :P

so we had to get up around 9 to go over to the cousins' house to babysit but we came back to my house around 1 since mommy said that they could come over around then after lunch cuz she didn't want to deal with the mess that they always made all day. but yeah, we had to go back to my house cuz krista's parents were picking her up at 3 and she was supposed to be staying at the house the whole time.

a couple hours after she left, i took the kids back to their house and that was basically how my week ended.

so now i will talk about other stuff that i've been meaning to get around to :P

firstly, i have been anxiously waiting to see how the Maximum Ride movie was going to be ever since the news of it broke out 2 years ago, and now i find out that the directer is Catherine Hardwicke (the directer to the first Twilight movie) and that she might add Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to the movie

what the fuck.

first off, if you don't know who those two people are, you've obviously haven't been into the entertainment world for a long long time [and that's saying alot since i usually only know about kpop entertainment], because they act as Edward and Bella in the Twilight movies which are way overused and over-hyped about.

second, there is NO WAY either of them could play as any of main characters in the movie unless they're talking about the bad guys since all of the kids are 14 and younger. they might look a little older since the book describes them as tall and super thin, but i really doubt that either of the two could look young enough to be them.

so yeah, i will be so pissed off if either of them are in the movie. i prolly wouldn't even go see it if i wasn't so interested in the effects that's going to be needed in it for the wings and stuff.

now for something i'm actually looking forward to, is that Charice is going to be on Star King again! she's coming back to korea on the 24th to film it.
before she got big, this filipina appeared on Star King in 2007 because of her amazing vocals. she even got to perform A Whole New World with kyuhyun on the show which was also amazing [dood, his voice XD]. anyway, she got discovered because of Star King, so now she's going back to show her love for them! can't wait!

here's her duet with kyuhyun

and, i also found out that she's going to guest star on glee! that's so amazing! even tho i still haven't caught up with the rest of the season [i'm, like, 10 episodes behind; i was planning on catching up this summer, but it's almost over now...], i'm definitely going to watch her episode when it comes out.

and i really miss DBSK. i spent all of sunday trying to clean out my laptop since i had downloaded so much videos and manga and stuff. i ended up watching alot of videos since they seemed the easiest to go through first and i was watching some old DBSK stuff that i had downloaded last year.

i really miss them. they were always so playful and teasing and sincere when they were together. i really can't believe it's been a whole year since everything started.

i came across this yunjae video the other day and i couldn't help but squeal and fangirl as i watched it because it's so real and i can't believe that they're on the opposite sides now. it's so sad. watching the video brought up so many memories.

and that's basically it. haven't had a really long post in a while. now i remember why i didn't really like them and had always procrastinated in writing them which inevitably made them even longer -__-"

but! before i go, look at this picture of amazingness, perfection, coolness...Jaejoong XD
and now, good night/morning :P


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