Sunday, July 18, 2010

piled up randomness that i'd like to share

i'm such a procrastinator [not that you didn't already know that :P].

but yeah, ever since my last post, i've found some sites or stuff that i've been meaning on telling you, but i was too lazy to make an actual post. now my firefox has a bazillion tabs open, half of them the stuff that i've been meaning to post about. -__-"

and i'm gonna try and make this short cuz i have a whole episode of Strong Heart subbed that i haven't watched before [i hope], and there's some other videos that i want to watch before this day is over, too.

i found these very awesome pics over here at The Quiet Things No One Knows. they're really nice and deep and kind of motivational-ish, too. these are some of the few that i really liked. if i had more time, i'd stalk into her past pics and display them, too XP

this one is one of my favorites

and i found this blog called PostSecret where people mail these totally original postcards that tell the senders' secrets. it's very interesting and cool and i love looking at everyone's different handwriting.
the site even sells books using the postcards that they receive. i'm thinking of buying one myself... XD

there's this online t-shirt place that i recently found called TeeFury. they sell one limited edition t-shirt everyday that's only for sale on that one day, so every day has a different design and you can never buy that t-shirt again after the 24 hours are over.

i looked through some of the past t-shirts and they looked totally cool so i've decided to check out the site everyday so i can buy an awesome limited edition shirt, too. plus, the shirts are only $9, but with $2 shipping, it adds up to be $11 which is pretty cheap.

there's this other t-shirt site that i found a few days ago that has some pretty sweet designs, too, called Threadless. their shirts usually cost around $18, though, but there's alot more types of shirts and styles and if the design is very popular and is sold out and in demand, the site will reprint the shirts. also, you can submit your own designs and get paid for it!

this is one of my favorites that i've found on there. too bad they're out of my size!

and i like this one, too.

now for some kpop stuff [i'm almost done!] :3

i read this translation of a cassiopeia dad over here [part 1] and it was hilarious! it was translated into 3 parts but they haven't finished translating the 3rd part since the last time i checked, but here's part 2.

these are some of the parts that i really loved.
Me: "Jaejoong's so hot'
Dad: "Some day you should tie him up, bring him home and keep him in a cage'
Me: '…'
Dad: 'Tell your friends to come look, 500 per viewing'
Me: 'So that's what you're after…'
Dad: '1000 if they want to hold hands'
Me: '…'
Dad: '5000 if they want a kiss'
Me: '!!!!'
Dad: 'And if they want to stay over night...'
Me: 'WHAT?!'

Kidnapping DBSK
My dad and I have discussed what we'll do once we manage to kidnap them...
Jaejoong - Cooking (obviously)
Yunho - Laundry
Yoochun - Sweeping the floor
Changmin - eh.. well.. He can do my homework (You're a genius minnie, help me with my summer holiday work)
Junsu -… (You don't have to do anything, go and watch TV… no matter what you do, we'll just have to clean up after you)

You guys can borrow the five of them for your household chores too, just speak to my dad about the fees and such

P.S. Flirting with the five of them during their working hours is prohibited. Offenders will be charged an additional fee.


Being perverted is hereditary…
Dad: *Staring at a photo of DBSK, deep in thought whilst pointing at Yunho* Leader-sshi is the type of man who will look more and more handsome as he ages.
Me: Yeah *nod*
Dad: *Points at Jaejoong* Him… he won't age…
Me: Yeah yeah yeah *nods furiously*
Dad: *Points at Yoochun* Ahh…
Me: What?
Dad: I feel like I'm looking at a younger version of myself!
Me: …….
Dad: Perhaps when he gets older, he'll look like me….
Me: Yayayayayaya *continues nodding furiously*
Dad: Back in those days, I was so charismatic, so many girls were after me…
Me: Aren't they still?
Dad: Who did you hear that from?
Me: You?

i watched DBSK's O Concert yesterday. it was AMAZING. i was squealing since the start of the concert. XD they truly are the Rising Gods of the East. i still haven't gotten a chance to watch their Mirotic concert, but i'm pretty sure that i'll be fangirling ALOT XP

these are some individual shots of JYJ from some magazine photoshoot. [they finished recording their album on the 12th! i can't wait for it to come out already!] they all look adorable [especially jae] and charismatic XD

and here's some pics of donghae that he took for High Cut, a magazine. he's looking really good XD

there was also a behind the scenes video of the photoshoot which was very awesome. donghae's so handsome and adorable when he smiles.

and i think that's it. there were some other small adventures and stuff that happened, but i really don't feel like typing it all up. 

maybe another time.

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