Saturday, October 15, 2011

Busy Week

This week was pretty busy even though it was pretty short considering how there was a Columbus Day holiday on Monday and I got out of class on Friday to go to the fair with DECA.

On Sunday, I went to the fair with Emily, Meethu, Shanice, Justin, and Mia. We met up with Emily's friend from her old school, Rebecca, and Jackie later at the fair.

But I got a huge shock on the way there when Seth called me. An hour before people were supposed to meet up at my place so we could figure out how to carpool, I texted Seth to see if he could go to the fair with us since he told me that he didn't get in trouble for getting drunk Friday night and I figured that he needed to have some fun after what had happened.

I wasn't sure if he would of been able to go to the fair anyway since his mom hates the fair for some reason, but he eventually texted me saying that his mom wouldn't let him do anything, and I just texted him back saying that he did get in trouble afterall, which made sense, after what had happened.

But yeah, on the way to the fair, he called me while I was in the middle of texting Shanice who was carpooling with Justin in Mia's car while I was with Meethu and Emily. He asked me if we had already left and he sounded funny, but I thought that it was because he did end up getting sick afterall like he thought he was on Saturday when I called to check up on him.

I told him that we had just left and asked him if he could come afterall. I forgot what he said after that, but it became quiet, and I asked him what was up since it seemed like he was hesitating, and he eventually told me that he was at my house and that he got in a fight with his mom.

I kind of freaked out after hearing that since both of my parents were home, and they would be asking all sorts of questions if they saw Seth over crying (my mom especially since she first thought that we were dating), so I asked him if he went inside because that would have been very dangerous.

He said that he was in his truck outside, and he was crying by then, telling me that his mom told him that he couldn't drive anymore and that he left the house even after she said that. He was planning on going back home soon, but I told him to calm down a bit first before going home.

I after he hung up, I asked Meeth and Emily if that was the right thing to do, and they said that they'd call they're parents to tell them that they'd be coming back home after they cooled off first so their parents wouldn't get even more mad at them for just leaving. So I sent him a text saying that since he was in a call with his grandma.

When he texted me back, he said that he was going home in a minute and didn't feel like talking on the phone, so I told him to text me whenever he felt like talking. By then, we had arrived at the fair, and I was still pretty worried about him, but I couldn't exactly do anything.

I really wanted to turn back around and comfort him once I realized that he was crying when we were still on the road, because I still couldn't get the image of Seth crying out of my head from Friday.

If you had seen him, you'd understand. He was like this distraught puppy that you had to immediately try to console.

So yeah, by then, we had bought our tickets and were in the fair, and I kind of forgot about Seth after he quit texting me and my group of friends were trying to decide on which ride to go on first.

In the end, we rode the Pharoh, and we sat at one of the ride, which got to go to the highest part once the ride got to the climax, and Meethu was screaming her head off for the first few swings before she put her head down and closed her eyes. It was so hilarious, I was laughing the entire time. XD

And we saw this hypnotist lady that was doing a show right before we left. It was also hilarious. She made the guys pretend to be Justin Bieber and the girls to be Beyonce dancing to Single Ladies. Then the guys started dancing to Single Ladies, too, trying to outdo the girls, which was so funny.

Anyway, the fair was pretty fun. We didn't ride a lot of rides because they needed so many tickets, but we got on quite a few. I already knew which rides I wanted to ride on Friday when it was wristband day.

Mia had to go home immediately, and since Justin also lived in her neighborhood, she took him home, while the rest of us piled in Emily's car back to my house. Since Emily and Meethu had to go home, they left a minute after Meethu used the bathroom while Shanice and Jackie stayed since both of their parents weren't home yet, so they wouldn't know how late they stayed out. :)

We talked for a couple of hours and decided to go to Sonic's to eat a late dinner since none of us had eatten anything but a little fair food hours ago. After that, they had to go home, and I eventually went to bed since I was so tired.

On Monday, I did my calc homework and tried to do my lit homework due later this week but failed. It was basically a lazy day where I mainly caught up on blogs and found some new people to follow on youtube.

Tuesday was the first day back at school. It was very tiring since I went to bed around 3 because I wanted to finish reading Forget You by Jennifer Echols. The book was pretty good, review coming soon.

Seth told us that he was fine during lunch. He said that after he came home and talked to his mom, they were playing Xbox together. They're relationship sounds pretty awesome.

On Wednesday, all of the seniors had to take this Work Ready Test, so we had to go to different rooms that were in ABC order to take the test, so it was basically like how it was when we took the graduation test last year; I had a lot of the same people in my room from last year.

Gabriel, Jasmine, and I sat in this row of desks next to each other and caught up with each other since it was the first time that we'd all been together in ages. I realized that we were only missing Ondriona and it'd be like freshmen year again, and Gabriel reminded us that Jasmine Moody was zoned for Veterans last year, who was another member of our group that we formed during our freshmen year.

I can't believe that it's been so long since then. We'd all changed, and yet, looking at both of them, they hadn't changed so much; if anything, they'd only gained more experience.

And as we were getting ready to take the test, our procter lady told us to look around, that this was our graduating class, and I realized that I still only know a small portion of my grade. It's so crazy, going to such a big school for four years and seeing all of these familiar faces and yet not even knowing their names.

Anyway, the test was pretty easy. If anyone made a gold or platnum, the school promised to give them a $25 gift card, so I'm hoping to get at least a gold on it.

On Thursday, we went to the auditorium to watch a video of the candidates running for student body present, senior president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer and to vote afterwards. I really hope Sophia wins student body president. Her speech was not stilted or awkward or anything bad. She was really candid and passionate and funny.

I felt kind of bad voting for her since I had already told Shena that I'd vote for her since Sophia had said that she was dropping out of the race earlier, but her speech wasn't that good, and she didn't really say what she'd do as president, whereas Sophia did. :\

Then, we had a fire drill in 6th period, so no one really did anything that day.

Then, around 5, Shanice picked me up to go the the first Reel Club movie, A Hard Day's Night, in Godfrey's room. We were meeting up with Seth and Jackie there. The movie was pretty good. It was my first Beatles movie, so I finally got to hear some of their music, which I ended up liking quite a bit. :)

On Friday, I went to first period for 15 minutes before leaving to go to the lunchroom to wait to get on the bus to go to the fair with the rest of the DECA members who also paid for the trip weeks ago.

When we got there, we had to go to the agricultural center to listen to a guest speaker first, and then take a test before we could go play, but it wasn't so bad since there was lively music playing while we waited for all of the DECA clubs from different schools around GA came and sat down.

Our guest speaker was Eddie Slowikowski, this funny guy who told us stories using cool sound effects and made us do funny dances in order to get us pumped up. He also told us this hilariously accurate story of teenage love using music, which was really awesome.

Watch it!

Then, before he left, he showed us all of these dance moves that he'd learn, which was also pretty cool.

Then we had to take this 100 question marketing test, which I guessed on half of the answers. Then we got our wristbands and went outside to finally play! :)

Emily and I first went to go grab some food since it was almost 12 already, and we were starving (my stomach was growling so much when the guest speaker was talking to us). Then we went on a bunch of rides and I bought this awesome looking knit beanie that was looked like a lion's head. I can't wait for it to get colder so I can wear it! XD

Then we had to meet up at the ag center again at 3 because there was an awards ceremony, but after that, we had until 4:20 to do whatever we wanted before meeting up at the West Gate to get ready to leave.

Since both Emily and I were feeling a little too full to ride any more rides, we walked around after getting some drinks since we were really thirsty.

Pretty soon, it was 4:20, and we went to wait for the rest of the group to come so that we could go home. By then, my feet were killing me. But, after leaving the fair and walking to the bus parking lot, we had to wait for almost a whole half hour for our bus to come, and the sun and my tired feet did not help with the wait.

Then we were finally back at school. I had to go to my locker to grab my physics book and calc homework, and then Emily and I finally began going home.

Once I finally went home, I really wanted to take a nap, but I couldn't since I was so sticky from sweat and in the end, didn't want to take a nap afterall. But I DID get a package from the mail. You'll find out what it was tomorrow! ;)

I also bought a bunch of books online at yesterday, so I'm expecting them to come sometime in the next month since I used the free shipping discount.

Then, I was hit with this restlessness after I ate dinner, and I wanted to do something. I just didn't know what.

In the end, I wanted to go watch a movie at the dollar theater with my friends, but no one could go, so I ended up just watching a movie on Netflix.

I finally watched Step Up 3D, which was pretty good. It was a bit cheesey at times, but I liked the dancing as usual. And Moose and Luke were pretty cute, lol.

I saw rumors that they're going to make a Step Up 4, and I'm wondering which characters they're going to use from the previous movies to have some type of relation to the other Step Up movies like they've done with the first 3.

And that's how my week's been. Nothing super crazy, but definitely busy. This next week's going to be even busier and a lot more stressful since I have to make up some tests and have that lit project due, and have tests and essays later in the week.

I'm counting down for out next break, lol. Fall Break was not long enough. :P

Anyway, I got to go.


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