Friday, October 7, 2011

Today was insane.

It was interesting, disappointing, funny, exasperating, sad, worrisome, nonchalant, exciting, tiring... It was insane. Definitely not a day that I had ever expected. 

Too tired to write it all out. 

Basically, Seth and I didn't go to Athens, stopped by his grandparents' house for a bit, ate at Five Guys, hung out at Shanice's place, took her with us to the hair salon place near my house, got my hair trimmed, went to my sis's apartment, got a little buzzed, went to Hello There Cupcake in Macon, went to my sis's apartment again, tried more alcoholic drinks, Seth got drunk and went a little crazy running everywhere, he eventually broke down, called his bro, his sis-in-law called his mom before he could, his mom eventually came and picked him up, Shanice and I went out to Hardee's for dinner with Shelle and Chris, they dropped her off, and then dropped me home afterwards. 

Crazy day. I wish I could go into details, but I really don't feel like trying to type it all up since it's kind of personal, and I'm tired, and I just wanted to tell someone besides the people who were already there. 

It's just really surprising because I never expected Seth to act like that and what he said. And I'm still kind of worried about him even though the last time I texted him earlier, he said that he was going to sleep since he was tired and had a headache. 

I told him that I'd call and check up on him tomorrow, but it prolly won't be until after 3 since I'm going to be at Mercer doing this competition for a scholarship with Meethu there. It starts at 9 and ends at 3 with a social afterwards.

But we're going to hang out with Shelle afterwards, and I'm not sure if she'll want to let any other of my friends try any alcohol anytime soon, lol.

We'll see.


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