Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Clothes Challenge!

So I saw this video challenge that charlieissocoollike did where he wore all of his clothes at once (or at least attempted to anyway :P), and I really want to try it some time! I'd prolly do it sometime in the winter so I wouldn't be sweating too much, but I don't think I'll be able to wear all of my clothes since I own so many... That, and I don't want to stretch them all out, too, lol.

But I definitely recommend that you watch the rest of his videos because he's hilarious and smart and entertaining and modest and he sings and best of all, he has a BRITISH ACCENT. It's lovely. XD

Anyway, I have to go... I have a date. With my calc book. -__-" I really need to bring my grade up in that class, so I have to pass tomorrow and the day after's test with at least a B+.

On another random tangent, I'm really loving today's weather. It's so windy and cool outside. Unfortunately, almost all of my classes were entirely too warm, which sucked. 

And now I really have to go.

See ya later~

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