Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quick [Random] Thought #3

Seth is a weird kid. He likes wearing Sperrys. :P He says that they're comfortable.

I told him that he should get a pair of Vans or Converses since he was messing with my Vans's shoelaces at lunch today, and he said that he'd get a pair if I got a pair of Sperrys. But I'm cheap. Sperrys are ridiculously expensive. I'm not paying over $50 for a pair of shoes, no matter how awesome they are. 

And, IMO, Sperry's aren't that great looking. Plus, they'er boat shoes. Not that I have anything against boat shoes, it's just that I still don't understand why it's been a fad for the past year or three. :P

But he said that he was going to get a pair of Vans anyways. :D

However, I told him I'd think about getting Sperrys or Toms, whichever one that was less expensive. I don't really like following shoe trends [Converses and Vans don't count since they're timeless :P], but I'm seriously debating on if I want to buy a pair of Sperrys or Toms after all. 

Or maybe I'll get Bobs, lol.

Anyway, that's my odd thought for the day!

People are coming over later today to help out with Mia and my photography project (and Jeffy, too, if he can make it), so I have to finish doing everything else first. I filled a little bucket full of homemade bubble solution. I can't wait to use it later! If I didn't have to take the pictures, I'd be the first one to dunk my hands in the liquid and make bubbles with just my fingers. XD

Show ya pics later!


  1. i have a pair of toms and they are wonderful and the first ones with the idea so personally i think they were more creative and all that junk... and they have animals on the inside of the shoes =) so i think you should get toms. they also come in different styles if you dont like the orginal style.

  2. and toms if you buy a pair someone in africa gets a pair. plus they only cost $40

  3. Yeah, I figured that if I had to choose between the shoes, I'd buy Toms just because I do like the animals on the inside and the fact that they give back. I just hate the fact that, if I bought a pair, I'd pretty much be conforming, following the trend like half of the people in my school. :\