Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When Did I Have Such a Social Life??

I'm not sure if it's because it's senior year and most of my friends can drive, or what, but I've been going out and making plans all break, and I'm still in shock that I'm so busy. Honestly, I totally expected to be a hermit for the majority of my Fall Break, spending most of my time reading and watching stuff on my laptop. 

who's with me? :D
But today just proved to be the exact opposite, lol. And it didn't even start with today. It started with yesterday when I called Krista, telling her that I had so much to catch up with her since we hadn't seen each other since the summer. 

She convinced her parents to let her come over and stay the night; they even trusted her to drive over by herself, which was really surprising. So she came over and I told her all about my boy problems, and she couldn't exactly offer any advice, lol, but it was okay because we finally caught up, and I had already made up my mind earlier like I said at the end of my last post.

While she was over, I got on FB for a bit to see if Meethu had gotten my last message about what time Emily was going to pick her up today, I saw that Bryan had sent me a message after I logged off to go to bed the other night basically asking if I was deliberating between going out with Jeffy, and if, over some time, would I ever consider going out with HIM. 

I kind of freaked out. I mean, MY GOSH, GIVE ME SOME TIME. It's only been a few days and you've already gotten TOO intense about all of this. So I let Krista make me unavailable on chat so that I wouldn't have to answer him any time soon while we finished catching up. :P

lol, okay, my expression wasn't as dramatic as this guy :P
After eating dinner, steak and potatoes that my mommy made :D, we went for a walk, taking pictures and talking about whatever, and I eventually asked Jeffy to come out to hang with us so that I could give him my USB drive to put music on, and so that I could tell him my decision. 

It was kind of awkward trying to start it, trying to figure out what or how to say it, but I eventually told him that I didn't want to go out with either Bryan or him, but that I'd like to go on a few dates or just hangout more first before deciding anything, while Krista was hanging back listening to music so that she wouldn't be eavesdropping and making things even more awkward, lol.

I kind of regret the way I phrased things since I know that Jeffy thought that I was completely rejecting at first since he was trying to say something before I interrupted him, saying that I'd like to go on some dates first, to which he just said that he'd be able to get his driver's license in 2 weeks, and I smiled and gave him a thumbs up since he had already told me that he'd be able to take me out on dates after he got his license the last time we hung out.

We didn't exactly make any plans further than that, although since he was going to be at the fair everyday because his mom owns a booth and he helps out there for a bit, he gets to get in free every time, he said that he'll meet up with us. Actually, he said that he was going to meet up with a lot of people there, lol. I'm still not sure why he wants to go out with me since he has so many girls to choose from. ._.

After that, we walked around my neighborhood a few times goofing off and talking before walking across the road to go to Jeffy's neighborhood. We dropped him off at his house before going back home since it was 9 and my mom called saying that she wanted us to come home soon. 

Did I ever mention that I'm absolutely loving the weather right now? It finally feels like fall! Not too cold, not too hot, and with light wind! My favorite time of year! XD

Then Krista and I chilled in my room for a while more, taking showers and trying to decide which movie we wanted to watch on Netflix. We decided to watch Lo first, and picked Goth as an alternative if Lo got boring since it didn't have that many stars in its rating.

So we kicked my bro off of the Xbox 360 and yeah, after the first 10 minutes of Lo, we still weren't interested in it, so we started watching Goth, which is a Japanese movie that was actually based off of a book by this author that I read the first few chapters of the manga of it.

I couldn't help but make fun of the movie because it was late, and I tend to get pretty loopy when I'm sleep-deprived, and because Krista brings out my goofy side, so I was always making a whole bunch of comments about the characters. -__-" 

I mean, really, you need to watch the movie yourself! The characters are so apathetic and strange! And the main girl is so pale, and no wonder everyone thinks that she's weird since she's so gloomy and has a creepy way at staring at people! And the two main characters are always just staring at each other or at places and not saying anything, and I'm just like, "WHAT ARE YOU TWO TRYING TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR EYES? WHY ARE YOU SHAKING/TWITCHING LIKE THAT?" lol

But yeah, after that, we finally went to bed. Originally, a few minutes after I got off the phone with Krista earlier that day, my mom called and told me that I had to babysit today and tomorrow, which really made me irritated since I wasn't supposed to, but Krista and I had already endured babysitting together while hanging out, so I wasn't too mad, but when I woke up today, Brian told me that I didn't have to babysit today, which made everything awesome, since Meethu and Emily were coming over later around 1 to have a family meeting and catch up on everything that happened since we last saw each other.

So I basically got ready for the day early since it was only 9 when I got out of bed. Since I knew that Krista wasn't going to get out of bed willingly anytime soon, I started reading The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan, which is the second book to the Percy Jackson series that I have finally started getting around to reading. I like the series; I can understand why my little bro likes it so much what with all of the action and adventure and funny moments and whatnot. :)

So I read for an hour and a half until Krista was finally up, and we ate breakfast and goofed off and I made fun of her for straightening her hair even though she wasn't planning on going anywhere but home today. :P

Then Emily and Meethu came over around 1 and they all got to meet each other (I'd mention the two quite a bit to Krista when telling her about my boy problems, so she already knew them pretty well, lol), and we started immediately talking about our problems once we went up to my room so there wouldn't be a chance of Brian overhearing us talking. 

I actually thought that Emily would be the least talkative out of us since she doesn't really open up to strangers that quickly, but I guess it was because there were other people already there that she knew, she talked really easily and wasn't awkward at all. It was Krista who was unusually quiet, but I guess it makes sense since we were talking about people from our school that she didn't know about half of the time. Aww... I feel like a bad friend now, even though I tried to bring her into the conversation a few times. 

Although she did come up with a theory that could prove to be true. You should never go out with guys that have the same name as your family. Krista used to go out with a guy named Keith, and that's her brother's name, and Bryan wants to go out with me, and my lil bro's name is Brian, and yeah... I don't exactly want to test the theory out to see if it's 100% accurate, lol.

Oh yeah, Meethu found out something that completely surprised me. Apparently Bryan told her that Jeffy also liked the last girl that he liked. I was like WTF?! Is this some competition now?! I'm so confused! And she also told me that Bryan only talked about me whenever he was talking to her on FB (and I already figured out from Emily that he usually only talked about me to her, too), which also cemented my new image of him, that he had become an intense, almost stalker in the span of a few days. 

And they both say that he's really depressing, always making self-deprecating jokes about himself, which usually involved cancer, so Meethu never really know how to respond to them. And Meethu's a really bright, happy person; talking to Bryan makes her depressed. It's kind of funny how easily he can do it, too, lol. But I know what they're talking about, our last few conversations on FB has been pretty depressing...

So yeah, earlier in the morning, Krista wrote a response to his questions, and after reading it, I couldn't find anything wrong with it since it just said, "To be honest, I'm not really looking for a boyfriend right now since it would complicate things, especially between friends." And I thought that it was true because I'm not looking for a bf; I just want to have some dating experience. But when I told Shelle that after telling her that Bryan sent me a good morning text today, she said that I was basically lying since I WAS planning on going on dates with Jeffy, and I immediately regretted sending Bryan that message because I knew that he'd somehow find out about my future dates and I'd eventually have to tell him the truth anyway. -__-"

I'm still not sure if it's a good idea in the long run...
Well, I was originally going to tell him the truth, that I was basically going to choose Jeffy over him, but not immediately, but I thought that it was too harsh, and Krista told me that I'm not obligated to tell him everything and something else. But alas, I just went along with what she wrote since it sounded good at the time... -__-"

Yeah, Bryan didn't exactly get the hint. I checked my FB while everyone was over, and he answered back, saying that it was better than saying no, basically saying that he thought that he still had a chance, which had all of us freaking out. I think it was because I said "not yet" that gave him that loophole to not take no for an answer. 

So I basically wrote this back to finally get him to know that I wasn't interested: Well, I take what I just said back. I'm not against having a boyfriend... but I don't think that I'll ever see you as anything else than a friend. 

After I had everyone read it to make sure that there wasn't any loopholes in it, changing "think" to "believe" since it sounds more hard to change, I sent it to him. 

After that, we goofed around for a bit until Meethu said that she really wanted to get a taco from Taco Bell, and then we decided to go to the Party Store to see if the hot guy that worked there the last time Emily was there, was working today (he wasn't, but we still had fun goofing off and taking pics there), and I convinced Emily to take us to Gottwals, too, so that I could return some books that I didn't want anymore.

Krista had to be home by 3 because she had to run errands and prolly go see her grandparents because of some family drama, but after texting and calling her parents, they let her come out with us, coming home by 5. Because we had Emily driving, we did everything on time because she's really good at keeping time and making sure that we're never late, lol, which was a relief for Krista since she's used to Shelle taking us everywhere and loitering and being late all of the time, lol.

We actually even went to Books-A-Million since Emily wanted to get the next Soul Screamers book, If I Die by Rachel Vincent. We loitered there for a bit (I also got a book, which you will see in my next IMM! :D) and saw some of our friends from school there, and I took a lot of pictures of them and the rest of us, wearing all of the Halloween hats that they had on display.

So we went back to my house since it was around 4:30, which gave Krista enough time to make it back to her house, and then Emily, Meethu, and I went to Waffle House to eat since they hadn't had lunch yet. There was only one person there when we arrived, which was pretty cool since the last time we came was after Homecoming, and it was super crowded.

As we were in Emily's car, about to leave, she received a call from her aunt, asking if she had checked up on her dogs, which was part of Emily's job, and since Emily forgot, we quickly went to her aunt's house, somehow getting on the topic about our ideal relationship. 

Like, Emily doesn't want to be in a relationship where the guy always agrees with her because she needs someone to butt heads with to make sure that she doesn't make bad decisions. I think it's because she needs someone to verbally spar with all of the time, lol. And Meethu also wants a guy who won't always agree with her because she knows that she doesn't always have good ideas, so she needs someone to stop her, too. 

Then we had to go to Wally World cuz Emily's grandma needed orange paint to paint pumpkins, lol, and on the way, we were talking about how Emily and I don't want to get pregnant while Meethu really wants to. Emily and I don't want to go through the pain of childbirth and the chore of taking care of a kid for months on end while Meethu really wants to get pregnant for some reason. One of the perks is because her boobs will finally get bigger, lol. 

That girl... :P

Then we finally went back to my house and chilled in my room for a while again. I check my FB to see if Bryan answered back, because everyone was kind of dying to know, lol, but he didn't so that was that. But then Meethu logged on her FB on my iPod and Emily logged on hers on my laptop, and Bryan ended up getting on FB around the same time! 

So, since Emily is an evil little girl, she decided to start talking to him, which would inevitably lead to driving him away from her (and maybe the rest of us, too, lol), while Meethu also messaged him back on their last conversation that they had the other day when he was asking her how come I hadn't answered him back...

And yeah, they were on my electronics while I was on my phone, making plans to go to La Berry with Shanice since it just opened today and also because Shanice is going to get her wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow, so she was going to eat as much as she could while she can, lol. We found it really funny that we were all paying attention to everyone else but each other while we were in my room.

But yeah, Emily was trying to video chat with Bryan, even though I told her that he'd find out that we were all together IN MY ROOM since he'd recognize it. Such an evil girl. :P Luckily, for some reason, the program wasn't working, so they never got to video chat with him, even if they were going to do it out in the hall so he wouldn't realize where they were at.

not what I ordered, but still tasty looking :)
By then, it was 7 and Meethu and Emily were leaving when Shanice pulled up, and I went out with her and met up with Seth at La Berry. It was really crowded, but the frozen yogurt was really good! I haven't had fro yo since California during freshman year! I totally missed it. I got the mango flavored one and had lots of random stuff like mochi and Lucky Charms cereal in it. And I also put my usual granola and strawberries in it, too. 

We found a spot to sit at one of the outside tables and talked and goofed off for around an hour, talking about how to pull off my birthday party plans on getting drunk/tipsy and karaoking and playing DDR and predicting what type of drunk all of us would turn out to be. I'm still not sure how I'll be able to pull this off since there's going to be two guys there, and everyone's going to need to be sober by the time they leave. It would be easier if I just had a sleepover, but I could only do that if my parents weren't home either way, so I most likely can only have it when my parents go out of town, which they don't do too often...

We'll see what we can do when it's nearer to my birthday, I guess. Although Seth should seriously ask his older brother if he can get some alcohol, lol. 

Then we went to Taco Bell since Shanice and I hadn't had dinner yet and goofed off there til 9 when my mom called a second time asking how come I wasn't home since I said that I was going home in 30 minutes the first time when she called when I was at La Berry, and especially because Daddy was going to be mad since he's home today. 

I'm still surprised that my parents weren't mad at me or didn't even call me at all today since I never told them that I was going out at all, and also because I left Brian home alone for a couple of hours today (although he was on the Xbox all day and Mommy was okay with him being left alone for a while like that before). And Mommy wasn't even mad that I came home later than I said I would be, although she was a little disappointed that I didn't bring home any fro yo for her to try, lol.

I guess they've become resigned to me going out more now that I'm a senior? And also because they've become used to it since Shelle was basically doing all of this when she was a senior and also at college? I don't know, but I'm really liking how chill they've been all year. 

So yeah, I finally went home, and I'm still in shock that I basically spent my whole day out with friends. What happened to my life as a hermit? :P How am I going to accomplish my goal to read as much as I can during breaks if this keeps on happening (not to mention all of my other homework and whatnot :P)? I mean, I just bought some more books from Amazon the other day! D:

But yeah, that's how I spent my day today. Or yesterday since it's 1AM now. :P

Hopefully, I won't have anymore boy troubles since I finally told them my decisions. I know that all of my friends will miss out on the entertainment, lol, Emily especially. But I'm really glad that all of this took place during the break so that I didn't have important things like tests and projects and papers to also worry about. Or else my grades would really suck. :P

Anyway, I'm going to bed now. 



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