Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Bear Day

Bear Day was pretty eventful. I got to hang out with a lot of my friends, talk to a lot of people, and got third place in my competition. :L And I realized something somewhat ironically sad, lol. I'll get to that in a bit. Let me tell you how my day went. :P

I met up with Meethu around 11 to go to the last keynote speaker of the day. It was pretty interesting. The lady talked about how being a minority meant different treatment in society, especially in engineering, because not only is she a female, she is also African American. She grew up when there was still segregation and separate but equal schools and that prevalent sexism that girls aren't good in math or science. In her high school, her chem teacher told the class that girls weren't good in chemistry, so she ended up majoring in chemistry in college and eventually getting a PhD in it later on. :P

The presentation was a little boring in the beginning and towards the end, but it was still interesting nonetheless. 

Afterwards, Meethu and I got lunch in the breezeway in between EGR and SEB, which was where the keynote speakers had taken place at. There weren't enough tables so we ended up sitting on a bench, lol. But it was nice to just sit and talk with Meethu since we hadn't had a genuine long conversation in ages--probably since this semester started. 

Then we ran into Lauren on our way to the Engineering Expo that all of us were in. Meethu and Lauren had to compete against each other in the Off-Road competition while I had the Hill-Climb. All three of our competitions didn't start until one or whenever the first rounds of competitions took place, so we just chilled and watched all of the other competitions.

Surprisingly, our friends Kayla and Spencer each one their individual competitions with their groups, and Meethu ended up winning her competition. Our group probably could have gotten second place in our competition if one of our rubber-bands hadn't fallen off of its part. And I'm actually friends with the group that won the other competition, the Rampster. I just thought that it was funny how I'm friends with all of the winners, except for the people who won in my competition, lol.

The competitions were a lot shorter than we thought, so we had an hour before the Honors and Senior poster presentation started. We had also ran into Alysia, so we went over to the art building together because I needed to go to three cultural events and write about them for my art class, and so far, I've done none. :P 

It was definitely interesting, especially when Meethu went to the bathroom to throw her cup away. There were these two huge paintings almost as big as the wall they were leaning on just hanging opposite of the bathrooms. And one painting was of a naked man hanging from chains, while the other was its female opposites. Then Meethu went inside the bathroom and saw that it looked like it belonged inside of a mental institution since it was all dark and cramped and depressing, lol. All in all, the art building was not what we expected. XD

After taking another cookie, we left to go back to the UC, until we decided to take a detour to the music building since Meethu had yet to go inside of it and because I had only gone inside once. It was really nice. We went inside the auditorium to check it out since I heard that it was really good, but we had immediately left since we saw that some people were practicing on stage. So we walked around, listening to all of the music being played behind doors until we found the exit.

Then we finally went back to the UC since it was time for the poster presentations. There were posters on both sides of the basketball court, so Meethu and I decided to go to the opposite side first, thinking that they were also freshman honors posters. They weren't. They were the senior design posters, lol.

Funnily enough, we knew enough of the seniors there to stop by at least a third of them to hear what their projects were about. They all were pretty interesting, and a couple of them actually brought their designs, so that was cool too. Then we went to the other side that we were originally at, and looked at all of the honors students' posters. Lauren had originally wanted to give her presentation to us first so that she could practice, but by the time we got there, she had left to eat, lol, and Raymond had hung around and heard enough that people actually thought that he was part of the group! XD

So we walked down that side and looked at the posters. It was a lot more awkward... And we didn't talk to that many people. Maybe because some posters already had people there listening to their presentations, and other posters didn't have anyone there. 

Once it hit five, the presentations were over and there was one last raffle event for all of the tickets that we had accumulated throughout the day in there. None of my friends and I had won, but we weren't really surprised, lol. 

After that, everyone took down their posters and left. We hung around and talked for a while more until Shelle called me and told me that she was done with her testing and the good news that she got an internship so she was gonna go to Margarita's and have a drink to celebrate with the rest of her friends who were celebrating the fact that their senior design project was over. 

So I went with her and hung out with our half of the table, which was luckily full of people that I knew, lol, since they were all seniors. It was pretty fun. Brad and Madeline told so many hilarious stories, and I could not believe how old and unmotivated Tapas was until he showed me his first transfer credit paper, which was in 2000. o__O And I finally found out why two of our engineering professors, Dr. Vo and Dr. Hyun hate each other. 

Then I drove Shelle and I home since she had drunk and was tipsy. We hung around the house until around eight, when Madeline came over before eventually going out to eat at Lemongrass, since Shelle had won a $50 gift card to it in a raffle a few weeks ago. 

I don't remember what I ordered (and I doubt I would be able to spell it either way :P), but it was supposed to be really spicy. It wasn't. Shelle even tried it and it wasn't spicy to her, so I don't know what happened. But it was still pretty good. I loved the desert though. They have really awesome fried ice cream, even though it's pretty pricey. I don't know about you, but $5 for a piece of fried ice cream sounds too expensive, especially when you can just go out and buy a tub of ice cream for the same amount. -__-

But yeah, over all, a pretty good day. I did lots of socializing! And I'm going to continue to for the next few days. After work tomorrow, Raymond and I are going to have a movie marathon, and then I'm going to see my old high school friends at Bearstock on Saturday. :D Then I have work on Sunday... Hopefully I'll wake up early enough to accomplish some homework...

Oh! I almost forgot to talk about what I had originally meant to talk about in the first place! The ironically sad revelation that I had today was that I can't believe how many senior friends I have, especially compared to the amount of freshmen friends I've made. Like I pointed out earlier, I knew at least a third of the seniors who had their poster presentations, whereas I only knew a few of the freshmen doing theirs. And it sucks that I've made so many senior friends since they're all graduating. Only a couple of them are doing the five-year program or have a few more classes to take the next year to graduate, so I'll only see a couple of them around next year. :(

But it's so sad...I guess it makes sense that I know a lot of seniors because of my sis, but Meethu and I've already discussed it: seniors are so much more fun to hang out with. They're so chill and easy to get along with. The freshmen still act like high schoolers, all clique-y and pretentious and hard to try to befriend when they're in their exclusive groups of friends (at least that's what it seems like to me). 

Now I have to finish reading this chapter in Astronomy since I have a quiz on it tomorrow! D:

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