Thursday, April 25, 2013

Last Day of Lab

So today was our last day of lab for Astronomy. :(

It was really fun. Since it was our last lab, Dr. Marone let us have it easy since we didn't have to do anymore lab reports. We had a bonfire and made s'mores and hot dogs and looked at Jupiter and Saturn in Pandora, which is this big telescope that he had brought out. And it was so pretty outside, clear and so bright with the Full Moon out.

I really enjoyed hanging out with the class. It just sucked that we all finally got to know each other tonight--our last lab together--than we did all year. I mean, I got to know my lab group pretty well because we set up our telescope, carpooled, and did our lab reports together, and I'm pretty sure that all of the other lab groups also got to know each other pretty well because of that too. But because each lab group usually hung out with each other, the class as a whole didn't really talk to each other much individually.

That's why tonight was really nice. We talked a lot, laughed a lot, and bonded over a bonfire together... It was really fun. But man, that bonfire was really nice. I hadn't thought that it would get so cold, especially since it's been so sunny recently, but it got pretty chilly as the Sun went down, so the bonfire was really nice, lol.

And I think that I put too much on my plate for next year. -__-" I somehow became the president of STC (I just wanted to be secretary but Shelle also nominated me for president), the vice president of Animercer (all of the guys wanted me to be the president but I was like, I don't want that much responsibility when I can't even make it to the meetings half of the time), the secretary for SWE (there were only three girls who attended the meeting who weren't graduating that could run for office and I did not want a high officer position in there when I hardly do anything in that club as it is; plus I'm not really an engineer so I didn't think I qualified, lol) and agreed to make the Astronomy club's website once it starts up again.

I just hope that I can handle all of these responsibilities. o__o I mean, I barely did anything in the clubs that I was in this year, which were all of those clubs besides Astronomy, so I hope that I'll be able to be more active now that I'm in official positions, lol.

But yeah, I really liked Astronomy. Like most classes, I came into it not knowing what I was getting into, and even though the quizzes and tests were pretty hard, and the lessons themselves were kind of boring, I really did like the class. The labs were definitely the highlights of the week, but Dr. Marone was also really nice and funny.

I'm definitely glad that I took this class, even though it was for one of my required classes, lol. I wonder if Astronomy in high school would have been half as interesting as college... I should ask Jeffy; he took it in high school and I think that he said that he liked it.

Anyway, I've got to go! Tomorrow's going to be busy! We're going to show our films for our Art class tomorrow, which is going to be hilarious, then I have Astronomy--my last class of the semester!--which I'm immediately going to the End of the Year Blowout afterwards since they're giving away free tank tops to the first 400 people there, and it starts during Astronomy, so I want to get there as quick as possible, and then I'm going to this party for my major at one of my professor's place since she lives next to a lake.

So yeah, busy day!

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