Saturday, April 20, 2013

PTP (Productive, Tired, Poor)

I had two and a half group meetings, worked out, and ate out twice today. I have never felt so productive, tired, and poor on a Saturday before. OTL

Not to mention, I still have some more work to do for my other group. I told my group mate that I would email her my part and start working on the PowerPoint and send it to her tonight...And it's almost midnight.

le sigh

I should go do my work before it gets even later.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I started working out on Sunday of this week with my friend Raymond. We've worked out on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and today. Basically all of the days where I didn't have a 9:30 class, lol. 

Like, all year, I've been saying that I will go work out at the gym eventually, and Raymond told me that we would go work out since he's already worked out at the gym whenever he's not busy, so I've been waking up early, working out with him almost every day.

It's not bad. We go on the elliptical for half an hour, do sit-ups, the stair-stepper or try some other machine, and then cool down shooting hoops. My metabolism has definitely gone up because I've been getting hungry really quickly lately, but man! I really need to work on my stamina! And I need to invest in more work out clothes, lol.

But yeah...I really need to start working on that CDR...

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