Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tumblr Pics 36 - The Cute Food Edition

So I just finished signing up for my classes in the fall...

It's not that bad... I just have classes that start at nine in the morning every day. D: 

I was originally planning on having a schedule similar to the one I have now, where my Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes started at 11 and my Tuesday, Thursday classes start at 9:25, but being a freshmen means that you have last pickings, so I couldn't get all of the classes that I had wanted to get into. :\

I'm gonna have to start going to bed earlier, lol. 

Anyway, my schedule isn't completely finalized--I'm on a waitlist for my Old Testament class that so far only has seven seats available o__O weird, right?--so my schedule is still subject to change. But really, the only thing that would change is that I would take Social Media instead of Old Testament, lol.

But man, registering for classes is so...frustratingly impatient, lol. The program lags because so many people are online using it at the same time, so you're left there waiting for a couple of minutes trying to see if the program has found your class or not. And the timer that goes down to the seconds definitely doesn't help your waiting. :P

But yeah, no class tomorrow because of Bear Day! And Dr. Marone canceled tomorrow's lab since it was gonna rain all day! :D Woot! Then Bearstock on Saturday! :DDD

What a good week. Now if only I could get the motivation to read/study the last chapter we went over in Astronomy so that I won't fail this week's quiz...

And now enjoy looking at all of the cute food! XD

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