Friday, April 26, 2013

I love the last days of classes!

Today was our last day of class, and we had a senior farewell picnic party for my major at one of my professor's houses today. It was a blast!

She lives in a really nice, rich, neighborhood that surrounds Lake Tobesofkee, and it was super pretty. Everyone owned a boat and had their own docks and sheds for them, and the weather was just awesome. I could have stayed outside for hours. Heck, if I lived in a place like that, I would spend every day outside, lol.

And her husband took all of us on a boat ride around the neighborhood! It was really fun, and dude... Dude, I want to retire in a cush neighborhood like that. All those nice houses/mansions, those beautiful lawns and backyards, those boats... Super nice. XD

The company was really nice, too. Everyone was super hilarious, especially Valencia, lol. I just can't believe that almost everyone there was graduating. Forrest and I were the only freshmen there; I'm pretty sure that we're the only freshmen TCO majors, lol. But yeah, judging from all of the people who were able to come to the party, this seems to be the biggest graduating class of TCO students. I don't even know how many people will be around next year since they all seem to be graduating, lol.

But yeah, I had fun. I just hope next year will be just as awesome.

Also, earlier today, we got to show our sweded movies that we've been working on for the past few weeks in my Beginning Digital Imaging class, and boy were they hilarious! Josh, who did the majority of the editing for our movie, uploaded it on YouTube and linked it to us to show us the final product. Lol, it was hilarious to film and hilarious to watch. It was just too bad that we didn't have time to do a blooper reel, but I guess it's okay since the video went way over our budgeted five minutes, lol.

Watch it! You'll have a great laugh, lol.

That's all for now! I'm gonna go watch Elementary! They finally showed a new episode the other day! :D And, according to Wikipedia, they're finally going back to showing them weekly! :DDD


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