Monday, April 15, 2013

Bearstock 2013!

Even though it started off pretty down, Bearstock was fun!

I met up with Meethu and Jackie around 2:30 and was given bad news from Meethu. She was having some family problems. It's so weird though. Every time Meethu goes out to have fun, something bad always has to happen during or the night before she goes out so she ends up worrying about it while she's out.

But yeah. She was on the phone with someone for a while until Luke showed up, and then we lost sight of them. Luckily, Shanice showed up with her friend by then, so we ended up walking around looking at all of the food stalls and t-shirts and merch on sale. I should have bought the Bearstock shirts then since they ran out of smalls by the time I bought them later on, but I figured that they would still have smalls when we went by again. :\ Oh well, hopefully the shirts will shrink when they're washed.

But yeah, Shanice and I also ended up getting a tank top from one of the earlier performers called Electric Sons. We liked their music enough--what little we heard of it anyway--and the shirts came with a free CD of the band, so that was pretty cool. 

Even though we ate a little bit earlier at the stalls, we were still hungry, so I took them to Francars to eat wings. We ended up staying there for quite a while catching up on college life. So crazy. Then we went back to buy the shirts before going to Shanice's car so that she could park at my apartment since it was closer. 

So we walked for quite a while (I never knew that we had a dog park so nearby, lol), and after consulting a GPS for another route back to my place since one of the main roads were blocked for a bike race that was also happening at the same time, we finally made it to my apartment, where I showed Jackie around the house since she was going to move in with me next semester while Shanice took out her contacts in the bathroom. 

Then we went back to the concert. By then, it was already near six, and there was already a crowd in front of the stage since the headliners were soon to perform. Luckily for us, a lot of people left the right stage to watch the next band perform on the left stage, so my friends and I got really good spots in the front of the middle part of the crowd in front of the right stage, where The Ready Set and Switchfoot were going to perform next to my classmate Shawn to watch The Ready Set when they performed first.

To be honest, out of all of the headliners, I was really only looking forward to The Ready Set. I've always liked Switchfoot, but they haven't released anything in a long time, and I had never even heard of Travis Porter until they announced him as a headliner. So yeah, big The Ready Set fan since senior year of high school, lol.

And he was really good live! He was full of energy and adorable and really into it! Shawn told me that he had interviewed them earlier, and I was so jealous; he showed me a pic that he took of his sis and her friend with him, and we were all shocked by how short he was, lol. But I'm pretty sure that just made him even more adorable, lol.

It was really weird, but they finished their set twenty minutes early. And they didn't perform "Operator", which made me a little sad, lol. But yeah, so there was a lot of waiting around as people left to go to the next stage to watch Travis Porter perform. In between all of that time, one of Shanice's friend, Taylor, and I decided to leave our spot to go meet The Ready Set and get an autograph. The crowd had thinned out since they were all going to the other stage, so we thought we had a decent chance of getting back to our spots, lol.

So we did! And he was totally cute and awesome in person! XD

Then we rushed back to our spot where our friends were as the crowd on our stage started growing again, lol. 

And through all of this, I totally forgot to bring my camera, so I ended up using my phone instead. Only, it didn't have much storage space left, so I couldn't record anything. :\

So we stood in our spots for an hour, waiting for Travis Porter to finally perform. Even though The Ready Set Left early, Travis Porter was still late in performing. I really didn't know any of their songs--or even the fact that there were three rappers performing... 

But yeah, in between all of that waiting, Shawn and I were totally nerding out figuring out what phase the moon was in, where Orion was, and pointing out Jupiter. Lol, know that we learned about them in Astronomy, we can't ever forget. :P

So Travis Porter finally finished, and then Switchfoot came on! I didn't recognize half of their songs, but I was definitely glad that they played their hit songs, because even though I hadn't heard them in years, I was still able to sing along, lol.

But yeah, the lead singer is friggin awesome. He crowd surfed near the beginning, and he went over the gap between the stage and crowd and sang in the crowd for a while. He said that he wanted to be in the crowd because he was a Maconite since he was here all day, lol.

And he hung by one of the poles supporting the stage while he sang too.

And he got really close to the crowds on the left and right wings. It just figures that a band would do that the one year where I'm not on either wings, lol.

Also, my mascot got to dance onstage with the band towards the end! Lol, it was pretty cool. We started chanting his name once the song was over. 

But yeah, all in all, a really good show. Better than I was expecting, lol. Although I wished Switchfoot had more upbeat songs. Like, we were jumping a whole bunch for The Ready Set, but Switchfoot was a lot more waving arms or clapping hands. 

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