Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Summer Distractions

Even though my summer ended a few weeks ago with the start of college, I thought I would briefly talk about what I did over the summer that resulted in me basically blogging less. 

Kpop happened.

Besides the vacations that I took with my family and the trip to Six Flags that I went with my friends, and reading books and fanfiction, I essentially spent the rest of the time being distracted by Korean idols and their awesome music and hilarious antics.

I got back into SHINee, then became interested in the hilarious Infinite boys, and then totally in love with B.A.P, all the while keeping track with the EXO boys. So yeah... it's all because of these adorkable guys that I was hardly blogging over the summer. Blame it on them! :P

But how can you scold a cutie holding a cute dog, lol?

Argh... how is a guy that attractive? 

You can never go wrong putting guys in suits. :P

And here's JYJ and Big Bang because they're also attractive mofos. XD

My first bias, oh how you've hardly changed (besides the hair :P). <3 td="td">

And I so want to dye my hair either this blue or purple color. I can't decide! They both look so awesome! XD I just wonder what color my hair would turn after I washed for a month, lol. My purple/red lowlights turned pink after a while before turning this dark red color.

Also, that girl is so lucky to be standing next to Jaejoong!

So yeah...it's been ages since I've done a Kpop spam post, lol. I figured it was time to do one again. :P (Did I mention that I made a new Kpop fan friend in college?? Her name's Lauren. Taemin's her favorite, too. :D)

Now I've got to study for my Calc test tomorrow. D:



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