Monday, September 3, 2012

3. Favorite characters and which books they’re from.

Katsa from Graceling
She's a kickass heroine who knows what she wants.

Katniss from The Hunger Games
Also a kickass heroine who's just trying to survive.

Sam and Riddle from I'll Be There
Both are so sweet and sincere, how could you ever treat them anything but nicely.

Keiichi from La Corda d'Oro
This sleepy-headed guy is such an unpredictable cutie in the series. XD

Sophie and Jenna from Hex Hall
They're just so fun and awesome!

Jasper from I Hunt Killers
The guy's had an unusual childhood, which makes him all sorts of interesting and complex as he tries to prove that he is nothing like his father.

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  1. Excellent choices! I agree with Katsa, Katniss, and the boys from I'll Be There!