Monday, April 30, 2012


Surprisingly, I'm not really tired today. Maybe it's because I've finally taken the practice exam for AP Calc today, so all of my last minute studying that I did over the weekend has finally ended. I still need to study everyday, because the real AP exams are just next week, but I don't have to try to cram everything all at once anymore like I did over the weekend. 

I don't know. I didn't really have anything planned for today's topic mainly because I figured that I would be exhausted, so I'd just talk about taking a nap or something, but what do you know. Here I am, coherent and totally unexhausted. :P

I still have to study Calc and work on my Engineering semester project and read some review books and a few other things, so I think I'll feel the drain later, once I'm on my bed fighting the urge to daydream. :P

...Maybe I should take a nap. I wish I had someone to cuddle with like these baby otters. 


Lol, I was talking with my friends after school about crushes since one of them confessed that she liked Luke, so that's probably why I keep on thinking about a certain boy who constantly confuses me. 

So yeah, I guess the challenge is over now. I'm glad that I actually finished it! :D I had so many weird, random topics, lol. I think I might stick to posting poems that I like on here every once in a while when I find one. 

Now I'm off to decide if I should take a nap or not. XD

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  1. I vote for the nap. But then again, I always vote for the nap.

    Congratulations on finishing the A to Z challenge!