Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quick [Random] Question #6

If you've ever been to a prom, was all of the planning before it stressful? Mine seems to be, and I didn't even want to go to prom in the first place!

At first, I was adamant on not going to prom, but then I gave in a few months ago, and it just seems like my friends and I have been trying to plan everything out for ages now. What sucks is that it wasn't until this week that we got some definite answers on what we could do and what we couldn't, and prom is Saturday, two days away.

Like, we still don't know where we were going to take pictures since it's supposed to be raining on Saturday, so I had to come up with a plan that if it rained, we'd take pictures at my house, and if it didn't, we'd just take pictures outside at Jackie's house with the surprise limo that her mom is getting her (how awesome is her mom? Lol, Jackie knows that she's up to something, but she can't possibly believe that all of her friends are in the loop).

Another problem is about dinner. Cheddar's doesn't make reservations after three in the afternoon, so we're still not sure if we'll be able to eat there since we have such a large party.

That brings me to another thing; I really don't like the fact that people keep on asking to join our group at the last minute. Our group originally consisted of seven people, and somehow it's doubled to fifteen. I would have been fine if I was actually good friends with the other people who are coming along, but I don't really even know a third of them, and it's such a hassle trying to plan something when everyone doesn't care what we do. You'd think that it'd be easier if everyone didn't give a shit (hypocritical, I know, since I'm usually one of those people), but Emily always needs to have a plan and know exactly what we're doing, so I'm usually roped into helping making the plans since no one else wants to take charge and think of something, and it just irritates me since I really don't care about prom. I just want to have fun and not deal with any unnecessary problems.

But it's whatever. It's only two more days, so there's not much we can do anymore anyway. I just hope that it won't be a huge disappointment. We've talked so much about what we should do and questioned what to wear and how to style this and that and everything that I've really gotten to the point that I can't bring myself to care anymore. Maybe I'll give a shit on the actual day, but right now, I'm so over it. 

Why is prom so special? I can dress up any day. Sure, I'll probably be given odd looks, so what. I'm weird and I know it. I'm fine with that. :P

Now I'm really getting off topic. I thought that prom was a fun event with a few minor stressful things to worry about like getting a dress and a date if you want one, but all of this planning is really ridiculous. 

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