Monday, April 16, 2012

Note to Myself 5 Years From Now

Future me,

I hope that by now, you will have some idea with what you're doing with your life, because right now, I sure as hell don't.

I hope that you are doing well, that you're healthy. That you're eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising regularly.

I hope that your family is also healthy. That your sister will have graduated and is happily doing what she loves at work everyday, that your dad's health doesn't decline, that your mom's medicines continue to help her recover from her surgery, that your brother doesn't continue to live a coach potato lifestyle.

I hope that you will have kept in touch with your best friends in high school, that no matter what, you guys are still able to talk to each other easily about anything. I hope that you continue to make best friends and new friends as you open your horizons and meet so many different people.

I hope that you never give up. Even if you hit a roadblock, you persevere. That you learn and remember those times and continue to grow and mature.

I hope that you will have learned to have more foresight by now, because that's one thing your present self is severely lacking. -__-"

I hope that you continue to read, that you'll never get tired of diving into those strange, beautiful, realistic worlds that books create. I hope that you get to meet one of your favorite authors in person.

I hope that you will never fall out of love with music. I hope that you go to as many concerts as you can, sneaking your way to the front and getting to see the artists right up close where they might even look back at you--that you will have friends to hang out with afterwards, rehashing the nights in all of their glory.

I hope that you have fun.

And I hope that you won't ever regret anything.


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