Wednesday, April 11, 2012


When Krista came over last Thursday, we hung out with Emily and Meethu for a couple of hours until Emily had to take us home since her mom needed her. Krista stayed the night, and the next day, we went exploring. But really, you could call it a journey, lol.

The Tiffany is this new neighborhood that is at the back of my neighborhood that has been in the process of building new homes there for the past year or two. There are already many houses built that people are living in, but there are still unpaved roads and lots of trees around.

The place where Krista and I went on a journey was this huge patch of land that had random building materials scattered around the millions of trees full of super tall grass.

The weather was fantastic, sunny but with this nice cool breeze. 

We took a bunch of pictures.

Enjoy~ :)

is a ninja XD 

product placement! XD 

lol, doesn't this somehow look...holy? 

I loved how this reminded me of a scene from a movie. 

those were bugs... -__-" 

This was just laying here. Krista said people were fleeing from a zombie attack, lol. 

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